Time to Say Goodbye.

Whispers rustle

Through the leaves

Bird wings unsettle

Summer air


Laughter echoes

Back and forth

Between the trees

Anxious dogs

Bark their unease


The sun

Has lost it’s midday glare

The skies cry ~

A storm is nigh


I guess it’s time

To say goodbye. 




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All I Know.


As the sun rises

In the east

On this late August day

The land of greens and greys 

and browns

Are washed once again

In that heavenly glow 

Promising yet another day 

Unknown ~


But this I know …


I know that luck has blessed

My soul

With the joy of life

Singing sweetly

As the birds in nest


I know that my heart

Shall rise

Along wi...

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Seashells and Stars.

It may be the last time

But it is not forever …

When we take our last moonlit walk ~

Talking and laughing

While swaying our

Intertwined hands


We will arrive at the shoreline

And there we shall stand 

Locked into each others eyes ~

I will catch a glint

Of my youth

In your smile


The wind will not

Come between us

As we lean in for our

Last kiss


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The Antidote - Stalker 2.

Stalker 2. 


Did I say you

Ruined my life?

Well, I guess you did

For a time …


But you see

You never really

Knew me

You just took advantage 

Of the young

Insecure me


I didn’t realise

At the time

I had the antidote

To your poison


I won’t lie

What you did


Stay with me

For life


Back to the antidote

I know you a...

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The Stalker.

The Stalker 


I feel your breath on my neck

With every step

Your nails digging

Into my skin


You never go deep enough

To draw blood 

That would show

Where you’ve been


Every corner

Every shadow

Every breath

You are there


In the dark of the night

You make it darker

Like a vampire

You like to suck 



Blood ~

The sweet...

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Cruel Wind.

It’s a cruel wind today

She threatens to steal the skin from my face

Her anger carves into my bones

And she screams at me

You are alone!


I want to run … I could sprint away!

But she catches me at every angle

She has a friend; an ally!

Cold, bitter rain

Lashing my broken body

Holding my feet in the mud


I cannot fight the wind

And the rain!

My shaking...

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T A I N T E D.

Life was good

I had it all

Two point five

And ´er indoors



A good job


Once a year


Nice front door

With shiny knobs


And electric lights


Firm went bust

Rot set in

Found solace

In my all day



Felt like a failure

Couldn’t face her

Walls closing in


What was left

Of love



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The Walk.

You weave your roots

Around my veins

Yet I don’t even know

Your name

We stand silently together

In the rain


Nature gave us both

A crown

Equal in weight

You shed yours

With the seasons

I wear mine


Of any reason 


Sssh … did you hear the 

Bumble bee?

There is mud


To our feet


How lucky that

We had this chance


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Did You See Her?

They said she couldn’t

And so, she did!

She up and floated 

Taking colours

From the rainbow


Leaving a starlit trail

So bright

Even the moon


Her iridescent



She filled her world

With butterflies

Leaving a rose petal

Path behind her

Her world was replete

With beauty


No man


Or child

Could catch her



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Take Pity!

With limbs of lead

Parched throat

And feet of stone

I continue to wander

In search

Of home


Won’t you take pity

On my mortal soul!

Don’t you see

The eyes?

Those which reflect only

A resentful corpse 


Treacle cobwebs

Have me trapped

And the widows

Show me no remorse!


Seek out this lowly

Lonely creature

Show a way to live!

One wh...

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Joie de Vivre.

River waters run through their veins

With French Oak for backbones

And temperaments carved from the rock

They are not separate from the land

It is them and they are it


With the crow of the day they rise

To be greeted by a mellow sun

They toil the earth 

Before being forced to disappear

Into the shade of the beech tree


Here they gather together

To feast on...

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Drape Your Skin. Repost for an anniversary.

Drape your skin over my bones~

Feel as my limbs turn to stone

Weight my feet to slow them down ~

So that you may follow me. 


Stitch your shady shadow over mine

Weave yourself ~ an invisible thread ~ throughout my beautiful tapestry 

Unpick my silks and golden yarns 

Replace them with your nylon strings;

A feeble attempt to clip my fledgling wings


Tattoo your na...

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I Loved.

I loved

As though

There was no

Other reason

To live 


I loved

Until I had no more

To give


You took

Until I no longer

Had the will

To live. 


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I Love You!

We lay, sunlit

By the riverside

Allowing ourselves

Nowhere to hide


You all dappled

In leaf shadow …

Beautiful as the morning



I kissed your dimples

While you twinkled 

With delight

And we dazzled

Each other

Under the moonlight 


I love You!

Under the new moon

Tween the black

And the blue


You are my stars

The sun that b...

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I’m Drained.

I’m drained

Nothing left to give

No sense of self



I tried …

I tried my best

But now my shattered soul

Needs rest


I am leaving

There is no point 

In grieving

I need to go before

I become no more

Than a shadow 

Of my old self


I have worked too hard

Fought too many battles

To be left

On the shelf of fools 


I gave my ...

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Day’s End.

The bamboo rustles

The pigeons coo coo

Trees are swaying


Storm clouds

Are feeling broody

Rose of Sharon is glowing


Traffic humming 

Distant blues

This is the end

Of another busy day


What awaits us

Tomorrow …

Nobody knows. 


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This huge expanse of ocean
Holds expectancy
Like a pregnant woman
The imminent birth
Of her first born child

Intense sunlight
Warms my bones
I think …
No! I feel
That this is meant for me

I am a dolphin
Floating over the swell
Diving into the starlight
Only to rise
With the moon

This liminal space
Between my land
And yours;
Transports me
With an undeserv...

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St Julien.


The stars are falling

From the sky

They are floating

In your big brown eyes


I can cut the moon 

In half and gift you the piece

For which I have

No need.

I mean it ~

I am not holding back



Come with me

The open road is beckoning ~

It’s time to roll with our dreams;

St Julien loves you!

See how he wraps the bougainvillea 

Thru you...

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I, You Implore!

My last poem for the month of June. 

I stumbled into a poem

Rolled and rolled

Catching threads

Of a story



For it to unfold


I picked apart it’s golden threads

Wrapped myself in it

Just like I was caught up

In a spiders web!


It told me of worlds

Where only the mystical


I learned about heartbreak

And love


My ey...

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A Thousand Stars.

I found a cloak

Of a thousand stars

So I wrapped it around

All my old scars


I came across a moonbeam

And I sewed it into every seam

I fell into a rainbow

It coloured me in every hue

From ear to ear

And head to toe


A tree offered me

His crown

I wear it proudly

Whenever I feel down


I opened up my heart

And the sun came

Pouring in

I sa...

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Lost and Lonely?

Lost and lonely

He is the only one

Truly unaware 

Wandering the country lanes

Giving everyone a scare


Unable to respond to those

Who enquire for his welfare

It’s possible he didn’t

Even know that

They were there


Days rolled into weeks

Weeks stretched into months

And years

Everybody knows of him

But he just doesn’t care



I wonder where...

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In the Middle.

In between pain

And bliss

There is a place 

Called balance


Where nothing soars too high

And we do not fall too low

Contentment is what I cherish

Sat straight in the middle

Of I am enough


I have no need for anything more

I do not miss

What I haven’t got

I am wholly contented

With my lot. 







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Hear my howl
Feel my rush
Know my name
I am the one ...
The one
You can never tame

Brandish your sword
I’ll wave my feather
Deliver your storm
I’ll blow you away

Cover me in  a layer of dust
My waters will turn you into rust
Your fog cannot smother
My wanderlust

My heart is the sun
My soul is the moon
My womb is the universe
From where you have come

My weapon is love

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I cut Myself.

Just to reassure those who may be concerned - this not a true representation of my own circumstances!  It is based on my work experiences and conversations I have had with self harmers. There is no need to worry about me! 😌

I cut myself

Just so that you can see;

I want you to feel

The pain inside of me


Each open wound

Is an eulogy

To who I used to be

Your poison ooz...

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Ode to Love.

If I must die for love

So be it!

I will snuff out the moon

Take the stars from the sky

Flood the oceans 

With fire


Let me smother the sunshine

With mist

The rest of the world 

Can cease to exist


Moody Mountains will cry

Lonely Lakes will dry

Trees will bow down

In it’s midst


Love is the only reason

To live!

Diamonds and pearls


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Multiplications of Me and You.

One plus one

Makes me and you

Two plus one 

Makes us three!


Three plus one

Makes me happier

Than ever before

Four plus one

How lucky are we

To be alive!


Five plus one

Equals six!

Six plus one

Tells me that

I am in heaven

Seven plus one

Reminds me 

Of our first date


Eight plus one

How grateful I am

That you are mine

Nine ...

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The Matriarch

Her hair is grey now

But her eyes are still blue

Every emotion is etched into her face

Her bones are aching

But she still moves with grace


She swaddles her wisdom

Around whoever might listen

Not all have time

But she does not mind


She knows she is there

For those who are searching

Her words have value

Weighed against time


She’s cried every ocea...

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Nature Morte.

Nature Morte


The quietness after everyone left

Seemed to echo louder

Than any silence I had heard before

Even the fly in the room

Seemed to feel bad for daring to hum


I remember standing alone

I could feel every part of me

Acutely aware of the tiniest tIngle of life

Slight itch on the end of my nose

That darned ache in my big toe


The roar of traffic ...

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Remembering dad on Father's Day. 

It’s empty now

Sagging and tearing

At the seams

If I close my eyes

Just for a moment

I can see you


Pipe chugging away —


Half painted in the shadows

Sitting in your favorite



You are telling me

To pull my socks up

I am not wearing any

But I start tugging at them anyway


You laugh

That s...

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Title as you see fit

I can give you flowers

I can talk about my heartbreaks

I can milk it all

Until the cows come home


I can give you melodies

I can sing your favorite song

I can wallow in self pity

About how you left me

All alone


I can make you feel good

I can even feel

The way you think I should


But I want to be like Maya

A phoenix who proudly rose

From the de...

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Title as you see fit

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The Three of Us.

The three of us


The landscape may have changed

New generations of trees grow 

in unnaturally uniformed rows

Those that stood as nature had intended

Long since ripped from their roots


Little boxes now litter the hills

Doorsteps littered in muddy boots

People live in these boxes

The workhouse has long since gone

And the people pull tight their faces

In an a...

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I Killed Myself.

I killed myself

Aged 7

But life refused to quit

I got my first best friend

When I turned 11


I killed myself at 16

Thought I could not go on

My world was full of darkness

So decided I was better off



Life insisted

So I persisted 

Found the joy of music

Stood up to the knees

In mud

With the bass making my

Heart thud


I killed mysel...

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Our Old House.

I saw our old house today

For the first time in years

And I will admit

That I shed a few tears


I think you might have too

If you could see what they’ve done!

The walls are all white

And there was nowhere

Comfy to sit


I miss our old house

All cosy and warm

With mis-matching


A bit weathered

And torn


Remember the throws?


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The Little Princess.

Sorry to bring the standard down but I wrote this for my grandchildren and it makes me laugh. 

He had a rather disagreeable bump

On his nose

And curly, wurly 

Turned up toes


His hair was quite lank

And my ...

How his steamy breath stank!


It’s quite possible 

He’d eaten a skunk

And god only knows

What he’d drunk!


He wobbled a bit

When he walk...

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The Tortured Poet.

The tortured poet cries raindrops sweetened with hope

Waterfalls course through his veins

Eyes are blinded by beauty, and still lifes of death


Show him a bramble, he’ll return with a rose 

Play him a tune, he’ll give you a symphony

Tell him you love him, he will transform

Into a firefly or maybe an eagle


He will show you worlds

Beyond fantasy 

iridescence will ...

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Bumbling Mess

Bumbling mess of uncertainty

That’s me!

Raised to believe I was useless

If you say something nice

I will curtsy


Rumbling in clouds of doubt

Trying my best not to shout

Keep my voice low

Try not to show

Who I am


Cos who I am

Will never be good enough

You hate marmite

So I’d like to be

Strawberry jam


Trying to sweeten the pill

Knowing th...

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Cotton Candy Man.


He’s cotton candy

Floating on the wind

With a heart sculpted

From tree trunks

And sand


Every clock in the land

Tells the time by him

For when his bones start to thaw

His body will rouse

To follow the seasons

On donkey and cart


With a hint from the breeze

Or a blink from the sun

The road calls his name 

Cos it feels his unease


From st...

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Fly High.

This is not the end

It’s just the beginning

What wasn’t meant

In this world

Is waiting in eternity


You have gone on ahead

Isn’t that just like you

Always in front

Never behind


I am not ready

It isn’t my time

Still I’m keeping you close

In my song and rhyme


I hear your message every day

On the telephone line

You keep repeating

How glad ...

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Please Continue to Spew!

I'm Over the Whimsy!🤣



I thought about you today

And then I thought about myself

I contemplated your energy

And how it could take me

To heaven or hell


I quite like the idea of heaven

Where angels sing

In sweet melodic tunes

Because when I compare that

To a living hell

My heart shrinks

Under a melancholic spell


You are a leech

Hiding unde...

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I am in a whimsical mood today. 


She dances on the silver moon
Which dingle dangles like a disco ball
In the deep black sky
Taking her companion from among the stars 
She moves like a dolphin
Over ocean waves

The raging seas give her rythme
Melodies emanate from
Venus and mars
And heavenly bodies
Hold her in their gaze 

The angels play harps
While the cherubs st...

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Don’t Cry for Me.

I wrote this after leaving hospital earlier this year.  If it wasn’t for the amazing medical team that saved my life I wouldn’t be here to share my words with you. - I am so grateful. 
This is me thinking about what I wanted to say to loved ones if things had gone the other way. 

Don’t cry for me.  

Don’t cry for me when I am gone
Try to smile when they play our song
Walk through the mead...

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I used to try and shrink myself

I wanted to be as small

As small could be


I used to weigh my value

On what you thought

Of me


I kept my voice low 

Never speaking more

Than you considered necessary


I thought you

Were much bigger

I believed that you loved

Pathetic, little me


Until the day I closed the door 

And walked all by myself

I wa...

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My current mood. 🙄


Somewhere in my mind
There is a place where life is kind
It is my favourite place to be
For I think it’s where I feel most free
In my minds eye, birds fly
The sky is blue
And the people few
Flowers bloom
In the mountain dew
Lakes and waterfalls
Erase any thoughts of gloom
Daisies tickle at my toes
Scent of mimosa
Assaults my nose

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My Sweetest Inner Child. - repost with audio

This is a repost with audio because I have been told that my poetry works better with me speaking it!😂. I am new to recital so please be kind!😂

My sweetest inner child

Stay calm

Rest silent

Listen to your heart

Ignore the disturbance

This noise

Does not belong to you

Sweet child


The clatter resounds

Around you

Know it is not your place

To be held

In th...

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Road to Nowhere?

I’m on the road to nowhere

And I ain’t in no hurry to get there

My bag is packed full

With all that I need


I’ve been walking for days

Maybe months

Even years

And I intend to continue

My journey with ease


It’s a dusty old road

Full of damn potholes

But at least 

My shoes are well soled

The dust tickles my nose

The damned dust

Keeps making me sn...

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He Rolls.

He rolls with the times

But don’t bother asking

Cos he ain’t got nothing to spare

He’s just hitching a lift

On the long, lonely road to nowhere


The shiny new people 

They all left without shame

Every road he walks down

Signposts her face in the rain

If only he could


Her name



Just out of reach

And with nothing to say

His life passes ...

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Not Worthy of a Title.

❗️Trigger warning!  This post contains references to childhood sexual abuse. ❗️

When you crawled into my bed
And abruptly woke me from my slumber
When your hands showed me places
That I had never seen

When you violated my innocence
With a contorted smile
Upon your  distorted face
When you left me
Wet and wounded

You stole my innocence from me
When you looked at me
And said that i...

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I saw a request in another group for submissions on what does freedom mean to you?  It got me thinking about freedom and subjectivity.  Here is my conclusion (for now)  


A interesting philosophical debate

A word bandied

Somewhere between love

And hate



Such a big word

Interpreted according

To where you are the world



Idealogical, abs...

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Never Enough.

She stole the corn from the fields

The blue from the sky

Took rosebuds for cheeks

Strawberry lips


The mountains for courage

And the rain for her tears

She sat with owl

Listened to all that he said


Her aura is moonlight

Rainbows and sun

Clear lakes hold her thoughts

With the oceans her muse 


She is still the woman

Who was never enough. 


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