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Sometimes I think

Unkindness comes from a deeper place

It comes from parts of us

That are hard to face


Sometimes I think

Unkind words 

Are just feelings

That have been 



Oftentimes I think

Unkind deeds

Are an attempt

To hide our



It’s almost like

A form of


A way of keeping people

At arms length 


While all along

We yearn to be held

And told we

Are good enough 

That we don’t always need

To be so strong


If someone gives unkindness

I like to reciprocate

With a smile

And perhaps a kind word

I like to let them know

That they have been heard


People say I’m soft

I don’t think I am

People say I think too much

And I do believe that

To be true


But I believe that kindness

Can be learned

And once ingrained

It can be returned. 




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Sun 14th May 2023 03:46

Really good! An inspiration. Lookly deeply into what motivates unkindness can sometimes turn it around. Thank you Clare.

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John Botterill

Sat 13th May 2023 19:29

Fabulous poem. There is much truth in what you have written. Maybe some people do use unkindness as a defence mechanism. Your approach is admirable and strong, Clare. 😎

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keith jeffries

Sat 13th May 2023 18:39

A poem which has a very profound opening stanza which then begins to explore our emotions. I must admit that I found a good deal of myself in these words. A good poem borne out of experience.
Thank you for this,

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