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Did I hit my head or have a fall?

Did I hit my head or have a fall?

Did my heart give out?

Am I under the stars?

Did I make it to heaven?

The memories I have are as strong as an over perked cup of coffee

I can’t forget or let them go

In fear that I’ll feel I’ll have never lived those moments to remember

I try to recreate those memories

I try to relive every moment

But each time I do

I realize it’s not...

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DeathPTSDNightmaresflashbacksmemoriesmental health

Summer breeze and the bee’s knees

The sky’s serenity

The sun’s strength

Mother Nature’s pride and poise

Earth’s balance

A bouquet of beauty in every way

The stillness between the trees

The calmness of the wind’s whispers

The modesty of mother nature; sacred and serene

The breathtaking beaches

The comfort of a campfire

The boisterous BBQ gatherings

The coziness of a cabin

With sun-kissed skin


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summerbeautymother nature


Darkness is not always indicative of sadness, maybe you just forgot your flashlight.

Sunny days and clear skies do not reserve your spot on cloud nine, maybe you just felt inspired.

Feelings and reactions are never set in stone, they’re dynamic and free.

Nature’s four seasons are the human’s equivalent to both emotions and expressions - constantly changing.

We as humans have the privil...

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Life is a true gift

Life is a true gift.

To be lucky enough and blessed with the sight of beautiful birds chirping.

To be given the chance to witness nature’s blanket; the rain.

To breathe the breath of God and His limitless love as each day passes.

To have a voice that projects the beauty we have within.

To reach for the sky and float on a cloud just by closing your eyes for one single second.

The ...

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There were fireworks tonight

There were fireworks tonight
And each time there was a spark
It reminded me of your heartbeat
You're still lighting up my life everyday 

Every breath I take is harder than the previous
My life is so incomplete without you
It feels like I'm breathing underwater
Where oxygen is scarce until you come back up

I would do anything to have you here with me
Life seems to be getting harder as ...

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Habit Forming

You cannot change the way a person thinks, feels, or does

If it’s been the same throughout their lives

Without any disruptions or interruptions

From those in their surroundings


It’s impossible to inspire change in those

Who feel entitled, empowered, or those who are enthralled in their ego

Or the ones that don’t feel enlightened 

By the magnitude of an end result



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Taking Care Of Me

Eight hours of sleep

Eight minutes of meditation

Eight cups of H2O

Eight moments of self recognition

A marshmallow cloud

A clear sky

The angels' wings

A path of zen

Fresh start

Clean air

Pure heart

Kind soul

The feeling of 'existence'

The belief in 'purpose'

The mindfulness with 'exhaustion'

The understanding of 'emotion'

My body has these settings


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I am grateful

Because I am breathing

Are you grateful?

Because your heart is beating

Oxygen in


Carbon dioxide out


I feel calm

I am zen

I feel grounded

I am whole

It’s powerful

To love someone

It’s impactful

To be loved by the same one

Like the blood in my veins

My creativity flows

Bigger than fiery flames

My inspiration...

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Pushing Forward…Depression and Bungee Cords

How can I push forward when all I feel is the weight on my shoulders constantly pulling me back?!

I feel as though every single step I take moving forward, there’s a bungee cord pulling me back and disrupting my walkathon.

When my feet want to move ahead, that bungee cord locks my knees in their place and says “No thanks, I don’t feel like snapping today”.

So, I respond with “You’re flexi...

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I am the one...

I am what you need

I am not perfect but I am your missing puzzle piece

I was not made to be perfect for many reasons

One being the fact that perfect people aren't real; they don't exist

If I was perfect, you couldn't possibly change a thing

You wouldn't need to adjust anything

You couldn't possibly lead the unbreakable, untouchable, and invincible

I am the one because I'm will...

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Great Penmanship

Life is not all about great penmanship nor is it about literary closure but it is more or less capturing creativity in the world's ice cold. entre. It is not about confiscating freedom or suspending equality because somebody does not follow life's copious amounts of requests. It is not about systematic views, or political perspective, and it certainly isn't about scientific research. Life is what ...

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Antagonist vs Protagonist

Your addictions portray the characteristics of an antagonist

My passions play well with a protagonist's plot

Your addictions create agony and anxiety

My passions induce peaceful practice and praise

Addictions are your balance

Passions are my detox

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Gratefulness Ruptures All Corrupted Efforts .

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Unrecognized by the Court

I was a few hours old. I was not recognized at the hospital or the court. I did not exist in the eyes of those around me, aside from the doctor. I was mom and dad’s little princess. Years later, the name stuck. Credit Valley Hospital refused to admit that I’ve just been given life in that very room of the ICU. All other medical staff failed to see that I am Cassandra Louise Di Lalla and that I am ...

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Scattered Emotions

Emotions run deep, they make you sink

Your heart will always feel happiness and sadness within

Though your soul will draw attention to your state of delirium

As it goes through a strong configuration process

Your emotions multiply, your thoughts intensify, your expectations drop, but your worries never stop

You build on misery and angst because there was no trust, and love lost


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Life of a Prostitute (College Course Project)

I have s*x multiple times but not always because I enjoy it. I feel as though sleeping around is my only rescue. Money is what I need and that’s why s*x is what I breathe. I’m putting me against myself and in return, I save myself. It is a choice that becomes an essential practice; something that remains the worst decision of my life. It’s not a matter of feeling good or receiving the pleasure of ...

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Give Peace A Chance

People regret their f*** ups, they're haunted 'til the end

Mistakes are never fixed but learned matter that calls for a second lesson

Generate.Invigorate.Vanity.Extremity. (GIVE)

Heart ache's repairable; heart break's unimaginable, visible, lifeless

Periodic.Exhausting.Abnormal.Corrupted.Exceptional. (PEACE)

Ignorance is arrogance, your sanity is a psychological focus

Your mental...

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Life's like a roller coaster ride

Living takes an astounding amount of courage

Life sometimes feels like a psychedelic trip

Or maybe a roller coaster ride

You can’t control your body’s warning signals

Life throws all these emotions and feelings into thin air

And your goal is to reach out and catch all the positive possible

Allowing all the negative to flee

But what life doesn’t realize is that those negatives ...

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One Year, Daddy

My dearest Daddy,

It's already been an entire year since the Angels up above wrapped you in their wings and reserved a first class ticket to have God himself share your life story with everyone and have you reunite with your parents. It feels like you were just here yesterday...but that was so many yesterdays ago...

I am devastated
I am in disbelief
I am broken
I am scarred for life


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The Reality of Partner Dependency

He just keeps pushing your buttons 

He was delusional to have thought that “reset” would fix everything and erase the past

He thought that all I needed was a “reboot” since we’re all a little broken and out of sort

But in reality, I wasn’t able to power on anymore

He used to be my shoulder to cry on

My safety blanket 

But then I dreaded waking up next to him

He used to wipe my...

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Just Breathe

Breathe in nature
Breathe out artificial life

Inhale your hopes and dreams
Exhale all negative aspects of your past

Release tension
And allow your mistakes to flee

Inject yourself with peace
And absorb all harmony

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If Theft Wasn't A Crime

If theft wasn't a crime
I'd steal every part of him
I'd sing him to sleep every night
With melodic overkill and harmonization

If he were a drug
I'd inject him without second thought
And I'd inhale him
Like he was my last breath of fresh air

I'd be so addicted that not even a marijuana leaf on ecstasy
Would be able to reiterate how one would feel
After consuming a dose of crack cocain...

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Your Validity Is Past Due

Your validity is past due
Please gather your data and information
From this workaholic nation
As you will no longer question
My every suggestion
In a certain situation
Because this is now a permanent separation
This is a complete session
Of your extended suspension
In hopes that your ignition
Will station your emission
Without hallucination
This is a solution that hit its expiration

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Love & Hate

Love is going to pull you in
Faster than the speed of sound
And it cuts deeper than any element in life

Hatred is honesty
A jealous individual
An insecure body
Who'd never lie
When it comes to showing such hatred
Towards another human being

Hatred shows a person's true colours
But love can be falsified 
And sometimes feelings
Are even held back

But with love
It makes you sink

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Psychological Cleanse

My love
My life

Shut down
My mission
Life's legend

My journey
My legacy


Is the sky really the limit?

Heavenly heart beat
Angelic aspirations
Solidify your sobriety
Soul search through soliloquy

Cleanse everyday's stigma
And sterilize every single step

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Thought Provoking Toronto

Homelessness and poverty
Starving artists and robberies
Melodies heard from every street
Or every third human at least

Toronto's a beast
It's a huge city
Multiculturalism at its finest
With immoral conduct and dope drug deals

Demonic days
Satanic sunsets
Atrocious afternoons
Escaping Evenings
Miserable midnights

Exchanging of digits
Stolen identities
Candid crimes
Malicious m...

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A Writer's Will

There is only ever one beginning, multiple middles, and eternal ends. You start somewhere, continue elsewhere, but never finish as there is no limit.

Writing is infinite, it's immortal. I reach a manic state and there's the inevitable fate. My addiction, my obsession.

Should I ever feel broken, poetry fixes me and stitches up my open wounds right away. It's the best cure for melancholia and ...

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Heartbreak Guarantee

It is not a cosmetic defect nor is it naturally broken. It was taken by someone and left in poor condition, then simply returned back to me damaged. My heart is weak but my heart is wise. The only organ I need in order to keep me alive but I'd be better off dead than to have to give my heart a reminder to continue beating. I'd be alot safer underneath a burning engine or exploding transmission; at...

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Her fragile body is falling apart. From dusk until dawn, her weak features ponder away into the depths of a field down by the crimson shoreline. Her mentality fails without a single previous thought of what to do in a lake full of crushed dreams. Not a lost soul could save her. She's only a few heartbeats away from disaster. She's the only one who can solve the puzzle. She strives for unexplainabl...

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What Now?

From a distance we've seen hope
In proximity we've felt warmth
In our hearts we want harmony
Our soul cries out in melody

We can erase our past
We can draw our future
I'll use a stencil to mark my words
Nothing will be left out

We can soar and fly
We will reach for the stars
We want to gain strong viscosity
We might replicate our heart beats

There's no love lost
Despite the fact...

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