The shock of silence

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A colony of terns concedes no paucity

of energy: the strident racket rising

in steep vociferous steps

envelopes your whole mind as if by sorcery. 

But one event might strike you as surprising:

now and then - untold by any augury

and with no cause - it stops.


A rigid talon grips the atmosphere 

and sound shuts down, as though there’s been a sudden

resetting of the wild.

And in that shock of silence, if you steer

your mind to depths that make land creatures shudder,

before the riot rekindles you may hear

the heartbeat of the world.


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Tim Ellis

Wed 17th May 2023 20:35

Thank you Helene. I wish your husband the best of luck in his endeavour!

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Wed 17th May 2023 14:09

Beautiful! We live in the city, but my husband (retired) is periodically working on a piece of undeveloped land in a rural area (trying to improve the soil through permaculture) and he tells me of how suddenly all the wild birds go silent. You captured this experience so well in this poem.

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