Today I feel the best

Better than the rest

Better than the clouds high

Bigger than the blue sky


Stronger than the mountain great

lighter than the butterfly sweet

Brighter than the sunshine

Cooler than moonlight sublime

More vibrant than the brightest colour

More passionate than the greatest lover

Smoother than the flowing water

Sharper than the sharpest diamon...

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Expensive Alliance

For long I have been in the background

In the shadows, the blackness

From the spotlight on stage

Into the sidelines, hiding in the wings


Equal time I have spent on both sides

Thinking and waiting for my time

Dreaming of success

Waiting for the space to shine


Mister, you were not sure

Of what you are getting into then

You blindly followed the lines


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Losing battles

You and I are the same,

Just like him and her,

Soilders in the battlefield,

Facing challenges and fear.


Stock up the arsenal,

Build you defences,

We sometimes reach for help,

Building gates and fences.


The fight goes on,

Non stop and unrelenting,

Demons, monsters and evil,

Outside and inside the ring.


The dream pushes us on,

Our motivation, our...

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To be alive

To feel alive was such a great feeling.

To enjoy every single breath,

To savour every bite,

To have a spring in every step,

To experience sad and still look forward to happy,

To see the thorns and yet plan for flowers,

Now its same day after day.

Its good, happy, sweet, safe,

But its not the same.

To feel alive was such a great feeling.

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Shifting house!

Finally we are here,

After exhaustive discussion.

After saying goodbye and shedding a tear,

We stand smiling facing our new mission.


The removal van is at the gate,

And helpers get on their toes.

‘Back up into the drive, mate’,

They signal, standing in a row.


The bulky stuff is the first to go in,

Followed by the boxes and bags

‘We need to hurry, looks like ...

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Two of Me

I'm my world,

disconnected from the rest,

just going with the flow.

Playing all roles,with set lines,

not really tuned in.


Parallel worlds work inside and outside me.

One is perfect, the other just 'is'.

I am the greatest, undefeated.

I am flawed, still learning

I am golden, complete,

I am on the way, yet to reach.


And then comes from outside,

the one ...

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Dream of Love

Someone’s thoughts start the day,
Replayed are the moments and the memories,
And try as hard as one may,
The sweet feeling of love never leaves.
For the first time in my life, I feel,
I know what love really means,
How delicately words lips can seal,
And how towards someone the heart leans.
It is a good feeling,
To be blessed with love so true,
But ...

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