I’ll let the waters heavy tide wash over me
But a rip current pulls me out to sea
I remain still in the flow of the water
I float along like an animal being led to slaughter

Adrift in the ocean and in my own emotion now I search for the land
My head a mess and scattered like grains of sand 
The water fills my ears and I hear nothing but a dull hum
The farther I go, the less likely it is that someone comes

I wish I could flee, I wish I could swim to shore
All I can do is sink or float some more
I’ll let myself be swallowed by the oceans tide 
Even as I sink I think “at least I tried”

As light blue fades into navy on my descent
I think how the ocean itself is an innocent
Free from thought, anguish, and desire
Free of love, lust, and the will to aspire

Water fills my lungs and I can no longer breathe
Is this it’s like to be at peace and finally leave?
The depths beckon and I can no longer find the strength to swim
I’m finally set free as the glimmers of light begin to dim


*I had a dream once that I drowned in the ocean when I was young. It felt so real that I woke up terrified and didn't swim much that summer. In the movies they make drowning look almost peaceful and easy but I feel like it's probably one of the worst ways you can go. But to this day one of my phobias still is being alone in the middle of the ocean during a storm or at night. So I wrote this to try and imagine what it would be like during an ordeal like that. To try and think what I would be thinking during that. Just a random poem I had pop into my head.


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sat 20th May 2023 10:39

Thanks Ryan.
I remember the very first time I went to the swimming baths with our school-either I was pushed in, or I slipped. I vividly remember swallowing or inhaling large amounts of water as I thrashed about before someone fished me out.

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