The Subversive Artist

The Subversive Artist


From underground galleries artists paint and sketch.

Hidden in the corners of libraries poets and writers compose subversive prose and verse.

Articles and essays are written to challenge the way we think.

The canvas is awash to shout out loud.

The strokes of the brush and pen work assidiously with determination.

Ideas are formed, creative skills are born.

Minds are engaged and opinions are formed.

These professions employ the skills of all.

The people rise intolerant, inspired by what they see and read.

Courage motivates the talented.

A conscience reveals their integrity.

As they paint, write, sculpt and compose.

Their work is at the root of our liberation.

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Kevin Tan

Mon 22nd May 2023 14:40

You too Graham!!! 😃

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 21st May 2023 11:19

Viva the WOL membership I say!! Keep writing everybody.
Thank you Keith!

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keith jeffries

Sun 21st May 2023 10:05

Thank you Clare, Helene and Manish for your likes and to Kevin and Uilleam for your kind comments.

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Kevin Tan

Sat 20th May 2023 21:07

That's why I love this website, Write Out Loud (WOL) so much. Because I don't know any alternative that comes near.

This is a good poem, Keith.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 11th May 2023 10:20

Thanks Keith.
I have often been guilty of conforming to the:
"My five year old could have done that"
mindset - especially on being challenged by some examples of the the visual arts.
I remember someone suggest, about the likes of Tracy Emin's Bed, or Rachel Whiteread's "House", that at least, "if they made us think", then they could be judged to be a success?

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