((Dante themed, Dylan styled)) Protest Song

Arthur Schopenhauer  //
      for where did Dante take the material of his hell
but from our actual world?

shut up, sit down
write & recite the rules
              line up, melt down
snowflakes reshaped for tools
bright eyed sandpit artisans
crushed under thumb
shaped to retrograde
& handmade into a-grade wage slaves
set for a cubicle daze till coffin days. 
god bless the progress
of fetish dressed
uniform boys & girls in prison shaped schools
pop goes the panopticon.
lock up, kneel down
shots ring out
one, two
another shooter burst through the gates 

rinse & repeat smells like insanity
polluted streams led fish to climb trees
set in the garden of eden
where men of the cloak
hand out bonus points to kids on their knees
in classrooms
built for stealing human nature
pipe down, pipe down the throat
time for the force feeding
of alienation indoctrination
& fat duck consumer propaganda
turn to the closing page & a menu of foie gras
lays in wait for graduated waiters later
climb the snake laden ladder
where the rats race for fat cats
'on your marx'
head on the chopping block
retrenched & savings lost by suit & tie
gambling men on the stock market

      Segui il tuo corso, e lascia dir le genti

tea time, turning tide
lead the banking thieves to the guillotine

game face, cut chains
workers unite & paint the town red tonight

bail out this & burn in hell as the system falls
a new future is to be born with the rising dawn   

◄ la petit mort

propaganda is a hoax // to sell you insurance ►


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Wed 10th May 2023 21:40

Love it! I’m off to see Dylan next month - I will pass this onto him!

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 10th May 2023 21:35


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Graham Sherwood

Wed 10th May 2023 21:26

An excellent protest poem. A rare talent indeed!

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keith jeffries

Wed 10th May 2023 21:20

An excellent piece of impressionist poetry in the genre of the activist. I am with you all the way. Well crafted and raw. I shall be with you at the rising dawn.
Thank you for this,

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