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One Breath

One breath, silence!

One more breath, silence!

A third one, silence!


And there it is.... the mana

The Father of your thought,

The Mother of your emotions,

The Son of your willingness.


The seven rays of rainbow,

The twelve attributes of your Being,

The very core of of history,

free of illusions, free of past, present, future,

Free from yourself.


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Full Moon

A foggy day dawned,

Entering the forest, I listen to the birds' chirping.

Their melody so sweet into my ears.

A feeling of happiness arises into my body.

Really, are they communicating to me?

Joy? Harmony? Love?


I smell the humidity in the air.

I feel the breeze caused by the leaves of the trees.

And further…the magic of the full moon appears in front of me.

It is m...

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Pain & Love Healing my inner child

I am here because you invited me! You asked for love but you are denying its polarity.

I am not pain and I am not love; I am here for you to remember; I am a guiding point; I can be an enemy or an empathy! I am here to wake you up from your illusions!

I am nothing more than a chemical reaction triggered by your body’s necessity. I am not love; I am not pain; I am “THAT” you welcome me to be....

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Umbilical cord

Once upon a time from the power of a dream your body was born. Mother Earth gave you, her blessings. You made your first sound.  People called it cry. The first sound of your creation. The first breath of your imagination.

Do you remember that sound? Do you remember that breath? It was the beginning of a dream. A dream you were blessed to live. A dream of Mother Earth through you. You forgot th...

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Painting a Dream

I dreamt of a meadow under a night sky.

A blanket of red flowers was dancing South.

Through roses, poppies, and cardinal flowers I savoured passion and exuberance, I savoured warmth and energy, I savoured respect and generosity. I named that meadow: “daring and couriosity.”

A blanket of bright yellow flowers was dancing North.

Through daisies, dandelions, daffodils and sunflowers, I sa...

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In this vast Universe of form and shape,

where everything is an amalgamation of sound, where do the others reside?

Through concepts of space and time where does the play take place?

There is a story for everyone, my story, their story. But who is writing the script?

I find myself in my story and in their story.

I find parts of myself resonating to each of the others.

I find parts...

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth I hear your scream,

every cell of your body is rooted in me.

You gave us your seeds to plant a house,

you gave us your lap to create art,

you gave us organs to build a temple.


You gave us a heart to open it wide,

you gave us arms to embrace your grace,

you gave us hands to caress your children,

you gave us feet to walk your paths.


You gave us eyes ...

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Oh, my beloved one!

Become my instrument, so I can be your music.

Become my pigments, so I can be your colours.

Become my nodes, so I can be your horizon.

Become my void, so I can be your sky.

Become my tears, so I can be your ocean.

Become my Earth, so I can be your seasons.

Become my ashes, so I can be your rebirth.

Become my spark, so I can be your fire.

Become my fla...

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