The Flat

These rooms are  cleaner, tidier now,

Shorn of their clutter, anyhow.

 Mum’s flat echoes, to my heavy tread,

as I pace to the beat of an empty drum,

gathering mem’ries of my dear old mum.

I lean across her dining table,

To eat some food, where she last fed.


Her chair is empty, but still bears the scars,

The detritus of her toast and jam.

faint vestiges of mum’s cu...

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The A64 Blues

I got the driving back to Malton,

On the endless A64 blues!

I can’t listen to the radio,

I don’t want to hear the news!

All the dire warnings

And all the tedious queues!

I got the driving back to Malton,

On the endless A64 blues!


Stuck behind some tractors,

And a mobile port-a-loo,

I’ve missed yet another meeting,

This is a right fine how-do-do! 

I got the ...

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All Roads Lead to Malton




Hi All

I have produced a second collection of poetry.  This time it's my life story in poetry, 'All Roads lead to Malton:

Poetry, to remember.' (it's better than it sounds!)

 It's available on Amazon: 

All proceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust  and it's only £6.99.

Thanks go to everyone who bought 'Released on Licence.'


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Capital Punishment

A bus conductor, based in Texas,

Was sentenced to the electric chair,

For throwing old ladies off the bus.

His aim was notoriety.

His infamy was established, thus.


Now, not all states still have the Chair,

But Texas keeps that 'facility' there,

So, Harry was considered unlucky.

But, then again, not nearly as unlucky,

As the poor old ladies, he threw off the bus!


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Winter, 1963


It was the dawning of an Ice Age,

The Winter of 1963,

An eerie silence, an uneasy calm,

We were all cut adrift on Malton Road,

No cars were moving in, or out.

We clapped our hands to keep them warm

And wore our coats inside the house.


I fashioned a path through the frozen snow,

A fearless youngster, with nerves of steel,

Digging on, with snow above my head,


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Comfort me with Green

I need my father and my brother back,

Their sins and crimes I will overlook!

I just need my family nearer to me,

To provide more material for another book.


Let’s drink, once more from the loving cup!

Let’s toast “The Family!” with dry champagne!

(I just hope Wills doesn’t beat me up,

Or throw me out when he starts to reign!)


I do have a beautiful actor-wife,


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The U.K.'s Space Mission

Our Scene is set in Cape Canaveral,

At a Space Convention, held in the U.S. of A.,

The major players were speaking there,

And they all had plenty to say,

Projects exploring outer space,

Daring, audacious, in every way.


Boris Johnson spoke up for the good old U.K.

He was chipper, smug, lively, and bright.

Boris made some rocket noises,

So, he judged the tone just rig...

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The Potato-Head Family

Mister and Missus Potato-Head,

had a lovely young daughter called Jean.

Some beautiful spuds grew in their bed,

but Jean was the finest they’d ever seen,

and now it was time that she was wed!


Jean Potato-Head was to be a fine bride!

Mister Potato-Head took her aside,

she needed an adult potato’s advice,

for in affairs of the heart, she was green.


“You can have...

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A Telegram to Santa Barbara


We are all very sorry

It must be torture for you

With all that money

And nothing to do

Except moan


About your brother and your pop


Ps life is shit 

We all have to learn to deal with it


Wills will receive the kingdom

But at least you have some hair

By the way mate you got any cash

Going Spare?


Please STOP


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Waiting, again

Life is but a waking dream,

Surrounded by a fitful sleep.

We stagger around, to get Life started,

But it’s over, before it’s begun.

Me? I’ve been ambushed by the setting sun.


What, then, shall I say of this day?

That I lived, I loved, I met with friends,

But Mr Godot did not come,

Even though I waited,

Waited until the very end.


Mr Godot: he sees me from ab...

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