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Rob J Mann

Updated: Fri, 9 Jun 2017 02:09 pm

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Prodigious procrastinator, periodical poet, and cryptic composer of contemporary compost.


There are more than 400 pieces on this blog site so dive in and get wet! Sarah's Song Sarah’s song surrounds me – A lilting whisper on the wind. Her emotional hide and seek, Broadcast with tender caress, and Sent to bathe me in summer’s breeze. Sarah’s song surrounds me – Floating around on flimsy cloud. Gossamer kites, invisible strings. Lightest touch of collision kisses, Cleanse my mind from complication. Sarah’s song surrounds me – Familiar, ever present, melody to Our blessed harmony. Beside Tuneless minstrels, birds and angels weep at The beauty of her love sonnet. Sarah’s song surrounds me.

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Joe Williams

Thu 31st Aug 2017 15:09

Thanks for the comment on 'Prettiest Girl', Rob. Glad to hear you liked it!

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 1st Jan 2017 19:55

thanks for commenting on 'Olive' Rob

Rebecca Miller

Thu 16th Jun 2016 12:50

Rob-thank you so much for the like on Sinus Rhythm

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Sat 11th Jun 2016 20:20

I just wanted to say thanks for you multiple comments on my recent flush of poems = very gratifying and one can get despondent . So great that you read them in retrospect.

Always good to get your opinions.


Rebecca Miller

Tue 7th Jun 2016 21:42

Hi Rob :) Thanks for your comment on Library. I look forward to catching up on your posts xx


Tue 19th Apr 2016 14:23

nice poet great

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Rose Casserley

Wed 13th Apr 2016 12:12

Rob,aka,Mr.Very helpful.My backside takes a large sized boot.So put one on and use for that purpose.


because I have decided to go with the original of 'Final visit' Please don't aka into Mr. Very angry.

Thank you very VERY much just the same.


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Tue 12th Apr 2016 22:26

Thanks for liking my poem Humidity Rob. In my case I get much affected by the heavy weather, not in a good way!. Incidentally, Memories of Mum and Dad was incredibly moving and powerful, sorry I hadn't got to it before. It was clever to move the years on with the perspectives and very effective.
regards Ray

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Rose Casserley

Tue 12th Apr 2016 12:03

Rob.Thanks matey for some very good suggestions.I will pick their bones clean.

catch you soon.



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M.C. Newberry

Fri 8th Apr 2016 16:29

I clicked the "like" box for your post "Anxious Audience"
and was confused to see it change to "unlike"!! Not a
word I'm familiar with and not one I'd choose here anyway.

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Vicki Ayers

Sat 26th Mar 2016 16:14

Hehe! Well what can I say Rob?! Thanks for your comments ;)) xx

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Sun 7th Feb 2016 22:05

Thanks for your recent comment Rob...much appreciated.

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chris yates

Wed 3rd Feb 2016 17:58

Thank you for your comment really appreciate it : )

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Mon 1st Feb 2016 14:44

Hi Rob, thank you for reading and commenting on 'Shapeless days and nameless nights', you're spot on with your analysis. M:)

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Emer Ni Chorra

Wed 27th Jan 2016 18:51

Thank you for your feedback on my latest piece Rob. My other writings are uploaded to my photo albums. Cheers.

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Stu Buck

Mon 25th Jan 2016 09:42

hi Rob. thought you may be interested, given your familiarity with the form, that Prolific Press are calling for submissions to their latest haiku journal. the theme is quiet nature and the site is

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Vicki Ayers

Fri 15th Jan 2016 20:03

Hi Rob - I really did enjoy 'get real' & you're right I love a good rant! I'm a folk musician (One of my many jobs!!) & I have this image of rapper dancers 'ranting' (a dance!) for some reason this weird juxtaposition of not exactly twee but 'traditional' England & your piece makes it all the more powerful to me!! Xx

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Vicki Ayers

Sun 10th Jan 2016 12:07

Thanks for reading & commenting Robert. I've enjoyed your samples - & will delve in deeper when I get 10mins peace & quiet! Xx

Patrick Rushe

Sun 3rd Jan 2016 21:26

And I will be revealed in their eulogies of you.

Love this line...

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Helen Elliott

Sat 23rd May 2015 18:23

Hi Rob,

Sorry for late response. Thank you for your comments on my work, in particular 'Beneath The Clouds'.

Sometimes I think my style is a bit out of fashion. I am a sucker for rhythm and rhyme :)

Helen :)

David Moore

Mon 18th May 2015 17:14


thanks for your comments on 'Memento Mori' and 'Surrender'

I think the fact that the things we write can provoke conversation and more importantly thought, is the greatest thing we can do when we set out to write.

We are not bound to agree, and that is what is great about
it. We are always able to learn and adapt our attitudes and beliefs.

Incidentally, I am wholly irreligious.

Thank you for your observations and comment.

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Rose Casserley

Sun 10th May 2015 23:40

just to let you know your suggestions re 'The continuance' have been implemented.Thanks Robert.x

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Laura Taylor

Mon 13th Apr 2015 10:21

Haha Rob - erm, yes, yes I can definitely follow through ;)

cheers :D

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 11th Oct 2012 20:01

'Memories of Mum and Dad'-terrific!

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Laura Taylor

Wed 2nd May 2012 09:07

Thanks Robert for your comments, glad you enjoyed them :)

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Alison Smiles

Mon 30th Apr 2012 20:05

Hi Robert, thanks for your comments; they made me chuckle. Good to be held to account by a stickler for proper rhyme too ... I have got way too lazy with the half rhymes!

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Yvonne Brunton

Mon 30th Apr 2012 19:14

Hi Robert, Thanks for your comment on 'Whisker'
It made me smilee as my brother's favorite phrase is 'the dog's .......'
A belated welcome to WOL I've just read your 'Urban Fox and am enthralled by the ambiguity. Is it a fox, is he a man? - great. XX

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 16th Apr 2012 07:17

Hi Robert - welcome to WOL. Good to see you have put a poem in the blog section - that's where you will get comments. I thought your poem about your mum & dad very powerful indeed. Well done! Hope you enjoy taking part in the WOL community!

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