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Any other Winners of this particular competition on Write Out Loud?


In all my years of writing bad poetry and doggerel, never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that I would be one of the 5 winners in an Award Anthology but that is exactly what has happened and I was stopped by police (for this is a police state) running so fast to the Building Society to pay the cheque for ...

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I am loath to call it bad poetry because some of it is ok.

It is not 'conventional' poetry put it that way. The type of poetry that perhaps we studied and analysed forensically at school, the type of poetry that could put us off poetry and poetry appreciation for life.

I call my work '...

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I can see the ‘Gwallgofrwydd’ in her eyes

It’s the way she eats mince pies.


It’s the way that she cracks walnuts between her thighs.

It’s the way that she pushed me through one of the windows on the Bridge of Sighs.


There’s something to be said for ‘Madness’ and for ‘Crazy’

But you couldn’t take a lifetime of it, makes you hazy.


Sanity is more important than your...

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all lives matter?

All lives matter?

You mean the people in Care Homes?

The G.I Joes who died on the beaches of Normandy

The guys who never came back from Vietnam and the folks they sprayed with Agent Orange?

The citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

The body bags brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The native American Indians?

You mean General Custer’s life mattered.

The homeless?

Do th...

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#politics #socialjustice #BLM

Winter is the best time to die

Winter is the best time to die

Who wants to go when the children scream on the beach

and the sun is high in the sky

who in their right mind wishes to take their leave

when there is happiness and laughter

and picnics and sand

but perhaps you are not in your 'right' mind

whatever that is.

Can any of us be in our right minds living like this?

No winter is the time to go wit...

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Salisbury Scratch and Sniff


Better not!
Mother, there's a Spy in me Pie.
There we were minding our own business and a former undisclosed agent and his daughter walk in.
I've just this minute finished incinerating my clothes.
Honest to God, there is no peace to be had.
Come summer the kids will be swopping footy cards with pictures of Russian Ultras.
Bored by Brexit, they needed a distraction and boy did they get o...

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The Hobo from Hoboken

The Hobo from Hoboken

How many homeless sleeping under the stars?
How many drunks cursing the bars?
Got people going way back in Cambria Wisconsin and then Oshcosh, then last heard of in Fessenden, North Dakota.
That's a hell of a name ain't it, Sarasota?
One of my favourite books 
' The Autobiography of a Supertramp'
William H Davies of Newport riding the box cars and losing his leg, sel...

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HoboHobokenWH DaviesSupertrampHomage

Black Betty by Huddie Ledbetter read by David Williams in the style of Sir John Betjeman

A little fun and whimsical nonsense! Anybody remember Peter Sellers reading 'Balham Gateway to the South?'

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The moth with hob nailed boots



Every night about half past ten

there's tapping ont window

It's the moth with hob nailed boots

trying to find a weak spot before 

he parascends 

through shattered glass.

Nowt will keep this tiger away from lamp

He's kitted out with mess tin and webbing

he's all camouflage and clobber

obvious to the untrained eye

that he's been on manoeuvres behind enemy line...

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