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 The surgery


I’m waiting for a friend of mine

He is having heart surgery tomorrow

And it is lonely not having friends around

The day before a serious surgery

We’ll not talk about illnesses’ and other

Subject related to hospitals.

Not talking in hushed voices but about

The calm sea and seagulls: I know it is

One of my favourite subjects.

Talk about everything else...

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Next what??

Getting the blueprints of my dreams ready

All the details i need to read and study

The intricacies are being considered far more honestly

A mistake can cause the whole plan to collapse completely 

So there's no taking any chances intentionally 

We have devised the best moves strategically 

The steps to success are now within our easy means

Only if we go about meticulously with...

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Every Tear the Skies Have Cried

Life chose to bless me with a little rain amongst the sunshine,

Chose to water my soul and allow it to grow,

I'll confess at the time I resented the pain that was made mine,

But I wouldn't change a thing now I know what I know,

Because it watered the garden at the very heart of me,

Irrigated and enriched that virgin newborn soil,

And the wild flora that spawned from its flow beca...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

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Dreams can be so cruel, no prisoners to take.
They can lead you astray your heart to break.
Dreams can whip you off to a faraway land.
Where the one you loved still holds your hand.
But although they hurt me and cut me deep.
And make me cry when over is my sleep.
I still long every night for that same old dream.
Because I get to see what might have been.
Lonely are my waking hours in the w...

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I've seen something on TV recently that filled me with alarm and I feel duty bound to alert fellow WOLers.

 I'm not sure whether it was an advert or docu-drama. It featured a builder and his small team going about their work in an almost unbelievable manner. First of all there were two women on the team...obviously an attempt to show their inclusivity credentials, but how realistic is it?


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Also by Brian Maryon:

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The orchid in the starry night

The main part of the poem

Herculean welcome: Hallo. You huge, hilarious human! Have honorary heart of hyacinth with humming birds!

Herculean welcome: Hallo. Am I a gorgeous orchid without any sonorous oblivion and dreamy rumination about the Horologium?

Standing, waiting I see, hear, taste, touch feeling of this night outside from Pavel´s window sill near an ewer and three cacti so dear l...

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Also by PawelekMarkiewicz:

Poem about Prometheus | Three kinds of insects |

starry night

Bread and butter.

entry picture

Earning a crust.
Pulling plastic from dust.
Just a mountain of poo
Rather them than you?

Two small boys dressed in tatters.
A fourteen-hour stint is all that matters.
To earn a few pennies....
Keeping hope for their families.

Day after day.
Does it really have to be this way?
In a world of technology.
Don’t you find it rather extraordinary?

That the lifestyle so many enjoy.
Is s...

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Boomerang. It's all Wrong

entry picture

Boomerang. It's all Wrong


You know I'm a rhymer

From over the sea

Throwing my boomerang

In circles. You see


I hear you all thinking

Is he really real

Or taking the piss

If so, what's the deal?


Our boomerangs come

With sticker removed

Which said 'Made in China'

Then aborigine grooved


The grooves are then filled

With mock aborigine art


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From the center of our solar system
The sun casts light out to every corner of the universe.

We celebrate the light,
  and remark on its changes
In our calendars and almanacs
  as eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices
In our paintings and literature
  as epiphanies. 

To the sun credit is commonly given
for all life on earth,

_______________________________________________             ...

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It took me awhile

To figure it out

Just what you were up to


You had me fooled

Talking about your wounds

And what you went through


You strung me along

With a dance and a song

You were only out for you


You never spoke of love

And that's not enough

For me to hold onto you


So, don't bother to call

For I want it all

I'll let it go to voicema...

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Also by Lynn 7m.:

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Near water

Ordinary life creates

These empty spaces

Inside of me

Composed of God-knows-what:

Certainly lacking in originality.

Pale-blue eyes

On a snow drop face

Seen-through lace,

Seen-through lace.

These empty waiting rooms of the heart,

Set to tear us apart,

These ventricles of the brain, never the same.

Birdsong flung

Into fond recall

A dry-stone wall,

A dry...

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Mummy's life shall never be Empty
Elsie her name meaning 'God of plenty
Next part her name in Honour of her Nan
God named this baby Elsie Ann
Written in silk diamonds and lace
Elsie means Godly and Ann it means grace
Heart warming daughter blessed be such mothers
Beautiful angel and her lovely big brothers
Little girl so precious and bright
Lives you will change as you spread your light .

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


ARE YOU HAPPY? A departing shot!

Are you happy now I'm dead?

And all the things you left unsaid

Are swirling around inside your head -

Shrapnel slicing through a brain

Leaving little chance to heal again,

And sees you in remorseless pain.

Are you happy now I'm dead?

But remember - I've just gone ahead

To where you''ll find the patient dead. 

Time takes its toll on all, you ejit,

Once met - soon vanis...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Esoteric doctrines

entry picture

I watched as others posted

Poetry oh! So grand

Much better and much wiser

Stuff people could understand


Mines sometimes esoteric

For maybe, just one or two

About topics that are hidden

And mostly out of view


Esoteric doctrines

About occult and arcane stuff

Giving metaphysical indigestion

I dear say a few have had enough


Who would want to read


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Chasing the squirrel

entry picture

Kissed by Sun

The chosen one

Wonder fills her eyes


Chasing the squirrel 

With bushy black tail

Never out of her tries 


On way back

Tracing the track

Outstretched her palm


See mumma see

A squirrel baby

Tara rara rumpumpum


Open mouth 

Without a doubt

I saw the invisible thing 


A child’s play

My heart slay

High and low I sing

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Also by TROY:

Song of Death | Prayer |

p o r t r a i t

entry picture


I scour the canvas

and open tins

and unscrew tops

and play Brahms.


Dip and watch the colours argue.



And then the thrill

at a stroke.

Maybe a blemish?


Vodka helps recall

the very image

of her mouth,


And I persue its loss

and perchance

her likeness emerges.


Tommy Carroll  words and image.

I agree with my sadness in w...

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The Man Who Made The Titanic


Captain: Tonight the crew shall party with the guests.
The man who made the Titanic is aboard
and we must celebrate while we can.
Should we journey to a new world of grandeur,
times ahead can think with wonder
how they got where they are
and remember the man who made the Titanic.
How easy could a captain's sleep be 
skating over billowing black sheets,
and only the yellowing thousand...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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I live in luxury at Cuntgrope Lane

entry picture

I whisper the soft salutations of moonlight. 

Listening as talking. 

Have I witnessed the past or future in the present moment and did I even write this? 

She formulates a voice of whispers like erattic ocean waves sprawling drunkenly upon the shore.

An empty place hurts the forms that want to love it with hands that give as they receive./

/an empty place hurts with hands that like ...

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Also by Daniel King:

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Personal Struggle

There's a simple logic to seeing the worst  in others

It's like a happy-proof vest for a sad  person undercover

The bad we see in others is a reflection of how we feel

And that explains a lot of things a great deal

The same way a thief hates to be stolen from  and a liar hates to be deceived

Is the same way some persons fail  to see in others the good they can't see in themselves


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Happy Heaven Club

Up in heaven there is a club.

Full of people that I love.

I have named it “Happy” because you’ll see,

Everyone is as jolly as can be.

There are no illnesses or unhappy thoughts,

No broken bones or negative reports.

Just laughter and merriment all around,

If only we could see this from the ground.

I’d like to visit and see my friends,

Go to the place where sadness ends.


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Also by Ashleigh Davies:

My Horse |

You Left Before I Could Say Goodbye


You left before

I could say goodbye

and now my goodbye

hangs like a dark cloud

above my head

a goodbye

that was intended

but never said

a goodbye that was full of

sadness and regret

the goodbye

now just empty words

that appear in the speech balloon

above my head

never to be spoken aloud

words that you will never hear

the bubble burst and

the ...

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Also by d.knape:

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Visions of the future,
Dreams of reality,
Our plane of existence,
Relies on duality,
The controllers of this world,
A separate ruling class,
I see through their bullshit,
The language of the looking glass,
Symbols and language,
Are the key to understanding,
The lies and deceptions,
And the trauma-based programming,
Rhetoric and satire,
The weapons of the wizard,
Words truly are magic...

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deceptiondoublespeaklaunguagelieslifeprogrammingrhetoricspeaking truththe ruling classthe worldtruthWizard killerWizardsword magicwords


I am that pain you hide that fact that resides in the river of your thoughts

That sly feeling you get when you throw on that coat ready look in the mirror and smirk

The same embodiment when you look at that girl and she lifts up that skirt 

Or when you see that one guy who has been eyeing you ordering that same drink slipping his desire into it when you turn your head

Have you forgotte...

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destruction then peacelow pointnew levelrise from the ashes


I talk to my anger as I would to a wild dog

or pray to it as to a wild God

either way it's the same

hard to give it a name

but you pick at the knot

anti-spray it with reason

suffer the more

and choke it off

until the feeling subsides

while others pat you on the head

as if to say "ok, there's nothing you can do,"


and would I want to?

there is no finishing li...

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Also by ray pool:


Amidst & Beyond

entry picture

In the midst of a mist

Time to cease and desist

For to continue on would prove

Going forward is futile

But back would be imbecile

The wise choice is not to move

Wait the mist out

Then without doubt

The path will be plain to see

Clear as a vision

To make the decision

To follow that path

To be free




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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

Time |

Santa Clarita

“Sixteen seconds of terror; just another school shooting in America.”


the news report receives less airtime

than the duration of the shooting itself




peaceful, Sunday-morning sunrise 

filters through cracks in the blinds

of our patio window, bent fractals of light

illuminated across the terrors of this world 

I chose to bring you into, unfolding 

on the ...

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Also by Emilia Callahan:

Untitled (edge of sanity) |




Sometimes I dream of Siberia

and reindeer herds invading wilderness

invisible on paper maps or Google.


From nowhere a tiny village:

a post office, gas station, two hotels

an outdoor pool for masochists;


mountains wear a cloak of ice

the Moscow cook's on strike again

as executioner climate change


advances drunk with forest songs


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Also by john short:


Berlin Irony

9th November 2019



A wall of shame

cut through a city and a people

a bleak new division:

we and the world turned away



A wall fell

remade a city, a people, a history

a bright new union:

we and the world rejoiced



Now we fashion

our uniquely British wall

a tragedy of repeated history:

the world wonders, shrugs




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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Vita hominum flos est |

Berlin WallBrexitdividedivisionEUGBGreat Britainhistoryhome nationsKarl MarxUKunionUnited Kingdomunitywalls

Weddings and funerals

I went to a wedding the atmosphere was alive,

I look forward to mine I hope I survive.

I went to a funeral the atmosphere was dead,

Each person was sad ,each bowing a head.


Old people at weddings always poke me and say,"You're next !"

So I started to do the same things to them in a text.

Did'nt want them to know it was me,

Got my own back at the funerals, tee hee.


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Also by hugh:

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Thoughts of a Confederate Pallbearer

entry picture

You outflanked me a thousand times

But I outlived you

General Sherman. 

And after all the meaningless debates on generalship

I find it far more noble

to be able to draw another breath. 

So I will dance a little jig

as I carry your coffin


to your resting place. 


You won't outflank me this time.

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Also by Michael Triandafils:

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Always Greener

I've only ever seen shadows,

Basked against the wall,

Like darts in a grey home.


That should send shivers down your spine,

Maybe not,

Though you should know that a saddled man can't ride.


In fact,

I find it interesting,

That god was the meaning of it all,

Before the beginning of time.


I wonder if time was just ours,


Or something else.



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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

A strange feeling |

West South stain, passed daily

entry picture

I hope to meet you somewhere after all this
I'll make it up in quiet time, I promise
Gentle, quiet, time, from stream to sea, think of all the lives washed through
Into raging torrents we hurl ourselves, unaware of the tide
Slack water in my soul, everything gone flat
Cardboard houses filled with cats, calico comrades
Find a corner in the dark and stare
Light the lamps so the fish can find ...

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Antifreeze | Ardea herodias | Sleeping among spiders | Bacteria culture | Umbilical | Slave of the flies |

The African Queen

entry picture

I am listening

very closely to you,

just as the Buddhists would


keeping attention

on your voice, 

how it sounds,

and the content of your words,

trying my best to

ignore my thoughts

that keep rudely interrupting,

how your hair

pinned like that

resembles Katharine Hepburn

in The African Queen

which is based upon 

a 1935 book by

C.S. Fores...

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Also by Tom Harding:

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Back in the Middle Again

She’d always walk up and start talking
as if you were already in the middle
of a conversation. At first, I’d ask her
what the Hell she was talking about,
but I soon learned her explanations
were too long and circuitous to be of
any value. Best to just wait it out,
and eventually the picture would
come into focus. You’d suddenly
get it—like a Faulkner novel,
and then you’d start thinking ...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Paradoxical Epiphany | Ingress without Invitation | Where Authors Whine About The Poor Quality Of Their Readers |

faulknerfreudstream of consciousness

The Girl I Used To Be

entry picture

The girl I used to be

Now follows me

Wherever I go

Down the street

Into the store



I can’t escape her

She judges me

Tortures me

With my own memories

My nightmares

Will I ever be free?


She doesn’t make a sound

But her presence is enough

The thoughts

The emotions

The broken

I can feel it all


Cascading off her figure


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The Enemy Is

I once had a home
Filled with sentimental items
I boxed them all up
Took them to a warehouse
Where I was certain
They would be safe
Now I spend hours
Trying to redecorate
But the shelves and walls
Remain empty and blank
I can't seem to bring back
That quirky familiarity
That I never realized
Quite how much I truly loved

There is a hefty price to pay
For security. 

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Also by Juneau:

Time |

No Star Wars fought nor Jeddites come to call

it is Wisteria that i think upon as autumn falls and

how the ants and bees had held me in their thrall.

And as I curl up now beside the fire and place my

feet upon the ottoman – I scan the family pictures

and nostalgically recall those yester times and kids

when younger then, their liking for the nursery rhymes

who sitting in their...

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Also by Philipos:


We Will All Get There in the End

entry picture

Turn left

proceed for three hundred yards

then turn right,

turn up the heat

straight ahead no turning back.


Arriving at

the cemetery

satellite navigation

robotic voice

states automatically

you have - - -

reached your

final destination.


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Also by Nigel Astell:

Signs that Light up the Star Lit Sky | When Evil Comes Calling |

Saying goodbye to the Rocket Man

bent stalks II (11/17/2019)

skin split and spilt 
original sin as the flowers wilt 
and innocence was just a season
lost to time 
molted and castaway on a raft 
with riffraff and 
single serving friends 
(those sweet summer children)

and what was I 
but to bear the bolts of anchorage
bereft of the warmer tides that came before: 
a rusting high water line, to be sure. 

bracing, of soul and spirit-pillars 

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

bent stalks I (11/16/2019) |

bent poppies ruin everything

Cruel companion

Tuck me in O sky.
Blanket me with the weight
of your stars and moons and suns.
Peace was with me,
'til it wasn't.
Under your watch
she left and stood beside me,
an untrustworthy companion
who cruelly mocked
our separation.
no amount of gravity seemed enough
to keep me grounded.

These inner swirling thoughts,
circle back to how it was,
how things are now,
how th...

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Also by Kate G:

Chloe | Watermark | United Nations | Grey mountain | Man's best friend |


I feel a little more me today 

The crying spell has passed 

With each hour, ticking by softly, my lungs awaken

I breathe easier now


I enjoyed my morning coffee 

Sat by the steamy windows 

Watching the sunrise slowly emerge from behind the dewy grass 


Colour is returning to my cheeks 

Repairing some part of the fragile soul I was two days ago


I dream 


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Also by Cait Abbott:

Soldiers In My Mind | Nurture | Silent Prayers; Delicately Heard |

anxietymental healthrecovery

Good Days

God bless the good days.
Days a smile is no stranger to your face. 
Days your favorite songs play, and you sing along. 
Days faith is restored in humanity. 
Days sunshine and fresh air makes life seem fair.
Days you feel the gentle touch of love. 

Good days will see you through tough days, 
down days,
diseased days,
bitter days that never seem to end, 
days you have no friends, 
days ...

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Also by Vautaw:

Touchstone | Cactus Kisses | My Secret Life | What is Poetry? | Breaking | Beautiful People |



entry picture

I think I may have stumbled across a solution to the thorny issue of Brexit all by myself.  It came to me after a recent rash of political leaders broke out around Donny.

Apparently, when she was visiting Stainforth Jo Swinson told victims they should apply for EU Emergency Funding.

“We voted OUT!” she was told.

And you can see the problem.  It would be hypocrisy on a gargantuan scale for...

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Also by John Coopey:



It's not working

In Woking


Deep fake pizza

Do they 


Liver salts?

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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

When I remembered | Muse | Retrograde | Poements | Snow White Updated | Smile | Shadow Of Temptation |



Each day gets darker than the last few decades of days.

Each day's gloom makes me turn like in a grave 

And so does the thought of a moment in another day.

Each day brings me closer to a grave 

I can literally feel the drag.

A sick man lives on.


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Also by iraz:

Fear |

lifeman. strugglepain. disappointmentsick

you and me

you are lost 

but i believe in you 

and i believe in you and me 

stay strong 

because i love you 

and you will too. 

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Also by marlie:

who are you now | missing her instead of me | too good | find yourself | you can heal me | haiku about you | the wait | come home | fuck you | above | roots | november 1st |

We’re Evil

We kill people
Eat animals
Destroy planets
Yet remain comfortable 
Far away 
We’re just like 
Star Wars 
Or something 

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

60% | The cosmos grunts | Best Things | Geminis | my rationale |


It’s the way we danced together that I think I will always remember.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I’d wake up tossing and turning after another dream where you pulled me in to dance with you under the night sky. I’d close my eyes and lay there for a while, and I would remember the moments I traced your face with my fingertips as I watch you peacefully sleep. Sometimes you would wake u...

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First loves inspired my first writings

A collection of lovesick blues

Battles of insecurities

All poured out as quickly as it could


Then poetry and I took a break

The inspirations were out the door

And out of sight


Then all at once, it came back again

Art inspired art

Like a chain reaction

Like a flood gate opening

Like a tsunami wave of poetry

Then it...

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Also by Kimberly Ray:

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