I’m sorry to disappoint you

That I can be too sweet and so weak

And yet I can be cold and cruel too

That I can completely snap to my core

And morph into a creature of different sorts

I’m sorry that I’m not white or black

Or immaculate

Or of any matter 

For that fact

I’m not anything 

At all

Not wholly whole

You see,


Has been my superpower 

I’m a walking contradiction 

I don’t seek to create mystery 

It’s just me

And I like to be true to me

It's just me

And my unique being 

I’m sorry that I’m not your girl of dreams

And that you hung your hopes on me

But now you see

That was your mind, not mine

And I’m not she 

And is it you that really wants her?

An empty concept with wings?

Can you be sure society’s not pulling your strings? 

‘Cause once upon a time

I was sure

I wanted to be her

Once upon a time

I even thought I was


But I’m not

In this body, there’s no room

For any other she

For any other personality

It’s just me

(In here)

Just me

I’m not 2D

Or even 3, 4, or 5

I’m an out-of-body experience 

I’m a soul and a mind

I’m not lost, or for you to find

I’m a spiderweb of contradiction

A universe of whirling thought

My being: unique as a fingerprint 

My sense of self, I know

I know myself

So, I can’t be defined

In a word or two underlined

Nobody’s got a soul like mine 

But, no and yes 

I’m not unique in my uniqueness 

I’m just like you in our difference 

You’re one of a kind 

You’re a kind of one 

You’re one kind 

You’re the only one 

And you 

And you

And you are too

uniqueselfselfhoodidentityfreedomindependenceliberationgrowthhealinghappinessreflectionunderstandingmatureemotioninner strengthmove onsinglepersonhoodsoulmindgroundedspiritualhumanitypeoplebe yourselftruthvisible

◄ I thank you for not being good enough

Part of us ►


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Alexandra Parapadakis

Sun 14th May 2023 22:56

Thank you for your thoughts Graham

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 8th May 2023 23:15

A powerful stream of convoluted consciousness Katerina!

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