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The end

We have nothing much to offer love,

Embarrassingly, we extend a nothing offer

We have very little to say about love

Ashamed that love escaped its heart-shaped coffer


We had high hopes once, for our forever-ever

Searching forever with higher hope

Scarcely do we have anything left of belief

Recognising that belief in love is beyond our scope


We have little time that...

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Time heals


Time heals, however, grief still bleeds the wound.

Life appeals, a brief hope you'll be immune.

Heartbreak recites a language unspoken,

Love's gone, though unforgotten; Love's broken.


Reminiscing, there's nothing to achieve

Love is, as it is, nothing remains; Leave.

Exploring your commitment, you both found

Love swam in shallows, then finally drowned


Love, un...

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Cherished Canine

Monetary rewards of life

Established through labours long,

Disrespected by office minions

Jealous words from uttered tongues


Apathetic greedy offspring

Disinterested homebound wife

You purchase them their latest wish

If not, ‘’it's such an unfair life’’


Curled in her corner, soft-bedded

Contented, tail freely wagging

Unconditioned love transmitted,

No sho...

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The colour of crucifixion

Cream-crushed limestone, trodden underfoot,

Natural brown, an oaken hue,

The Cross, for crucifixion borne.

To die for you, and those true blue.


Sunrise, golden-edged blackened clouds,

Whose threatening veil hangs above.

Calvary, its slopes a verdant green.

Yellow sallowed his sorrowed love.


Yellow-greenish blue, the sparks that flew

as grey iron-headed nails ha...

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I'm the warming summer sun

I'm the blue lazuline sky

I'm the bond between two souls

The answer, without the why


I'm your wished-for confidence

I'm the promise each has made

I'm the trust that two hands hold

A shared future unafraid


I'm the beat between two hearts

I'm the care, that both will cope

I'm the trust right from the start

Your belief; for I am HO...

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I'm the chill wind that blows across your face

I'm the obstacle to winning life's race

I'm the hope that's lost when out on a limb

The uncertainty of your faith in him


I'm the hesitation felt in your core

I'm the question unanswered from before

I'm the misgiving you have in your heart

The reason you are sure you both should part


I'm your suspicion that all is not ...

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1,000,000 Acred sky

This Fenland million-acred sky,                                                     

Perceivable vastness beyond mortal eyes                                                      

An atmospheric canvas of blue-washed dye                    

Souls unbound by expansive skies                                                   

This Fenland million-acred sky so wide 

That fluffed white cl...

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Will Shakespeare, therapist

If all your world's a stage, my dear,

Contrived words in scripted scenes

Voice and thought directed, my dear

Exit stage left, and follow your dreams


The lady doth protest, my dear

Maybe an unworthy cause

There before you, your future, my dear

Dominate your life, without pause


If music be your food, my dear

Allow lover's tunes to play

Object to pizzicato, my ...

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Shakespeare 460. A summary.

Stratford’s sonneteer and scripter.

Gladdened glove-makers girded groin.

Studious son: Sunny student.

Choice cusswords casually coined.


Dangled, dipped, disastrous rhythm,

Woo, weather, bed and wed.

Minor marries maturing Miss Anne,

Mistress Mother’s birth bed bled.


What withered within?

Hamnet’s demise, heartbroken by death?

Fleeing Poacher, teacher, soldie...

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William Shakespeare


Sat still, his back resting against the dirty brick wall

He, like the facade that he leaned against

begrimed, likely unpleasant to the touch

He smiled a nervous smile, apprehensive, awkward

Cradling close, a defensive metal crutch

Many walked, avoiding him, clearly incensed

He was unwelcome, passers-by rejected him one and all


I walked between line painted boxed parked ca...

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What you need to know about me.

I have remorse, for deeds unaccomplished

I have disappointment, unfulfilled intentions wished

I have fears and worries, yet empathic for others' concerns

I have hope that previous melancholy never returns

I have sadness and anxieties, though I often appear joyous

I have the usual limitations and boundaries that annoy us

I have pride; I have shame, I’ve never been envious.

I ha...

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Happy New Year Bell



Heartburnt emotions.

An absent abundance of hope,

Positivity retreats in each direction.

Peace teeters on a thinning rope, 

You all yearn for unity and reconciliation 


Nurturing desires for this fresh new year,

Eager anticipation for possible world cohesion.

Wished for prosperity and environmental cheer.


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happy new year

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