propaganda is a hoax // to sell you insurance

streets stained with unschooled blood
washing tracks with floods of mud
ship rudders turn stuck in that sludge
olive branches sinking in tears of a dove
reruns are boring.

barroom brawls fall short of grace
vomiting the bitter taste of losing face
cut the fat cake of entitled waste
swing open the doors to pearly gates
destiny is calling.

yesterday burns a paper bonfire
mountain of ash lie serving a reminder
abstinence bites but propels even higher
poison pills paint illusions growing tired
drunk chat yawning.

wings bathed in bird seed season
crossing waltz art and foxtrot reason
stuck record songs spin unforgotten
long stale tongues reek stinking rotten
soaped mouths bubbling.

wolf shouting howls at a painted mirror
haircuts crack splitting the strongest pillar
rooster calling thrice seeking a martyr
assaulted sleeping princess stole happy after
spilled milk drying.

pill popping cats light up all nine
distillation cursed the gift of wine
rich and poor ink a wider ruled line
Tesla's pearls lying in pens with swine
gambling died trying.

toddler painting breaking the bank
shoelace whipped scars deepest crack
tortoise shells slip reversing back
sidewalk smiles hit harder than smack
hunger feeds breeding.

◄ ((Dante themed, Dylan styled)) Protest Song

a somewhat sensual vision on Margate Street : Sunday, 11th ►


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Manish Singh Rajput

Thu 18th May 2023 18:10

Loved the juxtaposition! Every line is creative at it's highest level. Loved every bit of it.
Thank you.

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