My body is a pebble

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And I live beyond a dark star,

On the edge of a black hole,

Which I will fall into any day

Now there is the singularity of night

This utter absence of light.

All colours leached away,

When I wasn't looking,

And now the music is silent too.

What should I do?

The speed of light Is certainly

Insufficient to merely make my escape

From this orbit of gloom

This reconnoitering of grief

This total lack of belief

This rehearsal of death,

This sense of nothing left.




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John Marks

Tue 30th May 2023 23:11

Thanks are due to Keith, Uilleam, Hugh, Bethany, Kevin & Matilda. Rules are there to be broken. As Emily Dickinson did so long ago in her beautiful poem: "Because I could not stop for Death."

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Tue 30th May 2023 14:53

I've never got poems that start with 'and' as if it's a continuation of an earlier piece which we should be aware of.

The poem itself is very 'glass half full' which goes against my natural instinct. If only folk could be more positive.

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Kevin Tan

Mon 29th May 2023 10:35

You should not wait until the world changes. You should be the one who changes the world for the better. Dutch Flags are hanging upside down in my region. Why? Because the Farmers don't accept how they are being stigmatized. Yes, it's a revolution, yes it's violent (people died). I was also part of the group who pressured the Farmers too much. I was wrong. They proved me wrong. And it was violent. But they don't let themselves to be marginalized. And they are right. Stand up for your HUMAN RIGHTS. I will be with you

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keith jeffries

Mon 29th May 2023 10:21

a poem of despair and one which I feel many are driven to by the world in which we live. Our moods are cyclical and occasionally we are plummeted into a place of utter desolation. During this time our only hope lies in the cycle continuing and bringing us back to a period of consolation. My understanding of this is deeply personal and when these negative feelings occur I m at my lowest ebb. Your poem accurately describes these emotions and your use of the language highly appropriate.
Thank you for this.

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