Unsure in love


My darling, never will I abandon you,

You'll always be my one and only,

We’ll be together forever, side by side

Counting our blessings.

Our blessings counted

Will we be forever together, side by side?

Will I always be your one and only?

My darling, will you ever abandon me?

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The mind of a bomber


I’m here, with you all, for just one purpose 

I’m loathed to abandon that purpose now.

I promise that tomorrow we’ll all be immortal

There is no other scenario I can allow

You’ll never understand just how I'm feeling

You’re indifferent both to mine and your own beliefs

Asleep, I dream my descendants are weeping,

Each morning, I wake, yearning quiet relief.

I understand...

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Does anyone care?


Old-world women gossip

Disgorging air and candy floss,

Talking, talking, talking.

Just trumpery coming across,

Irrational chatter

Mindless natter,

Suffrage, forgotten, such a loss.


Old-world men jabber

As they prop up the local bar,

Bullshit bullshit bullshit.

Taking ignorance far too far.

Incoherent prattle

Constant cackle.

Franchised rights, or an...

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How many?

Two hundred sextillion stars 

In our universe

Thirty-five trillion blood cells

Bodily dispersed

Seventy-thousand decimal places

Someone memorised for Pi

Five thousand visible suns

Light the night sky

Two and a half billion seconds 

The extent of one person's life

Thirty-three percent truly believe

After death, there’s an afterlife

Forty million sperm

In one e...

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Winter has passed and with it, love.

  Winter is passed and with it, love.

Repeatedly Spring thwarts Winter,

We rejoice in the vernal equinox

When light eclipses the dire outlook,

Rebirth replaces the seasonal mourning

But this new year moves us further away

from our own once passionate youthful love

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The road to oblivion

I was not alive during World War two

Even dad was a mere lad in the blitz.

Living a stone's throw from Grimsby docks

Bombed nightly by 'The Luftwaffes Herr Fritz.'


I remember reading about the Yangtze incident,

In an old National Geographic edition

As well as the wars in Kenya and Korea

The horrors of the Indian Partition


Little more than just a toddler

Back in...

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One road to success

Rising like a proverbial phoenix from her despair,

Flying high with coloured wings outstretched.

Comes the chambered secrets of literary success


Precious firstborn to be parented alone.

A happy by-product of an abusive marital union

Arantes, her half-blood prince, quick hands, slow regret,


A broken marriage, jobless, and a single parent

Seven years after graduating, ...

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I thought that I’d grab the bull by the horns

Yet dieting is hard. Every rose has its thorns.

As a kid in a candy store, I encountered a hitch,

Hell's paved road of good intention. Fruit bowl or fridge?


“What goes around comes around,” said my therapist

Whose ignorance is bliss, policy, was limitless

“It’s as rare as unicorn shit.” He mocks.

“For dieters to think outside ...

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#Body perfect?


The green expanse of grass

Where Lacey and I stroll

 Is cold-whitened in the chill overnight

It scrunches underfoot,


 Chinese crisped seaweed

specially bleached

Above, across the morning blue

White clouds stretched taut

Like varicose veins pulled thin in a late winter sky.

We’re icy cold and missing you

So we’re returning 

homeward bound, both dog and...

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#nearly valentine

The Kinfgisher

The Kingfisher


Iridescent, his metallic-like sheen, spikes and flashes

against summer’s lightest blue

Aquamarine-tailed jacket

accessorised by a ruffed chinstrap of white

Speeds low level, like a pre-programmed cruise missile

Hurtling, single-minded,

Along the valleys, meanderingly slow river

Desperate, he seeks to support his mate.

This Halcyon’s golden yellow br...

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Blue eyes through black mascara

No longer coming soon, it's out


Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9395174129?ref=myi_title_dp
Kindle: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BTQ2S6NY
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=53SrEAAAQBAJ
Manda: https://mandapublishers.com/product/blue-eyes-through-black-mascara/?v=56b5fbba0fe8 

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Lacey Dog


Our beautiful Romanian rescue

travels life in a new direction.

Her shiny damp nose nestles deep

Pursuing our love and affection


Previously on the streets of Bucharest

possessing sharp wits to survive

Food so scarce for those on the streets

She must stay sharp, to stay alive.


Unborn puppies wouldn't be easy to carry

She must find food, somewhere safe to lie


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At the local butchers aged 10 & 3/4

Mr Brown, the butcher, was sawing through a large beef bone.

Hard white bone chips and sinew flew up and out, 

hitting the underneath of the curved glass screen, 

it sounded like the machine gun noise I heard

when watching the Daffy Duck cartoons 

at the Odean’s Saturday morning pictures.

As he strained to cut, 

the large muscle at the top of his arm bulged. 

I’ll have musc...

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#memories of youth

We moved house but left the tree behind

Winter came and death stole her shapely form

She was just wooden bones; I mourned. 

We separated; love-torn,

We could no longer be together

Did I have a hand in her death? 

I had created steps with nails large enough

to crucify any unwanted messiahs.

That previous summer I had sat with her, high then still higher

looking down upon the world far below that held nothing for m...

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Swiss Roll Family Robinson

Not astonished by the lack of surprise,

The day the Robinson family died

Morbidly obese.

Devoured their last feast,

Committing dietary suicide


Their buffet table laid sumptuously,

Intending to indulge in gluttony,

They wouldn't be the first

To eat till they burst

Avidly scoffed and gouged rapaciously,


A vivid green leaf salad, though not much

Lay limp i...

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The Spare

A green-eyed prince, with reddened hair.
Writing Royal scandal for public glare,
His coronet lost all shine and sparkle
Since he became Mister Harry Markle
Ultimately, he's still just a SPARE for the heir

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Greatest Gift

A child-shaped void in our lives

This woman, my wife, unable to carry life

Unable to bear the fruits of our love.

Not her fault


Seedless as a Naval orange.

Brokenhearted, we parted.


Roll forward several years

This woman hereof became my ladylove,

Already a mum, could I think of

These boys as


We considered our future.

Hand in hand, we planned.


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The Siberian Tiger


Hushed black foot pad sinks,

Submerged beneath crisp deep snow

White pugmarks remain


Siberia no Tora 


burakku futto paddo shinku,

 fukai yukinoshita ni shimu nda, 

shiroi pagu maku ga zan tte i masu.

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