The River Fleet

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I think I only walked down Fleet Street once,

my grubwork year in London. Not much wowed,

not like I’d heard - most rags no more ensconced

but fled to Docklands - the street name but a label          

for billionaire media magnates trumpeting loud

reactionary taunts and celebrity libel.

I had an inkling then: there was a proud

historic river, sadly much polluted,            

oozing somewhere under like a noble           

hostage in a stinking oubliette.             

When joking with my friends we’ve often mooted

how pertinent it is this street should be

crouched above a river that is yet

a sewer piping shit out into the sea.


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Tim Ellis

Tue 30th May 2023 13:54

Yes Greg, I did a bit of googling about the Fleet while I was writing this and it’s quite interesting. I must’ve crossed the river thousands of times during my life without realising it.

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Greg Freeman

Mon 29th May 2023 00:26

It actually ran under the Coach and Horses pub, at the back of the former Guardian premises in Farringdon Road. Make of that what you will. I always maintained that there was a tributary of the Fleet that ran through the Gents of the Coach.

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Tim Ellis

Sun 28th May 2023 21:18

I quite agree, Uilleam. I have had a difference of viewpoint with Mr Murdoch since I was old enough to read newspapers.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 28th May 2023 09:16

The Murdochian Sewer,
Receptacle of filth,
Defender of filth,
Conduit of filth,
Emitter of filth.
Once United Kingdom,
Now United Futilities,
Literally and metaphorically,
Drowning us in filth.

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