My Sweetest Inner Child. - repost with audio

This is a repost with audio because I have been told that my poetry works better with me speaking it!😂. I am new to recital so please be kind!😂

My sweetest inner child

Stay calm

Rest silent

Listen to your heart

Ignore the disturbance

This noise

Does not belong to you

Sweet child


The clatter resounds

Around you

Know it is not your place

To be held

In their over reaching



Hold your breath

And wait

Patience is your friend

The winds will soon arrive

To drive the poison



Now exhale

Let go

Learn to hold your own

Your life lays before you

A journey they will

Never know


Your mind

Is your scythe

Keep it sharp

And close to hand

So that when the time arrives

You can cut the dead wood



Your spirit is your


Call upon it

To cast the darkness



Keep your head

Held high

Your conscience

Higher still

Remember that hyenas

Will not leave

Without their fill


Every forest

Has a clearing

Tho it may be hard

To find

Just trust

Your intuition

And leave

The lonely haters

Far behind


You are not alone

I am waiting restlessly

When the day arrives;

The time for us to meet

I will greet you with a smile

And a loving hug


We will reflect

On the journey

We have taken

To find our rightful home

I will hold you

Sweet child

I will share with you

My blood


We will dance

Until we finally

Become one

Just like we always

Have been

If you had only known

You were me

Before we ever met


I want no more

Than to thank you

For everything

You’ve done


Without your strength

And self belief

I would not exist

So now that I have

Found you

And you have looked

Me in the eyes

I would like to warmly

Welcome you

My sweetest inner





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Tue 30th May 2023 16:20

Simply stunning, Clare. The audio was beautiful. This poem is a triumph.

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Tue 30th May 2023 13:53

Thank you for your kind words, Kevin. ☺️🌻. I am trying to be brave! Push your boundaries and try something new. I came very close to death earlier this year and it has made me determined to feel the fear and do it anyway!!😂

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Kevin Tan

Tue 30th May 2023 11:42

It's a warm poem. And I think you have a beautiful intonation. Thank you for you confidence Clare. You are brave. Very brave

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