Painting with Words


The color blue,

a hue,

to feel the sky.

The color green,

to see,

the beauty all around.

The color red,

looking ahead,

things are getting better.

The color black, 

I got your back,

no worries at all.

The color white,

there is light

at the end of the tunnel.

The color yellow,

keeping it mellow,

letting it all go.

A kaleidoscope,

ever changing,

colors of hope.



I send you blue

to help you heal

I send you green

so you can see

new life

I send you yellow

to warm your heart

I send you silver

sparkles of energy

I send you black

deepest rest

I send you all the colors of the world

for healing, for rest, for love.

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Kevin Tan

Wed 31st May 2023 14:47

I actually need more superlatives for this poem...

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 30th May 2023 22:15

A colourful poem if ever there was one, Helene! 🌈

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Tue 30th May 2023 16:11

Thanks guys! Uilleam, thanks for clever colored poem...gave me my morning laugh!

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Kevin Tan

Tue 30th May 2023 12:55

It's so reassuring you're around Hélène. So soothing

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 30th May 2023 09:19

Thank you Hélène, for your colourful language.
Strange how we associate colours with emotions.

I was feeling blue,
Then I met you,
It was all blue skies,
Until he stole your heart,
then I saw red,
But I was too yellow
To fight for you.😕

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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 30th May 2023 08:25

A beautiful poem. Thank you for this.

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