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In this vast Universe of form and shape,

where everything is an amalgamation of sound, where do the others reside?

Through concepts of space and time where does the play take place?

There is a story for everyone, my story, their story. But who is writing the script?

I find myself in my story and in their story.

I find parts of myself resonating to each of the others.

I find parts of myself having the same sorrows with others.

I find parts of myself having the same joys with others.

I find parts of myself having the same fears with others.

I find parts of myself laughing with the same jokes with others.

I find parts of myself having the same ideas with others.

I find myself in so many mythologies, religions and cultures.

If I find myself in all others where do the others reside? Do the others really exist?

There are no others my dear! It is only you!

The others are your mirrors, they are part of you!

You are the creator, you are the creation, you are the script, you are the play, you are the director, you are the players.

You are life creating the movie, bending time by using space.

Use your power, use your words, connect all those parts of you called others!

There are no others, is only you!

With Love,

The wandering stars of the soul.

◄ Mother Earth

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 28th May 2023 07:29

Thank you Matilda.

Our creativity brings us together.

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Matilda Simakaj

Fri 26th May 2023 20:42

Thank you Helene!🙏🙏 I never thought about my writing like an aria but it makes me glad that it sings to you.
John, thank you! I think we are all unique in our expression and that's what makes this world a beautiful place to live (of course if we take care of its beauty!)
Manish, thank you for your warmhearted comments! And yes, maybe we cannot change many things evolved in outside world, but at least our inner story has to be our making. As human beings we have been privileged with fantasy and making use of it, is worth our time on this planet.

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Fri 26th May 2023 14:43

Marvelous! Your writing is like an sings!

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John Botterill

Fri 26th May 2023 09:46

A fascinating exploration of the universe and our place within it. You have your own style, Matilda, and it is a style I really like 😀

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Manish Singh Rajput

Fri 26th May 2023 09:27

A very sublime poem this, Matilda. I liked the theatre and movie effect that you've brought in this (creation, script, play, director and actors). Loved the end message that our life is itself a movie being played. And let's all make our movie worth watching and replaying!
Thank you.

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