The Carnival

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She was heard to play hymn, and song.
But looking back, was she dead all along?
She escaped the crash, shocked but well.
She saw a Carnival, but it came from Hell.

Her best friends lay in the car, both dead.
The car rested calmly on the river bed.
Ghoulish people, gave tormented chase.
They wanted her back in her rightful place.

She saw ghostly people, dressed in black
Lost souls called her and wanted her back.
Her World fell silent, who was to blame?
But still those ghosts called out her name.

She lacked feelings, in a confused state.
The carnival of souls could no longer wait.
The car was recovered, how could  this be?
There she was, the 2 bodies had become 3.

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Mike Bartram

Mon 22nd May 2023 17:42

Thank you very much it's based on the old spooky movie Carnival of Souls.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Mon 22nd May 2023 07:09

A very gripping poem, Mike. Kept me hooked till the very end. A tragic story that's very well woven into a poetry.
Thank you.

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