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Greedy Hearts

I am no product of love,

I have never been treated as one.

I am the product of greed,

The punishment of my creators' sin.

I am no reminder of their love,

I serve only as a reminder of their greed.

Greedy for more love,

When their own had run out.


I am a desperate attempt at filling their 

Empty hearts once again.

My own scratched empty,

Theirs only half filled...

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About Love And All It Is Not

Love is, 

replacing the soothing touch of water 

with the burn of swirling red. 

Love is, 

broken glass on the ground, 

not being able to differentiate red from red.

Love is, 

freely seeking comfort in another’s bed, 

knowing your own will be empty anyway. 


Love is, 

conceiving a child, 

in the hopes it will turn your lives around. 

Love is, 

heated argu...

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To Love A Fire (Is To Burn Brightly By Its Side)

The crackling of the fire lures me closer.

Meat sizzles and shrinks under the sheer heat of it.


A fire full of fury, hissing and spitting,

at anyone who dares to move closer.

It attacks my senses; the smell of burning flesh, the feel of warmth.

I can’t move away.


I’m enchanted, trapped, devoted,

to keeping the flames flickering.

To feel its warmth infiltrating my ...

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Broken Record's Repetition

For me, 


Stop cutting.

I said.

A broken record.


Only now,

As she lays in the grave,

Six feet under.

I wonder

if things would have changed,

If I just once asked her to

Stop cutting,


For you. 


Would it have made a difference, though?

The reason to cut or not remains 

the same, either way.

Nothing can change that here


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Almost There (Where?)

Is it the light 

At the end

Of the road

That I perceive

Or is it simply

Heaven's ethereal glow

That shines upon me?

An end it is,

No matter what form,

A means to end,

So I go on.

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To The Moon (And Never Back)


who has watched me since birth

grow and shrink

into the person I am today.

Could you tell me if I have done okay?

Could you tell me if my life has been a waste?



mother of mine,

could I rest my tired soul

in the safety of your arms?

Could you once more look after me 

while I sleep?



who has never once been

a stranger.


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Inner Child

I was sinking to the ocean floor,

We were with two

Me and a child, surrounded by blue.

Connected with a thread,

I was swimming us both to the surface,

Then somehow,

The thread broke

And I watched as the child choked,

Sinking to the bottom

I was pushed above.

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If only I could go back in time

To rectify all my mistakes.

All that I shouldn’t have said,

Yet still felt the need to say.

Why did I even feel that need?

I, too, was just a child, right?


Be the example,

Show them they are wrong.

Show them we are no beasts.

Show them we can be equal.

Act mature,

Be mature.

Show them they are wrong.

So many rules and rest...

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To Love Is To Die

A love so fierce,

has taken ahold of me,

that ‘I’ is no more.

My form, my soul,

is now entangled with hers.

Where do I end and where does she begin?

I now only exist,

as an extension of her.

When my name leaves mouths,

I pray for it to always

be accompanied by hers.

Whenever she is in my vicinity,

it feels as if I could ascend into infinity.


To love her,


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I pride myself on being alone

And in it finding joy.

I scroll through my social media,

those carefully curated feeds.

Watch silly humans

on my screen, 


Put on whatever soap,

Not picky with tropes.

Listen to my favourite song,

That always ropes me into singing along.

Noise follows me around,

Faces surround,

All of the time.

I don't mind it when I...

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Anger's Embrace

Anger curls its tendrils around me,

it envelopes me whole,

strokes me tenderly.

It forms an impenetrable wall,

a shield of sorts,

to keeps me safe and sound.

It takes all those blows

and hits for me,

protects me from my foes.


Rage filled screams,

cover the sound of falling tears.

Sadness sits beside me,

gently wipes my sea.

Anger extinguishes my fear,


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Whispers From Death

Dew-covered grass 

covers my naked skin. 

Flowers sprout 

from where I have been. 

Day and Night 

hastily clock in. 

Running to their positions, 

preparing their respective scene. 


Not that I can see.

The layer of dirt that separates 

from what is and has been, 

no longer that thin. 


Breathe Death in, 

for it is I who nurtures the earth 

who give...

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Your Unknown Friend

There's so much sadness 
Stored in your body.
Too much sorrow
For such a little
Body to try
To contain.
It flows out of you.
Out of your nose,
Your eyes
Your throath.
Sadness paints
The canvas of your face.


I am a spectator,
Unable to change.
I watch and feel,
Tender brushstrokes
on my skin.
Mirroring the image
Laid before me.


Am I not you?
Are we not each other?

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Love Is A Violence

And if you must pierce my heart
With a dagger so sharp,
Caress with it my cheek
After you've retrieved it.
Paint my face soft,
With the violence of your love.
It is for you who my heart beats for,
Thus it is by your hands that it should stop.
May the wind blow you
My final breath to.

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Mother (I Hate You)

There is probably
No one more 
I hate 
in this damned world,
Than the one 
I was supposed to love
More than anyone 
In this cursed world.

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I do not think

There is such 

a thing as

A place,

A person,

A scent,

A sound

A touch,

A taste,

that I could link 

To what the faceless 

masses call home.


I do not think,

There is a version of me that exists,

Where home is something I have,

And not something I miss.


The past,

The present,

The future,

All in which 

I do not fit.


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Hearts Of Hers

Heart of mine
Won't you stand at my side?
Stop your traitorous speeding,
So that my cheeks may stop heating.
What is it about her,
That her whole being allures
What is it about her,
That has me needing more


Who gazes at me as if I 
Am the one who in the east rises
Who sees me wholly,
Not for who I pretend to be.
Who has replaced my blood,
as my life's elixer,

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Nature's Wedding

Let the melodious song

of the numerous creatures

that reside here with us along,

in the lands and the skies

guide our light feet.


Step forward,

and bathe in the light of the sun.

As she blesses our love

and ignites our skins and soul.

In this bittersweet moment, 

tinged sour by all that could have been,

should have been ours,

let us surrender our hearts


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Icarus The Fish

I am naught but a fish

swimming aimlessly through the sea.

Miles and miles of that breathtaking blue.

It deprives me of my breath

and leaves me trapped,

in what seems to be an endless net.

I long for the warmth of the sun on my fins,

the feeling of sand grains on my skin.


Day after day,

I shyly creep closer to you.

Your beauty lures me in,

makes me your discip...

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A Living Corpse

At age three 

I dreamed.

Of lands full of sweets.

Of an endless coloured street,

stretched as far as I could see.

I dreamed of my toys,

that entertained me with their noise.

I dreamed of everything and more.

I dreamed.


At age ten,

I heard.

About wondrous lands that decorated the earth.

Of all the plants and birds,

our Mother gave birth to.

I heard abo...

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Love's Servant

As I was laying in the desert,

I desperately longed for the sea

and its waves to crash over me.

How could it slip over my head

that water can dry one out too?


There in the desert,

my throat was empty.

Constricting and relaxing around nothing.

Desperately trying to salvage 

the little droplets of water,

it could claw out of my mouth

to satisfy my needy self.


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The Devil's Face (Resembles Me?)

The devil has always been,

A faceless entity

To me.

Until now at least.


Now it has become clear.

I can see.

The devil

In front of me.


They are no singular person.

Instead a pair.

Familiar sight.

Lungs devoid of air.


The devils gaze at me.

Recognizable set eyes.

No surprise.

Why is this reality?


First sight of a child.


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Bitter Beer

I used to utter your name delicately 

like it was poetry.

Just as how perfume lingers on a person,

The sweet smell of cherry blossoms 

accompanied your name 

whenever it walked out my mouth.

But now all it leaves,

Is a taste so foul.


Your love was like alcohol to me,

It left me feeling euphoric at first,

But after the effect had worn out,

All I was left with w...

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My Last Act

I pick up the shards of glass 

that are scattered on the ground.

I marvel at them in wonderment,

how beautiful it once was.

Still, it'll serve a good cause.

Such a pity, 

won't you applaud?

This is the end of the show,

Don't you hear the crows?

Toss your roses

Or will you wait till my eyes are closed?

Pour the alcohol,

Let the bubbles float to the surface.


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Words Hidden Beneath Ink

A delicate touch on my skin.

How long has it been

since someone softly caressed me?

A touch so unknown,

yet Comfort finds their home.

As you trace the ink on my skin,

your eyes rake down my body,

drinking all of me in,

as if you have not drunk a drop of water 

for as long as you’ve been.

Your fingers on me,

feel like the first sunbeams that grace a leaf,

after a...

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Sweet Sorrow

I will hurt you,

Just as you will hurt me.

Isn't that beautiful?

To hurt

And be hurt.

To love

And be loved.

Isn't loving someone,

Sentencing yourself to pain?

Then, why pray,

Do all still love?

To hurt and be hurt,

Is to love and be loved.

I long for you to hurt me,

So I don't doubt my love for you.

I long for me to hurt you,

So I don't doubt your lo...

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Empty Chairs

Just a second is all it would take for you to leave this table.

It never gets better, seeing the amount of empty chairs grow.

Still, I remain seated at the table, glued to my chair.

Unable to do anything but watch with pain in my heart, 

as yet another one leaves me alone here.

But what can I do?

Even an iceberg desperately yearns for warmth,

climbing to the sun, knowing it wi...

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Waiting For My Nobody

Tired souls sigh together,

lovers have given up on getting better,

but I will continue to stay with the withered tree until the end of times.

We have exchanged the word 'forever'

and thus I will patiently wait untill we are back together.

I will wait for you, my Nobody,

until my body cannot anymore.

Until my body decays

and my bones slip into Mother's embrace.

Even then...

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People often say that God is merciful.

Then why is it that every night, every day, every waking hour of mine, 

I keep reciting the same prayer?

‘Have mercy, my Lord, and put this subject of yours out of their misery’.

If God is so merciful, then why is it that I still find myself breathing?

Exhaling every breath, hoping this one will be my last.

Why is it that I find myself all t...

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I Love Myself (Unfortunately)

I love myself.

Not in the way one would think.

I truly am in love with myself.

For there is no one in this whole wide world 

That could understand me, 

See me, 

Hear me, 

Apart from me. 

Therefore it is only myself that I can love

And it is only myself that can love I,

Whose song differs from the other whales. 

I love myself.

Not out of free will, 

But out of...

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Deadly Devotion

There is no such thing as a river wide enough

to keep me from reaching you.

If there is no boat available,

I'll simply swim the whole distance for you.

Even if I get swept away by the current,

I will make sure my body reaches you at least.

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Home Interior

‘’See you tomorrow’’,

that was what you said.

Back then, I could not identify it as a lie.

I only realized when I got to your house the next day,

your hanging frame decorating the place.

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Short Circuit

I thought you were my diode

and that you only conducted towards me,

but you started flowing the other way

forgetting all about me.

So here I am now,

waiting until this short circuit will be over.

Will it ever be over?

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Return To Me

Cold and dark

here I lay

waiting for you at bay.

The orange pearl is sinking into the seas.

Thousands of sand grains surround me,

yet I still feel so lonely.

I have given my heart to you

and now it’s sinking slowly in the seas.

I will wait for eternity

may the seas direct you back to me.

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How warm,

how bright

is the light that dances on my body.

What has remained of it anyway.

How fascinating is the fire that is now catching on my breasts,

my back,

my neck.

It climbs up my body like kudzu.

Greedy as it is, it longs for more,

Even though it has already swallowed up my legs.

It is consuming all of me,

both the good and the bad.


A heap of ash i...

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