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It's an old Yànyǔ, 

Says the master to his student 

Relationships are a beautiful task woven 


The student says to the master 

I'm done with all the fixing in relations 


If you are done, my son 

Then that's how important it was for you from the beginning


Relationships needs constant fixing 

You can't fix it all up and think it's constant 

Rather it's a daily fixing and fine tuning 


Master, why do women need so much fixing 


Women don't need any fixing up, my son 

It's only a thought you hold against someone

All relationships have their ups and downs 

What matters is which one's are worth fixing and carrying on 


Breathing in and out, soul feels calm 

Master without you, who would have fixed my thoughts 

Master: there's always someone wiser around 

Pay heed to those who try fixing up things 

And stay away from one's who sow seeds of discord within hearts 


O master, thank you for helping me know the wisest path 

Learning is as much an art as is fixing up the broken parts








◄ Tiānhuābǎn

Holy facade ►


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Sun 3rd Sep 2023 14:22

Kevin you are correct to certain extent. Enjoy the art in various forms. 👍

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Matilda Simakaj

Tue 23rd May 2023 08:29

😅😅 Watts thank you for confession!
But, I was refering to the shape.😅😅
The shape of the sun is always a circle.😅
We see the moon in different phases: circle, first quarter, waxing gibbous and so on...
And related to the phases of the moon the feminine energy is influencing our mood, our ups and down.😅😅

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Mon 22nd May 2023 17:37

That's funny!

Sorry to confess, but sun never rises from the same place where it sleeps. Throughout the day the sun is found in different locations warming different beings.😂

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Matilda Simakaj

Mon 22nd May 2023 16:11

So true! 😆
Men try to fix women and women try to change men. But, the moon is never the same! Every night has a different shape.😆 And the sun never change shape.😆

I loved: "it's only a thought you hold against someone" Usually it is a thought dressed up in emotions. The discussion between Master and son creates vibes of serenity.
Thank you Watts!🙏🙏

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