A jobs lot

As I go from stop to stop the feelings of despair begin to creep up on me as I get closer to the place that's slowly taken my soul away

On my route to spend eight hours with people who just take take 

A fair days work for a fair days pay 

But theirs no fairness here 

It's just a emotional jungle 

Where the animals are all out for then self's 

A place where your heart on display 

A clown for these we need a laugh 

Oh don't the fronts and mask fool you 

Theirs more then a finical game going on here it's a game of chance where people's life's getting betting against the egos oof these who think they know better 

I think I bit trun back around but am addict to the drama 

The bustards have me hooked 

So I just keep going from place to place trading my pace for money 


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