All that Malarkey

Hey what’s all that malarkey?

Ducking, diving, para gliding

Bobbing, weaving, wheelin’ and dealin’


I can’t keep up with it all, take a fall

Stand tall when it comes to the crunch

No such thing as a free lunch in my book

What the fuck? Hells bells, all them smells

Like weed and fags and plastic bags

with dog shit in, ok let’s recycle the bins


If you know what’s good, don’t wear a hood

No one knows where everything goes, or cares,

or gives a toss, about candy floss

at the fairground stall, get rid of it all

Don’t take no shit, confront it!


Don’t try and be a know all smarty

Did you even listen?

What’s all that malarkey?








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