I’ll let the waters heavy tide wash over me
But a rip current pulls me out to sea
I remain still in the flow of the water
I float along like an animal being led to slaughter

Adrift in the ocean and in my own emotion now I search for the land
My head a mess and scattered like grains of sand 
The water fills my ears and I hear nothing but a dull hum
The farther I go, the less likely it is t...

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Innocence and Insolence

I was just a child when this took place

There's a few memories I wish I could erase

My innocence was violated and will to live and love desolated

The darkness in my heart exacerbated


My own family abused me for reasons unknown

And since then I've never let much of me be shown

I still feel the pain in my chest and my soul is under such duress

The mess still lingers in my h...

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Rain Falls

Rain falls on the glass in the gloomy gray of today

You lie in that bed with nothing more to say

I wipe my eyes with my sleeve because I don’t know how to grieve

My heart breaks in the wake of your non-reprieve


The sins of my father fall on my shoulders

You left me here and now I’ve grown colder

Death claimed you for his own and my mother left me all alone

And now I’ve fa...

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I'm not the first or the last to drink the white man's wine

It makes me feel fine or I start crying, one of the two

My parents passed it around and now they're gone too

Who is responsible for their deaths? Certainly they thought it through?


I grew up with the smell of liqour on my clothes

I come from two drunken households and it really shows

The late nights of their drunken...

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Native Blood

My skin is red, and my soul is too

A reflection of my ancestors through and through

I walk the path, it's rocky and narrow

Never straying, straight as an arrow


Am I deserving of my blood?

Why are we the same color as clay and mud?

We were fashioned from this very Earth

We were imbued with embers from the hearth of the Creator


One day we'll crumble and return to th...

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