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Just resting my eyes

Night after night sleep evades me

Worry and doubt racing to flood every corner of available space…banishing any chance for the peace my mind so desperately needs

It is a summer night in the south, yet I feel cold

My body curls in on itself, struggling to keep the shattered remnants from falling apart once more

My eyes sting from tears I’m too stubborn to let fall

My voice abandons m...

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You are invited!!

Down the hill

By the stream

Nature's best

Amidst the green


Canopy of tress

Lushious flowers

Like a dream

Warm sun beam


A vacation planned

With friends and cousins

Wishig the lover right

Could be by my side


Roads to train

Journey again

Excitement builds

Clicks crazy stills


Making memories

Living reality

To hearts content


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fighter pilot
beauty in
the beast
deep sleep
bitten once
twice shy

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

The rags of time

entry picture


A whole life spent out of kilter

Every day out of whack

So when the storm hit

And the lights went kerflooey

I was ill-prepared.

There is no going back.

And if a little dreaming is dangerous

Is the cure to dream more?

I wish you were here: 

On this sad, autumn day

When all the words that ever were

Just drain away

Leaving me aghast.

Alone, marooned


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I wonder

and I wonder if there's someone else that you wish was giving you the attention that I am

and I wonder if you are giving someone else the attention that I wish you would give me

and I wonder why this imbalance follows me

chases me

always always nipping at my heels

and yet somehow manages to also remain

two steps ahead of me

this imbalance of desire

of devotion

of depende...

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Also by Eiren Water:

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Was it worth it

I don't care to hear what you have to say
I won't let it affect me anyway.
What you did ain't right
What you did made me tight.

I can't begin to understand your reason,
But what you said had a meaning.
We fought and
tonight I toss and toss.

Who would of thought your words
Could hurt this mockingbird.
That the blood that will spill
Would break my remaining will.

I don't care, you made y...

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Shoeshine - Recalling the Lessons of My Father - In Memoriam

Stay out of the business. Shine

for quarters on corners, in barbershops.

Shine wherever you can. Just stay away

from the business, your father said.

Gave you a box to shine clean

outta Brooklyn.


Just the right schmear of Kiwi -

brown, oxblood, or black - let

it dry, Let it dry. A bit of banter,

a shuffle through the box for that

buff-worn camel hair beauty

of ...

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Eric Was a Werewolf

entry picture

This is a true story.

  For Eric Parker

        And for Nick Bertozzi who was also a werewolf


Eric Was a Werewolf


Eric was a fine young man

‘Tho he was a little odd

Artistic and adventurous

With a likeable façade

A sharp sense of humor

He was quiet and kind

He loved to work with metal

He had a brilliant mind

But something was a little off

Something ...

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On rejoining the cult

I was never crazy about the sacrifices 

and definitely think she’d go on 

a little long during 

the Tuesday sermons 


but it was the quality of connection 

I felt was lacking in my life

you just don’t meet people of that 

sort of character on the outside


of course there’ll be certain things

I’ll miss-

ice cream, situation comedies, condominiums


but I ...

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entry picture

Someday we'll find a way to
protect our dreams and seek our hopes, 
words - soft as July's razors
disappearing path, forbiden trace,
screaming loud, carving into stones - deliverance, replace -
''true love hurries but it always waits'',
never...in the same place. 

Someday we'll find a way to
fly away and disappear,
going higher as we never did before,
staring at the same old mindless mes...

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Also by Dragan Bozilov:

Chasing Light |

creative writinglife writinglove poetrypoetrysad poetrywriting

testing... 1 2 3


test run for

blog entry comment disablement procedure.




(am I really doing this?...I should be poking sticks at the weather...)

......testing comment disablement procedure......

please enable the 'tick' should you

require comments to be posted......

(god I thought I had ti...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

The Complainer |

Words To A Playground Tune


There is a time
as good as any
to start afresh
a man
as poor as any
holds a key
blase as any
flip a coin
yon harpist 
blind as any
claws the heart
the poet 
cold as any
lives once again
there is a time
as good as any
to start afresh

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Fathers celebrated everywhere

it's only right they should have a card

an identity with loving thoughts

firmness and fairness shining through

to seal the bond

from early days to the great beyond


but I must stand aside

my stepsons otherwise engaged

as the rule of Kings and earthly things

still binds by blood

what I can't give

as long as all of us shall live.

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Also by ray pool:


A Dying Art

entry picture

If dying is to consider as an art

which school should be preferred?

Stolidly ballooned out by Botero,

suffering from a cruel Dali distortion

or Picassoed weeping in a bouillon cube?


An erotic  marshmallowish Saska

smiling naked from dark furry folds?

A plain Stanley village housewife

in cardigan, blouse and tweed skirt?


Brilliantly dissolved Baconlike

(but f...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

When night comes |

More Flowers Now

more flowers now than cars
       patterned colours
     grey oaks    the great spark of
A lake s 
urface on the one hot day
of Summer   too many 
stars this time 
of year
whole galaxies 
holl o wed 
in a single moment
and then come the flowers 
lovingly cellotaped
to the trees
on the side of the road
                         cones like sigils filled
with bright, 
alive         so...

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For My Dad

In Yew Tree to my Dad’s stone I now tend.
And all my love to him in Heaven I send.
Today I cleaned up my Father's headstone.
And tidied up the parts, a little overgrown.
I brushed away loose grass, every last blade.
With time the carved words have begun to fade.
But the elements won't destroy or take away.
The meaning behind what those words say.
I leave my card, with some words of my own.

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entry picture




This elegant courtly dance

is outwardly chivalric

but it hides a darker side

- - - - it's bold and chauvinistic,


                                                 and the lady must dance

                                                 dance for her life.


This Lord can kill

for that is his fame,

this watery kingdom is His

He has staked his Royal c...

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Also by Dorothy Webb:


an unknown middle-aged woman

passing my cafe window

unhurried, dressed  modestly,

she is beautiful still,

beautiful, and unaware

that behind the misty glass

she is quietly admired

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Father's Day Poem



is like an old worn out t-shirt

you get used to it

after a while

and don't mind the fact

that its got holes

and a frayed collar

it's lightweight

it feels good on

and is comfortable

accept your dad

for who he is

holes and all

after all

You are the reason

he's worn out.



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the blue

The blue


I saw a fish

Very small

 It looked parrot

think about this,

but I remember the surgeon.


It took my hook

Fished it up

Its colors faded

A dead fish

Not enough

For a meal.




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Not beauty alone

entry picture

Not beauty alone

Saturday,15th June 2019


Not outer beauty alone

but impressive light from within

that shows the reflection of light

now you are called Mr.Perfect right


Eyes may reflect

but never react

with the hostile show

but remain with raging glow


attitude may hide inner boiling

but availing

every opportunity to defuse the situation

and hold...

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Proud men i know (two short poems for father's day)

22 years ago/55 years too soon
your smile could light this dark room
people speak fondly of you, I think they're all stuck in the past
but your name is legendary around here, to say you didn't last
for the love you only knew was one of a clenched fist
but you were my father, and you are still missed
Stepdad, sportsman, golfing fanatic
when we drink to...

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dadfather's daylost dadlove and time passing

You Cheating Bitch!


I remember the day when we first met, the day I made you mine,

our eyes met across a crowded room and I fed you a funny line.


"What's a cute thing like you doing in a place like this?" I said,

you came home with me that day and spent the night with me in bed.


I considered you my best friend and gave you everything,

I gave you a home, looked after you and took you unde...

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Snaffling Brexit Discontents

entry picture

Snaffling Brexit Discontents


Our State is encouraging business

To travel to your U of K

And snaffle those not pleased with Brexit

(To work here in sunshine each day)


To escape those dark, long drawn-out winters

Where sun only shines 10 till 3

Escape Brexit chaos, the pollies

Come down, see our pastures, be free


Of course there are many sides to a story


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entry picture



I spelt out my love in the sand,

Confessed my love to the land.

The summer sun shone hot on my love,

Seagulls strutted around my love,

Crying it out to the sea.


The whispering wind rolled over my love,

Bare bodied babes built castles to my love,

Dogs wet from wildness in the sea

Shook salty coats and sprayed brine on my love.


Couples walking ...

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On hearing news of murder

The way the street light fills the dark is nothing but a lie,

the night is there as real as day, a trick upon the eye.

The way the body lies bereft still warm and supple yet,

stiffening slowly somethings left, that someone won't forget.


A heart still glad and beating strong is soon to cruelly break,

that to another did belong, that shared the lovers ache.  

New Sun will chas...

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Can’t sleep at night
wake up with the light
I’m crabby, angry
and up for a fight
The night before
I slept on’t floor
To try and change
the old routine 
It worked at first
but things got worse
when I needed a leak
and the floorboards creaked
I tossed and turned
So I made a brew
Grilled a slice or two
but me toast got burned
and me plans were spurned
There was nothing else for it

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Also by Fred Varden:

Who is this please? |


Sun shines.. 
Oblivious of the glowing  warmth it endows. 
Love conquers.. 
Oblivious of the sacrifices it often follows. 
Sea glistens.. 
Oblivious of the gentle play of myriad hues of blues
Child smiles.. 
Oblivious of the broken parts of soul it glues 
Betrayal hurts.. 
Oblivious of the strength it sculpts to endure.. 
Beauty charms.. 
Oblivious of the spiritual notes it allures.. 

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Also by mona s:

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A ladybird lands

on my foot in the sand

as I'm reading The Life of Pi.

A blue stretch of sea

carried me here

where an army of shiny black beetles

unbreakable as tanks

will persist in trundling by.

He was days on a boat

now I'm days in the sand

getting browner

eating pizza

reading this book

with no appetite to leave.






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Also by john short:


A 'Snitch', in Time!

A ‘Snitch’, in Time !


My mother’s mother, Granny Brown

was ‘muchly-loved’ throughout our town.

The care she gave; her happy ways.

She cheered us in her ‘ember days’.


She liked to knit but not to sell.

Such quality. (Oh, you could tell!).

Each item, thoroughly bespoke

- for giving to specific folk.


“Gran, that’s great !” I’d often shout.

“You knit them ...

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humorous verseHumour

Haiku X 10

(Right, never tried Haiku before so here's some I wrote today, hope they're ok)



A wandering soul,

Tortured by experience,

Finds peace in your arms.



A broken compass,

Knows not the way to true north,

But may yet find it.



Tears of happiness,

​​​​​​Taste exactly as salty,

​​​​​​As tears of sorrow.




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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Hiding In The Silence |

Selfless selfie

We have it all wrong


Serial selfie abusers are among

The most selfless, the least egotistical

People we should strive to know




This act

Repeated over and over (and over)

Of extending one’s arm

In the middle of, well, anywhere

Stopping time, and traffic and pedestrians

To share memorable pictures with, well, anyone

Of sunrises, sunsets, beaches,...

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Also by Jeannot:

Coming to terms |



The air is hot in here


Filled with the smell of sin

The clock tick-tocks

in the dark

Measuring time

Registering every second of pain 

Old carpet, stained with blood 

Hiding dirty secrets,

those which doesn't want to be found

Broken bed,

nailed by the weight of all the screams

it heard


Windows closed… long time ago


Evil monster in the ...

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Scorched Skies

Scorched skies and the ground littered with

The dettritus of a careless society

Broken buildings and rivers poisoned with

The sickening pollution of a thoughtless culture

The wind screams endlessly like banshees

Howling the fall of man

Empty lives staring hopelessly at pointless

Tablets in their hands

Desperately seeking meaning to a forgotten plan


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Also by Stuart Clark:

The Good Are Few |


entry picture


From a bus (98 - 
Bury to Manchester), 
I got off at the gate 
To Hamilton Road Park, 
Where in situ I ate 
Several blackberries 
(The taste too good to wait), 
Before making my way 
To a further park-gate, 
From where briefly I watched 
How Stand's cricketers rate. 

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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what would we do without dads

( simplistic poem knocked together for my she-nipper to read in class-re tomorrow )


Fathers who cried with joy seeing us come into the world

Fathers who helped our new lives unfurl

Fathers who nursed us and taught us to potty

Fathers who wiped away green nose bubbles and dripping candles drippingly snotty

Fathers who trained us to bike ride and ran alongside

Fathers who hugg...

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who un-cares wins? | luck pusher | Doctor Grease Monkey | Trump card | Arousal's | Country boy down the 'smoke' |


entry picture

The old man in the window seat

is setting quietly to his routine,

folding up the sleeves

of his Oxford shirt inch by inch

until the sun falls across his bare arms


then with just a smile

he signals to the waitress and waits

watching the hushed street

after the morning rush:

a mother with a pram,

a homeless man conferring with his dog,

a few pigeons plucking


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Also by Tom Harding:

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I held courage by the hand 

And walked away 

The birds followed me 


The sun followed me 


I was finally free

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OLD BARN (A Haiku)

entry picture

Inside an old barn
Working fast and nervously
Meth lab explosion

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Also by Jason Zane:



entry picture

Isn’t that Boris there over there in the spotlight?  (Uh uh)

Didn’t you used to have a thing for him (Uh uh)

By the way, where’d you meet him


“I saw him on the telly with unruly hair

I thought him a cutie and a cuddly bear

I never saw him as Leader of the Pack".


You folks were always putting him down

(Down down down)

You said he’s just a daft harmless clown


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Also by John Coopey:


Beautiful Tree

A willow tree hides

at the edge of the orchard,

Streams of withered leaves

veiling its stooping trunk.


Struggling to survive,

Its roots are sparse and fractured,

And its brittle branches snap - 

At the lightest gust.


All will for life,

Seemingly sucked

Into the soil.


But within the crumbling walls of bark,

Its rings of wisdom lie.

Tales of brut...

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So do you still remember me across the tumbled years

Far off thoughts from far away places

Memories fading the pictures of our love

Do you ever think of me the way I do you

Of knowing stares and smiles and eyes that glitter

With no need for words as the loving thoughts just flitter

Warmth from head to heart, from heart to soul, into the bone

Do our thoughts bounce and join acr...

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Beast in Pain

There is a feral beast trapped inside of me that suffers

She weeps and roars and pounds hard on her dungeon's door 

A smothering embrace; noone cares to accept the love She offers

Her pathos and tumult within have force enough to start a war

And though I have her well contained, claws trimmed and all;

while I have Her locked away, I even had Her put in chains!

I can still hear He...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

Starchild's Spell | Thank You Mother | Father Thank You | Meaning Lost | Us and Them |


Life is a gratuity

An annual annuity

Not designed for perpetuity;

There's no incongruity

So avoid any vacuity...

Employ some acuity

And relish its fortuity! 


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



entry picture

She is no longer the love of his life   

She's not his soul mate

Not any more

They stay together because it's convenient

They keep up appearances

for the sake of their friends

their children and their grandchildren


They don't have really personal conversations

Not any more

They talk about stuff

ordinary stuff, like the weather

They're no longer intimate


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Also by Brian Maryon:

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entry picture

In evening light at still of day

Shadows are sweeping time away.

A man through his window sees it all,

The fading blue, the shadow fall.

At the upper edge of vision

Perfect pearl, divine precision.

As hidden jewel in tapestry,

Shines the orb through the trees.

Two thirds round, white edged, sharp and clean.

The last third blurs into the unseen.

Precise imper...

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Also by afishamongmany:

Meeting Greeting | Three Times | Startingblocks | Stairways |


To Be Adored

One day...
I'd love to sign my name
autograph a volume
my words printed in glorious black ink
type-set, spell-checked and bar-coded
head-shot just inside the hard cover
The girl opposite will be saying she loves my work
the way it 'resonates with her own feelings'
she and her man read together at night
I'd be respected, met my potential
achieved something of note
So, when my child seeks...

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Also by Tom:

Don't Look Into Their Eyes | Your Light, Our Youth |


Why me?

Why me?

This usually come to every mind

Everyone have to face what is being destined

Why me, comes to everyone’s mind

We generally feels that God is dealing us with disparity

Feels like there is no hope of prosperity

Put this Shit away from mind

Grass looks greener from the other side

God has sent us here for some purpose

Every creature has something divine

Every soul...

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This Pain They Call Love

This was the last straw she went to far this time 

                     Vindictive lies no matter the cost no matter the ryme 

She says that she loves but her love has gone cold 

                      These third demesional energies will get left in the old 

This spirit of mine is feirce and strong but also brittle 

                       And these head games you play are just A pet...

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Grey clouds


The numb thump of my heart beating against my rib cadge, 

Unknown pain of sadness always giving me rage.

Desperately grasping at the last memories that I had with you,

Tears roll down my face when I find thats an issue.

The blood in my veins is so hard to contain, 

The thoughts of death flood through to my brain.

Hard to fight past the devil inside of me, 

I promise my na...

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