It's Okay

Sometimes my heart is light and carefree,

other times my heart is so heavy it feels like it will break into a million pieces.

I remember one time the little girl ran into the room

saying, "my heart hurts, my heart hurts."

I did not know what had triggered her anguish,

but I held her close, patted her back, and said, "everything will be okay."

Who was I to say?

Of course I did not know, 

but she seemed to appreciate the sentiment.

Everything will be okay--

don't be afraid of pain, 

then, truly, everything is okay.

Breathe through the pain,

a friend advised,

yes, my heart grows light,

even as it breaks

with ardent love.


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Kevin Tan

Mon 22nd May 2023 17:20

I'm paranormal. I feel a sense of clarity after reading this poem. Thank you for sharing your personal metaphorical heart with me, Hélène.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 22nd May 2023 12:57

Thank you Hélène.
...and sometimes, we adults need to be big enough to admit to ourselves that we need a pat on the back, and that being open to vulnerability is a necessary part of love.

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John Botterill

Sun 21st May 2023 19:38

I love the feeling of love in your poetry, Helene. Your goodness shines out. I find it difficult to find the right words in those circumstances but 'it's okay' is a good start, I would think.
Thank you.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Sun 21st May 2023 15:43

A beautiful poem, Hélèna. It always feels nice to be kind whenever there comes a circumstance like the one in your poem.

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