A DAY IN THE MIND (5 scenes seen on a day trip)

the singer on the train track record
is number one in my book
                                          while i am zero

i am the sheep
with a bruised blossom
bus ticket
busking knee deep
on highway sixty-one.

i am the pensioner
wearing musky deodorant spray
playing crossword puzzles
on blue foldout pages
of recycle bin salvaged papers.

i am the waterlily
cut with culinary scissors
sold on the street corner
where the coroners daughter
orders her fish & chips parcels.

i am the bingo card
with thirteen odd numbers
never called
in the dusty dartboard
dance hall of the red town square.

i am the rusty harmonica
blowing Memphis anthems
in an overcoat wind
which whistles
stabbing thistle songs.

i am the red raincoat
never worn outside Chelsea hotel
soaked & forgotten
without devotion
of a poet's song.

i am the baptist
fasting with locusts in harsh winter rivers
waiting for a cousin
under pelting stones
with my head on a platter.

i am the seal
starved of oysters
in surrealist poems
& psychedelic beetle
eggmen sing songs.

i am the leper
crawling along cobble stone
begging for the kingdoms token
in sun stroked delirium.


the blue 2D pencil sketched man
lies with his skinny paintbrush hands
chained to bedposts
& scrawny ink-pot legs tied to the tussles
of a dark mustard & oak colored Arabian rug.

the belly of this graphite created graphic
drawn in a dog eared comic book outline
half tattered
the other half plastered with sea shells
& baked root vegetables.

grey scales
of cat and mouse hopscotch
fill the space between his neck and face
in jaw dropping jazz beats
blown in a trombone maze
halting the toe-tapping
tiger-striped finger-click race.


old man at twilight
& the tonsillitis suffered
impressionist portrait
with blurred half blind eyes
as Catalonia sparkles
behind the Raphael worn
stretched ostrich neck.

stern curled upper lip & ebony iris
the tobacco pipe clutched tight in his left hand
is shaded by soft copper portraits
of a window leaning sister.

a neorealistic lady sprawled out
on the rocky beach
displaying geometric diagrams
& golden ratio'd intersections.

in a Virginia garden
with fountains & flowers
a scaffolding tower held his easel
while his canvas draped over the sky. 

bird choreographer
shot his backdrops on film
cutting eyes out of cardboard
as surrealism was realized on reel.


Sheepishly the winter kneads
possum breath held tight
in silk woven sacks

we sit in silence watching the scene
unraveling apple seeds seamlessly
as bullet shaped pools breed dust to air
& nightmares disappear under thin wisps.

Saharan palm tree pages
laced with a guitar riff secret
an unveiled wizard gift 
of ribbons untied at your feet
as camels bow on ivory padded knees
the glimmer of gold horseshoes
striking light in desert heat.


skipping through soviet nursery factories
on hums of laughter & checkered shrieks

green & blue
plugged their fingers too
zapped them
i zapped them
their chests went poof

gas pipes drip onto white dressed mystery
pooling under scout socks
& tightly laced military boots
where a sunhat cloaks a beige green rucksack 
smack bang in the middle of my Polish panic attack.

pockets filthy & bloody
shocked them
i shocked them
their heads went boom

film reel unwinding the wheel spinning tapes
an auburn haired patient staggers through puddles
where doctors lie twisted rotting in a blood flood.

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Kevin Tan

Thu 1st Jun 2023 16:40

You could be the next big thing Rob Cohen. And become more than the Anti-Hero I failed to be. But know this: The Stars of the Northern Hemispheres are shining down on you. May they illuminate all!

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John Gilbert Ellis

Thu 1st Jun 2023 12:00

Wow! I feel ordinary again. Love so much in here. Particularly 'in an overcoat wind' and 'the blue 2D pencil sketched man
lies with his skinny paintbrush hands'.

Profile image

Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 1st Jun 2023 10:09

I think I'd run out of papyrus before I could match that Rob.👍

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 31st May 2023 22:46

Saharan palm tree pages
laced with a guitar riff secret...
I'd love to spend just 1 minute inside your mind, Rob. 😅 A Wondrous trip 👏

Profile image

Bethany Sallis

Wed 31st May 2023 20:21

You Rob will never know how very very pleased I am to see you and your very very readable and inspiring poetry back on WOL

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