Friendship by The River.

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Friendship by The River.

The sixth poem in The Tenter Hooks series. 

I will never cease to be amazed by the strength of these women.  No matter what is happening around them they somehow find it in themselves to laugh and support each other. 

Life in a refuge is very up and down - one minute you are laughing the next you are sobbing. If it hadn’t been for the bonds made I am not sure how you would survive. So this one is for the friends that helped me through

Friendship by The River  


There’s a row broken out

Someone’s kids are riddled with nits

Someone else’s has the shits

I look at my child

Six months old

And my blood runs cold


No use in going to the cupboard

I already know that it is bare

I skulk away to my room

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll go home



I’ve run out of nappies

And my period is due

Under the stairs

In search of supplies

Trying to hide

The tears in my eyes


“Hiya! How did it go?”

My new friend is pleased to see me

And I’m relieved to see her too

Oh, you know, the usual stuff,

Hopefully my giro will be here soon.”


“Me and the girls

Are doing a runner!”

Her smile is more welcome than any smile

I’ve ever known

“Come on, wrap the girl up, there’s a spot by the river that we all love!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll have you back

Before 10 o clock curfew!”


I’m exhausted 

I don’t want to go

But something inside me

Tells me not to say no


It’s a beautiful evening

The rain has gone

Leaving us with

Chilly and clear

We sit by the river

5 shattered women

Looking up at the stars


Not all have visible scars

Some keep their traumas

Close to their hearts

We don’t really talk 

About why we are there

There are stories of kids

And smiles to share


A wonderful evening

Sat by the river

Now I know why

They call it bonding


“Oh shit! It’s nearly 10!

We better get back

Or she won’t let us in.”


Giggles ruffle the air

As we all link arms

And hurry back

How strange, I think to myself

Here we are fully grown

With kids of our own

Running home

Before lights out!


There was a shift 

In my soul that evening

A glimmer of hope

Just like the slither of light

That always made it


The curtain gap 


That night

I fell to sleep

With a faint smile

On my lips. 







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Tue 16th May 2023 10:21

Thank you all so much for your likes and kind comments. You guys keep me writing!💕

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 16th May 2023 08:53

A wonderful, life-affirming poem, Clare.

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Grace Meadows

Mon 15th May 2023 20:35

And I agree with both previous comments Clare such a lovely pi piece of writing, thank you.

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John Botterill

Sun 14th May 2023 22:06

How beautiful and heart warming. Great stuff! 😁 Well said Keith, too.

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keith jeffries

Sun 14th May 2023 13:42

Clare, thank you for a continuation of this poem which is an insight to a world few see or experience, especially men. It is an illuminative piece of writing and brought to pen and paper from the heart.
Thank you for this,

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