Dreams of Kyanite Crystal Eyes

take flight from the runway
lined mandala path
tightly woven by tattoo'd tapestry
into the night burning with silver moonlight.
sink into sheets under the starry sky
laced with bright banners
blazing through the space
across lines of longitude
which divide through time.
slice across the looping meridian
scalpel strokes with surgeon precision
sculptured by steady handed direction
following the necklace traced on fingers
evading the sting of what lingers.

cedar flowers sway through space
to form a bookmark
on a folded page
between compass needles
of metallic mechanic dancing madness.
under kyanite crystal eyes
Saturn orbits around my head
raining buckets of black bile.
jars of clay cracked at the seams
spill mead into the crevices within me
listen to the piper at the gate of dawn
blowing gusts of wind into musical form

beyond the mist of sleep
lies dreams kingdom
where soft whispers and breath
take us to the edge of death,
universal movie screens
of divine picture interpretations
saturated beyond neon lights
soft breath into the delight of night.
skin glowing radiant
under flickering candlelight
i follow the southern cross north
until i find your path
where in dancing shadows we see
truth written in a dream of destiny...


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Kevin Tan

Thu 25th May 2023 19:53

Maybe one of the best poems I've ever heard. Great voice too! Love poetry from the Southern Hemisphere. Been so lucky to visit Australia. 😍 But I'm planning to visit South Africa online some day 😉

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