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False sense of security

I hate that I saw the good in you that I couldn’t bring out in you.  

I hate the person I was with you because you destroyed my non negotiable 

I hate that we would have figured it out if it was anything else to get through 

I hate that you touched me the only way I’ve wanted to be touched, to be known, to be felt! 

I hate that you pulled the wool over my eyes, my friends eyes, my fami...

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Between Ego & Epiphany

Deep down you always know 

And I knew,  

I  could provide for me more than you could

I knew,  

I could protect me more than you could 

And I should, trust  ME more than I did!!!


 I fell for all the talk without seeing a walk.

But now you’re  jaded because I’m walking my talk........right on outta here! 


Don’t think that I’m not sad or disappointed. But I have to s...

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Just Talk

"You don’t know me, but I’m a man of my world Nicole"

"When you get to know me, you’ll see I do what I say I’m going to do".

"People don’t have any faith in me, so you can  tell, Iv got something to prove".

"In time you will see I’m a man of my word".

Your just a man OF a LOT of words 

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No one can hurt you!

Shattered illusion, destroying my delusion.

Bringing my barriers down and cleanses my soul.

It teaches me love and to rise above 

And finally surrender control 💫 

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Killing the Ego

I ate my words and swallowed my pride. Things have digested and I'm not hungry anymore. 

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Quick Affairs

You read so well on the screen, 

And sound amazing to the ears.

But when it comes to putting in motion, the non existence ignites my fears.


Do I ask for too much?

Do I accept too little?

Am I self sabotaging and should grant you an acquittal? 


I thought we were going somewhere,

But was it downhill? 

What started as fun,

Is now a clash of Virgo & Aries Will 


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Chemistry with a Microwave

I turn you on, you turn me on

We both are hot and steamy

I watch you seduce me and bubble over 

I test you for perfection with timing

You spin around and around

If I stop you, it’s then you change direction

Ring my bell, show me you are ready

But when you are, you’re too hot to handle

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At a Bar

I love seeing older ladies hoe-ing into a burger!

I see friends chatting away, making  their bond go even further. 

Romantics showing their love with each caress

Now she's dipping the sauce all over her bun

Calories they couldn't care less

I cry at the love, I cry at the romance 

I cry because I don't have it and never gave  it a chance

Sipping on my hot toddy

I flirt with ...

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On a plane

I'm above the clouds moving away from the pain

Any second longer, I would have gone insane

Though I'm physically gone, my heart is still there

Wrapped up in your heart, but you no longer care

I don't know why I was always afraid

Was it protection from an old scabby issue

Should have been ripped off quick like a bandaid?

Now instead of the scar to heal it has gotten deeper


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The Storm

The storm is fierce

Thunder it’s bark

Lightning it’s bite

And the distant rumbling borderlines a threat of attack, instilling inferiority

But while I am at home

With the lights dimmed and food on the stove

Music lightly in the background 

I feel protected and safe

But deep down I’m waiting to expose my vulnerability and surrender.

A storm is a bit like love 

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