Angel Meadow

Scuttler gangs roaming streets

Torrid tales to tell of pain

Suffering, in a hell on earth

back in Victorian Manchester


Air unbelievably polluted, poisoned 

sickening smell dominates the landscape

Row upon row of slum and tenement,

amid gas works and dingy ale houses


Vast areas of warehouse, mill, and chimney stack

protrude throughout the city black

Acrid smog created by this industrial hub,

of tannery, dye works, foundry, and brewery,

hangs around like the Grim Reaper,


Disease waiting to snare it’s next victim,

amid the phlegm ridden coughs of the sickly pale

half starved, downtrodden workers

Any hope now in the distant past


A field of blood where paupers laid

Too poor to honour them with a grave

Their bones dug up, crushed and sold

Many a horrid tale would be told


Yet from the remnants of demolished church

A bombed out Angel Meadow too

New life breathed fresh air once again

People coming together in harmony

The Lowry Steps leading the way 

Angel Meadow lives today!

May 2023










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Kevin Tan

Thu 25th May 2023 19:44


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Rick Varden

Thu 25th May 2023 17:50

Yes Uilleam a party of us recently visited what is now a park. As you say, it’s exactly the same now in a different ‘costume’ same show😒

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 25th May 2023 09:33

Thanks Rick-I'm familiar with the locations you mention.

The scuttler gangs are still with us however, in a different form,
I frequently see gangs of youths openly selling drugs in broad daylight; whilst stabbings and beatings are topics of everyday conversation amongst some of my younger friends.

As far as pollution of the environment, and safety in the workplace are concerned, the UK is fast regressing to a situation in which profit is once more king, and "devil take the hindmost" the rule of thumb.

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