Bon Mot

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Our weekend on the coast

lies just a few miles ahead.

The cows we pass to our right 

continue chewing their indifference.


She knows it's coming again.

"First bovine sighting: 3:15pm.

Some call them cows.", I say

with all the silliness I can muster. 


My overused quip

still sparks a very slight beam

in her indulgent eyes.


"That look, right there!",

I point at her and accuse,

as I catch her smile before it fades.


With no further words between us

along the green miles left to travel,

I imagine shells on the beach

and second cups of coffee before lunch.

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John Botterill

Thu 25th May 2023 19:03

Sounds like a fun trip. You convey so much with so few words.

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Kevin Tan

Thu 25th May 2023 16:29

Yes this is so lovely. Melthing here

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Thu 25th May 2023 16:11

Lovely Mike. So enjoy these descriptive snippets of observed life and emotion.

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