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We must have spoken far too soon;

I think we may have jumped the gun

When we waved patriotic flags

And romped around in blokey fun.


We thought that Bakhmut had caved in;

We thought that we would run the place,

But now it seems that victory

May bounce right back into our face.


We have lost thousands of our men,

Who we knew were expendable;

But we thought our intelligence

Was more or less dependable.


They told us we could take the town

By mounting one last big attack.

But we are threatened on all sides;

The bastards have been fighting back!


◄ Days of Sorrow

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 26th May 2023 07:40

My thanks to John, Manish and Kevin. It is dangerous to say that you have taken a town in war. The situation is so unstable that the enemy might take it back while you are celebrating.

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Kevin Tan

Wed 24th May 2023 11:14

Yeah. My chess friends 'sarcastically' said that we should play the Mariupol Open this year. It's so tragic. It was a Dutch Airplane that was shot down above Ukraine in 2015. I entered a regional contest with a war poem about it. I didn't win, but got a honorable mention. Noam Chomsky, renowned human will be answering questions on a website called 'The Philosophy Forum'. I asked him: How are we going to regulate Earth in a functional way?
For anyone who is interested in Chomsky's answers, you can follow this link: https://thephilosophyforum.com/discussion/14257/guest-speaker-noam-chomsky

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 24th May 2023 09:54

Love the detailing, the patriotism, the rage built up and escalated with every line towards a bombarding and tragic end stanza. Very well written, Stephen G.

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John Botterill

Wed 24th May 2023 08:58

I like sarcastic twist in this one and the protagonist (accurately) describes the warped thinking in this war. Fine poem Stephen.

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