Not Worthy of a Title.

❗️Trigger warning!  This post contains references to childhood sexual abuse. ❗️

When you crawled into my bed
And abruptly woke me from my slumber
When your hands showed me places
That I had never seen

When you violated my innocence
With a contorted smile
Upon your  distorted face
When you left me
Wet and wounded

You stole my innocence from me
When you looked at me
And said that it was my own stupid fault
I only had myself to blame
When you said that  I was nothing
I walked on in shame

I took your words to heart
I carried them with me
They echo through my life
Like a cold steel bladed knife

I used to look around at all the little girls
All innocent and shiny
Wide eyed and happy in the world
I wished I could be them

I wished harder every day
But nothing made a difference
I was always in the way

The strange little imp
Vacant eyes
And suspicion at every turn
You made me the girl
Who believed that the world
Was no more than a lie.

◄ Freedom.

He Rolls. ►


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Stephen Gospage

Wed 24th May 2023 08:00

Thank you, Clare. A sad and courageous poem.

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Matilda Simakaj

Wed 24th May 2023 07:02

I took your words to heart
I carried them with me
They echo through my life
Like a cold steel bladed knife.
These words touched me Clare! 😓😓 They carry so much pain and a life not worthy of living!
Thank you!

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Tue 23rd May 2023 21:37

Keith, you are simply wonderful! I love how you take the time to comment on everyone’s poems. Your insight is valuable and appreciated to the full. You are a precious human being who makes our lives a brighter place! Thank you so much for your support.

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keith jeffries

Tue 23rd May 2023 21:33

A raw poem of stark reality which explains how damaging such a violation can do to scar a person for life. This poem took courage to write. It is hard for many to comprehend the reasons for this vile crime. yet it leaves us cold and with a sense of helplessness. Very well written. I salute you for this.
Thank you,

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