A Bucket of Love

I can't wait to pick up a bucket and fill it with love.

I will put on my garden boots and traipse across the wet grass and gather flowers and weeds and dirt and pile them all in my tin bucket of love.

I will skip down the street in my summer sandals and gather wildflowers in my apron and scatter them across the roadway to fill the path with love.

If I can spread love eveywhere like seeds in the wind maybe I will find a door to a secret garden where everyone will visit and hug and get along.

As I write my story of fantasy,

I pick up the old rusty bucket left out in the rain.

It is empty.

I will fill it with love.


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Matilda Simakaj

Fri 26th May 2023 21:02

Thank you Helene for creating a secret garden! 🙏🙏It's much needed in our days.

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Mike McPeek

Thu 25th May 2023 17:19

Love this Helene! A wonderful idea to combat the oceans of negativty in our world today. Thanks for sharing this!


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John Botterill

Thu 25th May 2023 16:27

What a fabulous idea, Helene, with a poem to match! I'm getting my bucket ready! 😀

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