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take bull by
the horns
grow roses
without thorns
half full
is your glass
pure gold
out of brass
fine wine
from tap wtaer
five star meal
using fodder
diamond from
solid ground
of a sink hole
one line
into a book
big fish
without a hook
shower in pennies
under the rain
full crop from
single grain
seperate wheat
from chaff
always get
last laugh

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

Cutting the Grass

The groundsman in shorts and T-shirt

Lithe, tanned

Isolated behind his earphones

Pushes his noisy mower

Around the lawns of the complex

Sheering large areas under the trees

Shaving the walkways

Skirting the flower beds.


I watch from my window

And I smile.

The man is dancing!

Wheeling the machine like a partner

With precise footwork

In effortless turns a...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Mind in a Cage | Math Test | I Hope There Is A Heaven For That Pretty Pink Dress |

A Pallet On The Floor


So many years ago when we were kids

and went to visit

uncles, aunts, cousins

we always ended up

packed into a pallet on the floor



they have foam mattresses

or inflatables

but back in our day

all we got was some blankets

thrown on the floor


the fun was sleeping without a bed

like camping out

we had the time of our lives

time to cut u...

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Also by d.knape:

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Don't try to read my heart
For it holds secrets many
They are my beautiful memories
Few though not beautiful at all
But are all a part of me
And i do take pride in these
For they have made me what is me

Don't try to guess the words
That are unwritten between the alphabets
If it was for you to know
Then without being written you would know
It would not itch your brain so mu...

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Also by Do.RoThY:

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The bird in the tree

    looked down at me

And asked

     "Why do you cry?"


I told the bird

    "That is absurd.

          There's something in my eye."


The bird in the tree

    again spoke to me.

It questioned

     "Why do you lie?"


I said to the bird

     "That's rubbish and curd!

             Mind your own, by and by."


The bird in th...

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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

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We were a perfect match - strike anywhere.

A perfect love - what happened there?

I walked away without a care,

but turned and tripped on your last stare.

I seem to wear my heart upon or hidden up my sleeve,

always trying out new tricks but failing to deceive.


As the song says,

"I'd rather be hard to love than easy to leave."

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Also by Eiren Water:

what's left | I wonder | addicts lie | outside | maybe mayhem |

heartacheHeartbreakloverelationship breakup

DUD (aka) our actual not enough doors away neighbour from hell (part 1)

Goes out of his way to get in the way of others

typical grin masked snide

a below the belt puncher

paints brave pictures of himself with brushes of self-delusion

his teeth probably blackened by all the lies forced through them

public whinging enemy number one

paranoid prattling prick

detests anyone stealing his thunder

constantly scanning with his cycloptic-like eye ( the o...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Kid to Killer | Flashbacks |

let Iran live

Let Iran live


Those who want a war in Iran, ought to look

At the people in the street, shopping laughing a good time is had.

Millions of them will be killed and maimed by war is as idiotic as it is senseless and solves nothing. Other

than giving more power to the Saudis and the elephant

in the room which tactfully not mention.

I ask Europe not to give in to” a coalition of t...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

Sunday morning somewhere | lone ranger | the Greek Poet | the death of love | forest dog | the blue | the apprentice | deafeat | a very rich woman | the piano | the Greek-Orthodox church | romance | war memories | the theft | the experiment |

Love for you

If my love for you were a road
then it would stretch beyond the horizon.

If my love for you were an oak
then its branches would reach the highest heaven.

If my love for you were a lion
then its strength would overcome all.

If my love for you were water
then there would never be a thirsty mouth.

If my love for you were bread
then no-one would go hungry again.

My love for you is ...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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Paramatical Mathedox

If I have 2 of something,

and then you give me 1 more

have you given me a half

or a third extra?

(You've changed my 2 to a 3,

increasing my lot by

half again - that's 50% of

the original quantity -

but that one extra is only a third -

or 33% - of my new total amount.)

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Also by Richie Muster:

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The name of forgiveness

entry picture

Name of forgiveness

Monday,24th June 2019


It is always mutual

the good understanding between two individuals

to take care

and treat fairly


each individual if following

his own instinct and allowing

the little freedom to others

in day to day affairs


It is mutual respect

that comes into an act

and remains the visible fact

when someone reacts



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A Fool Like Me

When your heart beats so fast because the man you love is right there
Beauty shines from within fuled by love we share
That warm feeling
 of course he feels the same
You know it's in his eyes and through signals from his brain
Knowing your safe no matter what
Knowing whatever happens you mean to him alot
Security of knowing love will see you through
The comfort that he trusts the same and ...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

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abusedomestic violenceman is violent



Cuando digo que te quiero es porque lo siento en el fondo de mi alma. Nadie sabe lo que siento y espero que nadie nunca lo haga porque si no se enamorarian de ti. Sigo creyendo que las cosas pasan por algo, sigo creyendo que llegaste a mi por algo.
Cuando digo que mi humor depende de ti es porque cuando no estamos hablando estoy llorando o estoy pensando cosas que nadie quiere pensar. Y...

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Oh Dear!

Oh dear my eyes can't bear
longing so long - with fear
it's another year, with the same tear
only thing it knows is Spartan's spear; 
hidden somewhere near 
still not clear 
what to do? with this fear
 I lend my ear (beneath the seer )
oh dear 
are you there somewhere / to hear
you left me here with the spear 
but I can't find a deer 
which will appear
so that I can beat the beer 

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No Particular Semblance (or WTF?)

entry picture

No Particular Semblance (or WTF?)



This is taken from someone else's quote. I have modified it, changed a few words and converted it to rhyme.


Poets write in deep mystical stylings

For reasons, many of which are bad

To cover they really have no idea

What they're writing, but want to look post-grad


To appear to be all depth, all-feeling

They pretend to...

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Their is nothing worse than idiots Presuming things will happen . Then People are Hurt . Not for the good of it . But for the Greed and Deciet . It only takes a second to presume things will happen . But can take a Life Time to show what is right or wrong . Did they happen or Not . Don’t let Presumers Win by letting them Win. They are letting them win . They are winning by Presumptions . And not w...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Life’s Changes |


Take a step.
Where does it take you?
Where can it take you?
Where do you want to go?
How many steps does it take to get there?
It won’t be an easy journey,
For there are many twists and turns.
Forks in the road
And challenges you will face. 
The brave don’t give up. 
You are brave. 
Remember that and take those steps to achieving your dreams.


But how do you know which path to ta...

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To The Little Girl With Omelettes In Her Eyes

Oh, how you hide behind your dad's cyclist thighs.

Barely an eye and ringlets ginger, you cannot hide

your bobbling joy for a golden half moon

of ham and cheddar gently flipped and folded.


Well, little lady, I was having a rough time in the rush,

"weeded" as we say in the biz. But your shy blush

and your smooth freckled fingers reaching for the plate

in my sweat filled gl...

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In the twilight zone of the home

news has just arrived from Bellatrix

so I am told.

It says the tea was weak today.

Nobody could explain it away,

nor how the security locks could be disabled

by judicious use of medication and Aesop's Fables.


I saw the book on the communal shelf

next to the maxi remote control

which was used for communication I was told

to contact...

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Also by ray pool:


To the edge of the ledge with a pickle wedge

You take it to the breaking point
You make it sound so innocent

What is it in us that must
Hang out on a ledge

Craving our own destruction
At the hands of someone familiar

What is it that’s so unknown
Within ourselves

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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I have insufficient reason
to take the eyeballs from my skull
to sever the spinal cord
the one
that keeps me so high
keeps me in contact with so much suffering.
I have every reason in the world
to trust my vision:
the concrete boots of tragedy 
permitting no free step, I stand still 
but learn just how much
the ground is uncertain.
My dream remains
to disentangle my finger from t...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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The Natural World

The Natural world


We catch glimpses of it

as if paintings in a gallery

We walk or drive past it

seldom to experience or feel it

It becomes a side show

vaguely admired for its beauty

We criss cross it feetlingly

but never to touch or hold

We have distanced ourselves from it

as we inhabit bricks and mortar

Walk on pavements or drive on tarmac

We prefer our te...

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Also by keith jeffries:

The Potter´s Hand |

Can you bank on Winston?

entry picture

A little peep into Britains history......


 Can You bank on Winston?


Mrs Fry

Why, oh, why

Has Winston Churchill made you cry?

On our fivers you appeared serene

Smiling back to back with the queen.

Until dubious Churchill usurped your spot,

 Got civil rights activists angry and hot.

Now you’re a woman with a spotless reputation

Held up as a shining light of th...

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Also by eve nortley:

Hostile Environment | Modern Slavery | I will go home and cry | SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY | Sparklers in the dark | Sea Woman | A Life On The Ocean Wave | Come down to the beach... | Driftwords | Awful Androgens | Dear Mr Burne Jones | Birmingham's Bhangra Babes | 21st Century Love | Curry and Kulfi | Gambling with grandad | Money | Sir Frances Drake |

In Susan’s Room. England, May 1982


Red roses and creosote. 

Overalls and medium wave. 

Jimmy Saville spins 

the hits from the years. 



We revise geography 

in our teenage underwear.


Motes of pollen swirl in

a roll. We can’t feel it

but somewhere 

there is air. 


On our radio, 

war correspondents dictate 

the truth of living and dying - 

the moments of in-be...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

As if Dancing to Basie (after Phil Burdett) | On a Bench at St Osyth’s Bay |

Pillars of Creation

Looking out to look inside
I see you both
the pillars of creation
above me, before me
deft hands
painting me into existence
with hands of love

Across all time
beyond the sky
my gratitude expands eternally
into a space that doesn’t yet exist
hand above my heart
your two hearts all over my art
the hands of love

Should you ever leave
you’ll never leave me
the pillars of creation

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Also by Tom:

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entry picture

(Hey ho. One man's poison's another man's meat)


My money wasn’t made through skill,

My bank of knowledge almost Nil

But, rather, I would wait until

The time was ripe, I’d guess,

To make my brass through stress.


On my network I might learn

Some manager in some such firm

Had chucked a sickie while infirm

And under some duress

Had gone off sick with stress.


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Also by John Coopey:


Judgmental People!

We are surrounded by so many judgemental people

These people judge your every move,

They judge your every opinions, decisions and moods

They evaluate your life and estimate your role

As per their life’s primary goal


Whether you are a single or have a partner

They will find loopholes among you to make some story to narrate others

Whether you are introvert or extrovert


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Also by Bindu Trigunayak:

A true Soul Mate! | Why me? |


Hello my beautiful morningstar

My pleasure that i hold dear to myself

Who's beauty I hold to my self 

I am the devil and i have deal to make before you waste your beauty here

Walk this green earth ignorant to pains existence or swim in your emotions and lose yourself like an ordinary human?

Does it not intrest you in what you could truely become a love a pillar of light in the dark


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alcohol.angelicdarkness returndevilsmotivation

A freedom to express

entry picture


'tis context 



In The Friends of Voltaire, Evelyn Hall wrote the phrase: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"


Say whatever you want - but

prepare to be the subject

of reprisal.


There is NO such thing

as complete freedom,

not in life; art nor in postings.

So- as we are all subject

to discretion or com...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

The end of interest | testing... 1 2 3 | The Complainer |

Drawn together

Drawn together, by god's hand
canvas weathered, with black clouds on foreign land
placed on parchment in the darkness
the line is thin from me to you, each other's mind paint the others dreamscape

drawn to you, the flip book of life brings us ever closer as every moment pass
each page bookmarked and in immediate view, I pray always my spine hold from the load placed on you
on the margin ...

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Also by Shawn Garcia:

Walls fall | I strive to be a part of the hive | Atypical ascension |


The Shoah of us all

Concrete walls

Chucked up quick, cheap

My first home


My dad he’d shipped West  Africans

From the Gold Coast to Burma to fight

The Japs. Sunk, he was, three times, 

No one thought to teach him to swim.

Dispensible he was, like all the other working class lads

Determined to do their bit 

No bugger taught them anyfuckingthing.


We played all around...

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To the Crabby

All the world are stages

And all the men and women

full over in one destination

They were formed from the dust

And to ashes they gone.


Death is The way we see it,

The certainty of death makes life very valuable.

We all gonna die accept or not

All of us final destination is the grave yard.

Quite depressing aha!

To some people but not to all.

To the some death i...

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Rage, rage, rage!

Rivals ramble ruthlessly raw rubbish; raving, ranting, rotting. Rage rage rage!

Anonymous, apathetic anguished alone; awaiting answers, Rage rage rage!

Gleeful, glorified greedy geniuses generating glad-gospels, Rage rage rage!

Evil egomaniacs' endless embellished epics echo eternally, Rage rage rage!

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Also by Mae Foreman:

Funny, Funny | Beast in Pain | Starchild's Spell | Thank You Mother | Father Thank You | Meaning Lost | Us and Them |

Dark to light

I come from a dark place


The land of no return some may call it 

Making my way back up to the surface 

After living in my head for 

I pay homage to the fall and winter 

Because it brings me closer to myself 

Yet I am starting to notice how much I have been ignoring the light 

How does the spring and summer affect me?

Besides being hot and feeling like I want t...

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Also by Farmer Yani Koo:

(untitled) | Lion within |

darkness to lighthealinglovemental healthNaturespirituality

Father's Day

entry picture

When the isolation was so overwhelming

And there was nowhere left to run. 

How silent were the voices begging me to stay?


When the dark ice was frozen and enclosing

And the horizon just crashing rocks.

How cold were the words not sent to comfort me?


When so desperate was the desperation

And all faith had withered on the vine.

How closed were the arms that could cr...

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family poemsisolation


The words that come to the mind,

just write them, though not all of them

The words that come from the heart,

recite them, all of them.

Words from the soul have meaning,

words of the mind are but words, meaningless. 

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Also by DeVaughn:

Love | Untilted | Loss of Identity | Lost Soul | Love Blues | MENTAL BONDAGE | THE CREATOR | DREAM QUEST | FEARLESS MIND |

nothing to cry about

There is nothing to 

Cry about 


He’s gone 

He’s done 

And spent 

And all the old pictures 

And all the old words 

Which stampede through my mind 

Like a rambling herd 

Are mud and dust 

And spent 

And yes

We caught you 

On our phones

So you live and breathe

In monochrome 


And maybe it was suggested 

That’s easier 

Than a black ...

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Also by Twilbury Wist:

what you do | Not made for lifting |


Poem 156 of 230: EASTBOURNE - SUMMER 2001

On the day before the solstice,
I first sighted Eastbourne:
A beautiful elegant place -
English culture untorn.

Two long-days allowed two long-lanes
To be walked before dark -
One after travel on four trains,
One post Devonshire Park.

The first was between sea and heath,
Plus gardens signed by post,
Then up the Downs to view, beneath,
The bruta...

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Who are we?

We dwell in a region of the world
Where the promises of our leaders to us are being
 tufted away by the wind
We claim to speak the truth coated with falsetto
Our actions do not compliment our words of principles,
discipline, culture and moral standards.
Lies have been placed on the throne commanding the truth as a slave
We are traded as schlock in the hands of the feeble 
We are buried in ...

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We have persistent problems with  spammer Miss Nancy who wishes to befriend many of the venerable gentlemen on this site. Please do not respond.

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buildings and things

today's dying sun defined shapes

swallowed by the fully exploded quota of night.


How thankful they must be

for tomorrows reincarnating's of their existences

their repeated procurements of visibility


made able to marvel at themselves once more

in the clarifications of brightness

completely cured of the shadows contagiousness


these observations tempt me

to c...

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mettle ( yeah! and me too! ) | time-wise | such as ethnic cleansing's | what would we do without dads | who un-cares wins? | luck pusher | Doctor Grease Monkey | Trump card | Arousal's | Country boy down the 'smoke' |


at a young impressionable age, green on the scene

hearing their debut record

' Love me do'

had so strong a worshipping influence

from the very beginning

kick-starting my musical addiction

impatiently waiting to hear all ensuing

Lennon/ McCartney

pen to paper to Liverpudlian mouths

hit-making compositions


not knowing then

how wonderfully far their 'long and win...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

Hive member. Natural drone | 3 ridiculous retorts! | straying into a wildlife reserve | midnight midwinter |

The Book Of Broken Promises

The book of broken promises knows your name too well,

Each entry lodged against you is a weight upon your back,

Empty words are spoken as you map your route to Hell,

Each falsehood that is uttered is a step along that track.


Each time you chose to profit from the losses of another,

Each time you chose to sell yourself as something that you're not,

Each time you sent a Son to...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

A Face In The Looking Glass | A Spiders Haiku | Me And My Mortality | Crimson | Haiku X 10 | Hiding In The Silence |

Jasmine's torment

Jasmine couldn't stop thinking about the library
It was just so optimistic and creative
Never had she known anything so contrary

That morning, Jasmine was shocked by the dictionary
She found herself feeling rather accumulative
Jasmine couldn't stop thinking about the library

Later, she realised that the library was ancillary
She thought the situation had become rather legislative
Never had...

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Also by catchmeifyoucan:

dolphins | passions | Phil Kay |

Your Mistake

It was always in my head -
I was crazy, overly emotional,
Dramatic. Oh yes, dramatic.
I made things up.
I cried too much,
And as a child stuck
In such a circumstance,
I knew nothing but to believe you.

It was a great story, it really was.
I grew up with those words
Internalized, because why,
Why would someone
Who loved you sooooo much,
Someone you were supposed
To be able to trust,

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure | Half a Life | The Abyss | All of May |

whale song

whale song

this melting shifting liquid world

encroaching onward inward land submerged

man didn’t think he didn’t know

the impact of his deeds upon the snow

the ice the glacier belt

the deepening of the coastal shelf

ecosystems fast dissolving

creating problems global warming

land based life declining fast

environments that will not last


moving on to pastures ...

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Also by thephantomscribbler:

the first pitch of summer | Bless The Weather |



And as the pen at rest inside my head

awakes and aches to resume its place

at our favourite table or easy chair –

which of course we gladly share given

the time we spend together there;

so, to keep it sweet as best I can,

despite a delinquent grey June day,

I tell myself that my plan will be to follow,

closely, this unprepossessing thing in

plotting the route f...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


I Cannot Hate You

These heavy chains were filled with rust,

Internal corruption breathed poison,

And now I watch a year turn to dust,

I stand at the edge, but you’re gone


You claim, you blame, you put it on me

My unhappiness I tried to change,

You do not love anymore, I see

Retrospect and hindsight feels strange


You claimed we were strong despite protest,

Such tainted beauty lea...

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I'm searching for a genie at the bottom of every bottle.
But three wishes will only last a little while.
So I'll just sit and sip on my own sorrow,
But you know I'm still going to try again tomorrow.

I'm searching for some rhyme or reason,
Why I'm still here in this mental prison.
Maybe so I'm forced into self-reflection.
But you know I'm stuck in this misdirection.

I'm searching for a mou...

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