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"Purple Blast"

A reserved outcome, a specific touch, I love how you remember, thunder, blunder, scattered wonders, many lunas passed the ocean, tamed spontaneity, I pray for common clarity and mass sincerity, purple blast covers the wall, what could this purple substance be? Blast Blast, contrast, I forgot who my past was, the narrow dart throw, marshmallow heart, you can't remake a scar, my failures are up to p...

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The Color on the Walls

There are 4 sides, 4 different stories in one room, Unified by paint, Please listen to our untold stories, Bask in this vital passage, There's always a pathway, Glass windows, Ceiling fan, 4 walls, What's in this room, The wall has a new color, Which color describes your vibe? It works out when I fail to hear my heart, Retrace your steps, Consider what you can't find often, The wind grazed the chi...

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Love can you imagine

What I think, What I see, my futuristic ideologies, Hear the color, See the sound, Soul nurturing, Love as you imagined, If you jump ship you will never become the captain, Fear can hold you captive, Be progressive and adaptive, Identify your love and certify your passion, Secure that imagination you had at the playground, We all miss recess, The root is in the soil, Project the ultralight, Righte...

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 What does it mean to lead? You might wonder but I won't, A true natural I was chosen, I choose myself, I stand on my truth like a tri-level podium, Golden DNA, Imperfect but the will to keep on going, Lead do not follow, Learn from those going in the same direction, Don't mistake a bellwether for a dictator, Justice is my foundation, Equity is key, When I acquire knowledge it is my duty to share ...

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"Purple kite"

I miss your guidance, mix effort with direction, I will heal my worries, Take flight like a beautiful  purple kite, Clouds store souls, The product of the sun and the moon, Where else are we headed ? Rejoice! The fruit is ripe, The essay is typed, The kite is on a single string, Loving but living wild, What made you want to listen to me? Let's take a look at synchronicity, From the teachings of Ma...

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"Love Tantrum"

I found my feelings out of place because of love, Where does this thing come from, Terrified of a dream, Don't anticipate your nightmare, The flame will always burn out the candle, They won't comprehend our core connection, I tend to attract the wrong affection, The air in my ballon, Love can get mad and mad can get love, Undeniable pathways, The not so complex labyrinth, How was I found, Subconsc...

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The mud is here, The mud is here, I was found drowning in the fog, The odds stacked against us, I don't want to meet Angelina she so maleficient, Build up the haystack, We go way back,  Something you can release but you won't ever get back, The heart is harmonious, I picked her from a dream, We can agree on being aberrant, Why was love founded in Paris? Now let's discover the antidote, Include me ...

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