My heart burns

with a million sorrows

arrows of pain

for all the suffering.

How long must they endure

the weak and tormented

their cries and sighs

echoing down the paths of everday life--



finding little relief.

I reach my hand out--

trying to help

but I am powerless.

I pray for power to rain down on them,

that they can be free.

I pray for comfort to fill their hearts with peace.

I will never stop praying,

for they are as me--

my brethren,

my fellow travelers--

and I so want them to feel the joy of re-birth.

I pray ceaselessly.

I pray firmly.

I pray, I pray.


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Matilda Simakaj

Fri 26th May 2023 21:05

What blessing words! Keep writing them Helene and all together we can create another reality! 🙏🙏

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Thu 25th May 2023 04:10

Thank you Manish for such an encouraging comment. We will keep on writing and sharing!

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Manish Singh Rajput

Thu 25th May 2023 02:41

You have kindness and empathy filled in you, Hélèna. You have such a warm, wanting to comfort and a soothing essence in your poetry that I adore a lot. You are a blessing to this world and I absolutely love your work.
Thank you.

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