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Bad Blood

Every time I write about you

You become real

My heart makes it to the page

Imaginings don’t fade

My words seem to sketch your portrait

In ashen blues and greys


I search for brighter colours

I Consider cerulean blue

And  cadmium red

My hand loses control

The pallet lies before me


Bright hues have blended into mud


With all my might

I wi...

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Imagine receiving your first criminal conviction

At five years old

Imagine a world where you are taken

By strangers



Imagine now that you are alone


Strange figures dressed in black

And white


Being convicted

Of poverty


Being sentenced

At five years old


Now imagine

You are taken

Away from your brothers


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Golden Wing

Soft whispers

On the autumn breeze

Sharing secrets with the trees

Reds running into golden hues

As the robins

Tweet and sing the blues


Feet cossetted

Comforted by last spring’s


Kicking thru the fallen



To the robin’s



Startled deer

Run for cover

Enthralling for life’s

Smitten lovers


Seasons come

And ...

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My Sweetest Inner Child

Stay calm

Rest silent

Listen to your heart

Ignore the disturbance

This noise

Does not belong to you

Sweet child


The clatter resounds

Around you

Know it is not your place

To be held

In their over reaching



Hold your breath

And wait

Patience is your friend

The winds will soon arrive

To drive the poison



Now exhale


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You Promised

I waited

For you

But you never



I watched the sunrise

I cried as it set

The moonlight

Engulfed me

The stars

Spelled out you name


I stood in the ocean

Frozen in time

The wind took me back

To when you said

You would always be mine


I rode the white horses

I sailed over clouds

My heart was aching

But my hope

Never gave out


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Alone With My Thoughts.

I sit here


With my thoughts 

I open the doors

To my ghosts

And in they come


At first they are shy

Like wisps of smoke

In the air

But I beckon them 

And before long

They rush in

All vying for me

To reply


They float unconsciously 

They are like visitors

Who outstayed their welcome 

But now I feel bad

Just a little sad

Who asked...

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This Old House.

This old house haunts me

Each room is filled with memories

Snapshots of a well lived life

Pulling me back through foggy hills

And evergreen lanes

Every cobweb woven around my heart

Elicits a new daydream

Every creaky floor board has morphed into my bones



A reminder of how life used to be

When it was only them and us

Life spawned from you and me

When we we...

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I know not what this thing love is

I have no words to explain

I know of nothing but this pain

It is exquisite pain

It owns me

In it’s presence I have no power

So how is it I feel more alive

More real

More of everything 

More powerful

Than I’ve ever been


It owns me

I own it

I am the channel

And it pains me but fulfils me

More than any other thing


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In You.

I saw myself

For the first time

I saw myself

In you


I caught a sense

Of my beauty

In you

I saw how I shimmered

For the first time

I caught my reflection


I saw it was true


It was in the glint of your eye

In your cheeky smile

Your stutter

And the way your eyes



You made me see myself

All shiny and new

You made me


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Silly Me.

Here I am

Let the crows strip me

Of what is left of my humanity


I offer myself


To your depravity


My weakness

Is your strength

See my flesh

And feast


Devour me

I succumb

I Submit!

Your commitment

Has convinced me

I am worthless


Do you like the taste

Of my blood?

Go ahead


As you see fit


What is that ...

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Your Choice.

When did we forget

Why did we turn our backs

How did it come to this

Did something

And nothing change?


Was it bureaucracy

That changed us?

Or was that simply

An excuse?


Do you hide behind

Your paperwork

Does that make you

Deliberately obtuse?


Can you absolve

Yourself of guilt

If you don’t look me

In the eye?

Is it easier to lie?


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La Luna (unfinished)

Had she been born under the sun

Perhaps she would have dazzled

Maybe her light would never

Have dimmed


The sky so blue

Beholden to Theia’s Light

A vast expanse filled only

With gratitude

That’s what she should have been


When the stars aligned

They had other plans

She would defy all gravity

Such majesty would be bestowed

Upon her

Her birthright wa...

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The Ancestral Scream

Walk away

Leave me alone

You no longer have a home


My heart belongs

Not to you

This heart belongs to me

It is my only reality


Be gone, now

I need to live

My only goal

Is to thrive

You are dead

I am alive


Thank you, for all you’ve done

Because of you

I do survive

But I cannot stand

I refuse to be

Beholden to your mistakes

I am ...

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A Fisherman Without a Hook.

I would be happy

If I wasn’t so sad

I am so sorry

That things are so bad


When I was little

I thought it a given

Respect your elders

If you want to enjoy



Look up to the wise

The educated

For they are your betters

They will tell you no lies


When I was young

I imagined a world

Where the privileged

Looked out

For everyone



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Aging, simply put,

Is dynamic change

Key word here is dynamic

Without it we would simply

Be dead


Death, simply put

Is the end of dynamics

No more motion

Completion perhaps


So, if you are aging

You are a success!

A witness

To a natural process


Death comes

Only to the ego

Ask a physicist

They will tell you


Never ceases


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A Life Lived in Glory

‘Grandma, why are you old?’

‘My dear boy, I’m not old!’

But it’s true

I was here before you

And I’ve seen so much



I was here first

And I’ve been around

For some time

That’s how you

Are here

To hear my rhymes


I am the rehearsal

The years have taught me

My lines

Having played every role

I’ve been daughter and mother

Friend, foe and ...

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The Sailor's Response


Well, thank you, dear lady

Your offer is fine

But I am sure

In all truth

I’d just be wasting your



You see

I’m a bit of a loner

It’s how I like to be

It’s just me

And my boat

And the wide open



Don’t get me wrong

I do like a good song

I confess that I’m tempted

By your blue eyes

And your golden hair

That’s so long



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Come Sit with Me

Come sit with me, sailor

Tell me your tales

You’ve travelled the oceans

You’ve danced with dolphins

And sung with whales



Your weathered voice

So husky and wizened

It give me the chills

I’m eager to hear

All that you hold dear



We have time to kill

I’ve nowhere to be

We’ll drink whiskey

And wine

Til we’ve had our fill


Tell me your...

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The irony of being lost at sea

Yet knowing one must sail

To discover where that one should be


Such irony is not lost on me

As I launch myself and my ship

In search of what will set me free


What is life … if not just to be?

To swing from the branch

Of the old oak tree

To dance in the rain

Embrace the change

So the sun can warm my face




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As I walk

This brambled path

I pick the thorns from my limbs

Alas, there is always another sting


Some are roses

Some are thorns

Yet, once. weren’t we all

The same acorn?



Somewhere, along the line

Something happened

Was it nurture, or the Divine?


Why are we all so different -

If technically, we are all the same?

How is it we all f...

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Under the Mackerel Sky

Under the mackerel sky

This is where we say



Times change

For you and me


Under this maudlin sky

Lovers are becoming


From broken promises

Souls are freed


Look for me in the dappled light

My shadow will lead you

Into the moonlight

Such beauty pierces through

The silver scales ...

Those which adorn

This magnificent macker...

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Give Me Poetry

Give me poetry

I want beautiful words

Tell me about the birds

And the bees


Wrap me in adjectives

Curled around nouns

I don’t care if it elicits

A smile

Or a frown


Take me to places

I’ve never been

Illustrious spaces


But not seen


Paint me a picture

Invoke thoughts of a bard

Conjure up deities

Weave magic spells

I will even fo...

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An Accident of Birth

Two women born into the unknown

One into riches pillaged from the overthrown

Her umbilical cord was made of gold

She was swaddled in cashmere

Christened and told

She was the chosen one


The other …

An accident

Born into squalor

Her cord made

Of cold, hard stone

Christened in rags

And told she was a sinner


The golden child

Lived off the tax payers ...

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Summer Rain


Old friend, arriving like the summer rain

A soothing caress filled with tenderness

Light, smooth words to ease my pain


Old friend, it’s so nice to be with you again

You feel like the rain kissing the grass

Breathing new life into this wretched soul

Broken and breathless


Dear friend, your presence is priceless

With you I grow, I will not fold

You are the su...

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Aphrodite's Blushes

The way the sunlight washes over your skin

Brings thoughts that would make

Even Aphrodite blush


Your smile full of warmth

The crinkle of your eyes

That shadow of doubt

When you breathe

Out ...


The raise of the eyebrows

Reveal even yourself ...

You surprise


Aphrodite weaves spells

Thoughts I cannot dispel

Beholden to a beauty so bright

It out...

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A Conversation with my Father

A conversation with my father

He was old when we spoke

Ninety years and more

I asked him what it was like

When he served in the second

World war


You don’t need to know girl

What I know would make your toes curl

I don’t want to remember

Don’t ask difficult questions

My memory is blurred


But I’d really like to know, dad

Was it really, really bad?


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The Rose and The Butterfly.

The rose and the butterfly

Symbols of summer to my own eye

The rose in all it’s glory

Blooms to recount summer’s story

Blousey and innocent, the rose

Always seems so content


Still, she stands

Upright and tall

Head turned to the sun

She captures the attention

Demands respect from one

And all


The butterfly…

A passerby

She flutters

Hither, thithe...

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The End of Trust

When I walk beside you, please, hold my hand

I don’t expect you to understand it all

But I hope … you might try to break my fall

You might reach out

You might even try to connect

Place your feet close, to where I stand


Your disconnect is wearing

A resistance to sharing leaves me wondering

Is this it?

Did I imagine you – was it real?

Digging deep, on repeat

Is ...

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Splish, Splash!

Splish, splash!

Welly boots and rainbow coats

Puddle jumps and squelchy squeals

Muddy paws and tiny feet

Made this rainy day complete


Mud and ice cream stuck to our faces

Carefree laughter as we squished and dashed

Splish, splash, splish splash!

Puddle jumping in mid May

Helps to chase the gloom away!




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Mother ...

You were taken by the wind

Blown from one place to another

I imagine you were water

Everywhere, but impossible to hold

Between my hands

Somehow you would always seep through

And soak into the ground


I know you were fire

Because you always burned bright

In my heart

You were the earth from whence I was birthed

I wish that just once

I could have ...

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Somewhere, in my mind

There is a place where life is kind

It is my favourite place to be

For I think it’s where I feel most free


In my minds eye, birds fly


The sky is blue

And the people few


Flowers bloom

In the mountain dew

Lakes and waterfalls

Erase my thoughts of gloom


Daisies tickle at my toes

Scent of mimosa

Assaults my nose


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No rules

This is freedom

Written by a four year old

He didn't care

He wouldn't be told!


He didn't think

About spelling or grammar

He just wanted

To be free, wild and bold

I envy his ability

To do what I wouldn't dare!


K m xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[...

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What is Freedom?

Freedom is not licence

Although some may pretend

Freedom of speech

For example

Gives them permission

To fulfill their own ends


Freedom is a privilege

The meaning of which is greatly debated

Among philosophers and academics alike

Freedom relies on selflessness and selfishness

If you feel free, you are blessed.



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First Date

First date

She wore leopard print

And red satin

He wore skinnies

He looked kinda Latin


They ate Caribbean

Jerk chicken

And spicy rice

They seemed comfortable


Just like

Silk and leather


I thought they

Looked really nice

Seemed like they

Had lots to say


Took it in turns

And looked at each other

In an attentive way



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One Night Stand

I was twenty one

It was my birthday

I was looking for fun


I saw you

You were the one

I thought that you

Looked like fun


Kylie was playing

I should be so lucky

You sidled up

Said, ‘Hello Ducky’


I was feeling

Rather plucky

So I replied

With a flutter

From my eyes

And a flash

Of my slender



Did it take you

By surpri...

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French Doubles

Your face cutting through the thickness of the summer air

I could smell you, you smelt of patchouli and whisky

Your shirt thin enough to rile me

I remember, because I was enthralled

I had it all


We drank french doubles

A recipe for trouble

Our laughter must have wakened the dead

But we didn’t care

We were the only ones there

Images of you filled my head



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Mother, Father and Me.

When I was little

I fancied the moon was home to my mother

Peeking out from under my covers

I would search for her face

I imagined her sitting

Next to the man in the moon

-Perhaps he was my father


Night after night

As my heart took flight

My eyes would shine bright

To imagine them hugging each other


Sadness would smother me

When the cloudy nights


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I See You.

I see you ...

I wish you could see yourself

The way I see you

I see the shadow of doubt

That crosses your face

The slowness of your pace


I see the look of sadness

When you think no-one

Is watching

I feel the weight on your shoulders

The despair in the air

That you breathe

I hear the sighs

That you heave


Your broken heart

Is hard to hide


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You pushed so hard

To get your own way

You never seemed to understand

Or perhaps it was me

Who never understood

How hard you found it

To be a man


Don’t get me wrong

You were big and strong

But inside you struggled


You didn’t belong


I wish that you could have spoken to me

I wanted to take your shattered parts

Glue them together

With the...

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Living in Hope

Grasping at shadows

Catching reflections

Holding onto waters



Trying to understand


The slip of the hand

Lives lived

Friends gone

Loves faded

Not forgotten

Just lessons

On how to forgive


Happy and sad


And mad

Kisses and slaps

Life’s fusions



Treading softly

Skipping gaily


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Being a girl can often be a precarious thing

I’ve often struggled with all the associated bling

A number of times I’ve found female accouterments

Really quite devastatingly mind numbing


Why does it take you so long?

A question many of my girlfriends

Have heard throughout their lives

Girlfriends, sisters, friends and wives

They’ve learned it’s best to keep quiet



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Osmosis Of Emotion

Tears, miniature universes

Prisms to human experience

Melodies, songs, and verses

Played out through the eyes

Osmosis of emotion


Tears in motion

Written on the face

With pure devotion

Feelings looking

For a sense of place


C.K. 22


Thanks for the invite, John Botterill.  I tried my best! 😂

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Ready By Nine

Sometimes I struggle to know how I feel

I think I’m OK but then the sadness

Begins to feel real

I don’t know why

But I just want to cry

Curl up and die


I think back on it all

The rise and the fall

The ups and the downs

And I straighten my crown

I release a deep sigh


I ache when I see

How history replays

In the lives of the girls

The girls I have ...

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The Eagle's Wedding

Have you ever climbed a mountain?

Have you ever dreamed?

Did you imagine what you might see there

On that heady mountain peak?


I have climbed a mountain

And I will tell you what I saw

But you might not believe

What it is that I did see

Still, it’s true

So listen, I implore!


For I saw such beauty

Beyond anything that’s real

You may never have imagined


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She Knows Her Worth

It is not in your lies

Nor in your charms

It was never there

In your deceit


She wasn’t born

To make you replete

Her worth is not drawn

From your opinion of her

It’s time for you now

To take a back seat


The fruit of my womb

Is not yours to keep

Her beauty runs deep

Beyond skin and hair

When she drew her

First breath

You were not there



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Did you think I was a Bogoff

Or a rechargeable battery?

I can’t imagine for one moment

You believed there was more

Than one of me


Or did I get it wrong?

You thought you’d get a snide

A pretend version for free


It slowly filtered through

That you thought you could

Replace the one and only me

With a Black Friday deal

Or a Discount Tuesday




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Why? (A quick ditty before dinner.)

Oh, springtime

Why, oh why

Have you abandoned me?


It is that you think

I am not worthy of thee?

The caress of your warmth

The joy of your life

It brings out the best in me


The pessimist

Becomes the optimist

I dream of only opportunity

Yet you dessert us

With impunity

Off you go with a spring

In your step

Leaving us cold and alone

Don’t you ...

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Sunshine and April Snow Showers

Sunshine and April

Snow showers

Early dandies

Have been crowned

In white

Daffodils are holding



The birds have

Had their fill

Once again

They have returned

In search of human


And their wish

Has been fulfilled


Spring lambs

Have lost their spring

What is this white

Cold, fluffy thing!


After last weeks sunshine


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They Know

The trees stand silent

But they are watching

The earth welcomes

Your feet

But she rumbles

Ready to make her



The sun shines gladly

Don’t take her smile

For granted

She feeds all

That you have planted


The moonlight shines

Tugs at time

But she is ready

To pull the lifeline


The flowers bloom

The wheat doth grow

But, they know...

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Old Flame

There are no embers

Only ashes

Lying cold

And void of hope


No matter now

How hard we try

The spark has gone

Faded into the corners

Of our minds


Nostalgic memories

Cannot reincarnate

Or compensate

For the love

We’ve left behind


Yet still

I search

Trying to catch

The shadowy pictures

That ricochet

Through the vignettes

Of tim...

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