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Like a giant can of insect spray,

Or some demented farmer blitzing weeds,

The looming tank, vertiginously filmed,

Mows down a flock of soldiers in retreat.

Flushed out from their camouflage,

They scatter or they bite the dust.

Whose side were they on?

What does it matter?

You still have to step over them.

The military play their games,

The politicians giggle;

Somewhere, a mother grieves,

A wife or brother mourns.

A child cries, as children do.


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Stephen Gospage

Sat 13th May 2023 08:49

Thank you, Keith, Manish and John. Your kind comments mean a great deal to me. I fully agree that Putin and co need to be put in the dock. We should never forget who started this senseless conflict. In the end, war is a tragedy for everyone, especially the foot soldiers who have no say and just serve as cannon fodder, as well as their families. 'Collateral damage', as some would say.

And my thanks to Nigel, Holden, K Lynn and Grace for the likes.

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John Botterill

Fri 12th May 2023 19:40

Thank you, Stephen, for keeping the focus on a a grim, brutal, senseless war still raging on the European continent.

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keith jeffries

Fri 12th May 2023 18:03

Stephen, once more you highlight the misery of war, the indiscriminate killing which takes place as the perpetrators sit back as spectators.
Does it matter whose side they were on, what does it matter, you still have to step over them. Powerful words which bring home the reality of a senseless war. Another excellent poem which reflects the war we are now witnessing. There needs to be a tribunal when this conflict is over, with Putin and others in the dock.
Thank you Stephen,

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Manish Singh Rajput

Fri 12th May 2023 17:27

Stephen, you've completely moved me by this poem. It hurts bad when a person belonging to someone, especially a family, loses his life by a panzer, without getting a chance to fight back. "The politicians giggle" is a hard-hitting true fact.
Thank you.

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