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The Gambit

I Told Myself But Never Admitted To
What I Knew…..
And Yet There’s Still That Part Of Me
Waiting To Get Back Home, Back To My Room
And Say,
That Trip Took A Really Long Time,
Now….What Was I Doing?
How You Managed To Keep Us All Together
Without Figuring Me Out?
A Card Up His Sleeve, The Gambit Was Mine.
But I Can’t Seem To Turn It Off.
And I Can’t Explain The DejaVu.

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But you don'tCannibal Jones

fair views and fair do's

I don't have any apples of my eye

everything I like is optically admitted on equal terms.


I invite them all in whoever, whatever they are

treating each one the same as the others

none are regarded as strangers.


Each welcome guest receives a nod

from those already having arrived

or a signal or a certain way of saying

'hello! how are you?


for example,

an ...

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Development Plan

entry picture

When my line manager

asks me about my development plan

and where I see myself

in one, three or five years time


I begin to think how in a year

I would like to be painting watercolours

beside a mountain stream

somewhere in the Bavarian Alps


in three years eating cantaloupe

and drinking black coffee

on an early morning

in a European city I don't yet kn...

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Also by Tom Harding:

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Charlie Darwin

I am the family face; Flesh perishes, I live on, Projecting trait and trace Through time to times anon, And leaping from place to place Over oblivion. Thomas Hardy


The seas are wild tonight

As I write, far from any coast;

Speckled with salty brine and afraid,

I spy in the broken mirror

The broken boy who follows me

Following me.

Down dale, up tree, crawling all over me:


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entry picture

(A re-post about immigration.  Timely, given the EU elections this week. And a reminder of when immigration was less benign)


Those crazy Normans brought a notion

To Pevensey Bay

It involved our demotion

And I don’t mean pay;

If your hairdo is flaxen

It’s a give-away

Then you must be Saxon -

Serfin’s here to stay.


You might have lorded the Manor

Been an Earl ...

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Also by John Coopey:



entry picture


From One Lover to Free Lover to Fee Lover,
For children’s sakes, let’s fashion back to One Lover:
In public-life there are - guess what - women and men;
Thus, upbringing’s best by a woman and a man -
Not by one or two men, or one or two women,
And not in a tug-of-war of women and men.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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Oh how well she played her part,

so well rehearsed,

so sad - so brave,

no stranger to the performer's art,

knows the tricks of her trade.

She's played this role so many times,

this pale faced tragedy queen,

with lowered head and tremulous voice,

she acts her final scene.

We watch with cold and hostile eyes

this travesty of truth,

on centre stage we watch...

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Also by Dorothy Webb:



We need all our shit, like desperate junkies,

The blinkered authors of our own sorrow,

The materialistic king of the monkeys,

We know we must stop, but not 'til tomorrow


It can't carry on, this rate of consumption,

We know it, but fuck it, it's just one more day,

And don't rush to judge, don't make the assumption,

That you're any better, despite what you say.


We a...

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Mom & Pop



The corner store

groceries and meat

butcher behind the counter

working away cutting steaks

the owner up at the checkout

only 3 registers

wife on #2

the kids stocking shelves

carrying out groceries

they lived upstairs

and were always there

worked everyday except Sunday

the whole family working together

friendly and kind and industrious

the corner ...

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Firm resolution

entry picture

Firm resolution
Saturday,25th May 2019

Any girl may think!
and sink in the thought
what lies ahead?
she may try to read

it is no easy
when you remain busy
in life and get no time
it hunts the mind all the times

Life has many puzzles
and involves a personal struggle 
that is feared by many people
but she has a different angle

she is not only adamant
but clear when presents 

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The futile finality of Mr and Mrs Martyr

entry picture

adapted from a very old school playground rhyme sung to in various games the kids played to which the lines were..


One two three hilairah

I saw my Aunty Claira

sitting on her bumtilarah

eating choclate soldiers.


Ref-Location Iraq or Syria


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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

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Powers Lost


Who has strong arms 
that gather the warm winds,
clever fingers 
that weave them through your hair?

Where you look
who throws diamonds of sunlight wide across the sea
or where you sit
holds a dappled parasol of living leaves above your head
just as you may wish?

Whose, the enchanted path you would choose to walk?
And whose, the soft cloud playing pillow for your dream?


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Her Name Is E...

A day without E is better off Breathless,

May my soul escape if my stream is empty.


Seek and find the girl named E,

packed with love she doesn't discriminate,

Her race is spectrum body tailored to your preference.


Undergo E she'll turn the toughest man empathetic.

Open your eyes wide as the sky,

Her love brings out a high unreal,

to experience one must be willing ...

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Also by Logan Turner:

Addiction Spell |

addictaddictiondeepDrugslovepassionpassionatepoemreal lifereflections

the mourning

The mourning

It was an early morning

The day before Christmas

The phone rang

I reluctantly answered

Your mother is dead.

I couldn’t get a flight

Took the dog for a walk

In the woods,

But this day she walked close to me

And didn’t hunt rabbits.

Coming home

I sat by the bed and cried.

At Chrismas Eve

I gave my dog a cream cake

When thinking of my mother


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Piece of pie

Can I find a youth available

as expert coach for local numbskull?

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Ivanovka (thoughts on Sergei Rachmaninoff)




Chords struck like bells,

within the straddle of a hand,

Ivanovka rang out to the stolen land.


Through Summers and peasant days

before The Great Silence,

the artist plays.


Though men without music crushed the soul

the melody remained,

and through decades of winters the refra...

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Young and Naive

Young and naive,
That's what you called me.
I should have known then.

I should have known,
But I still cannot believe
That you would be the one
To rape me of that youth,

Penetrate my innocent mind with venality
Force depravity down my throat
And then leave me naked and vulnerable
Lying alone in the grass on the side of the road

In what was left of the illusion of disbelief
I watc...

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The ghosts in my life 

Take the time to touch me 

Then disappear 


Changing faces

Changing forms

They’re always there


Saving me from 


And even worse 


If I start 

To pursue them 

They come only to haunt 

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couldn't be
bfore i
your spell
a touch
like voodoo
hard time
escaping you
magic at
the curse
was lost
on me
home we
just a trick
you played
nothing but
an illusion
that had me
in confusion
when the
curtain closed
went from
prince to toad
putting on
 a show
was y...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

Mr. Melancholy

Mr. Melancholy

You know the one who's not too jolly

I called him the other day

Just to say hello.

He was feeling lost and sorry

But told me not to worry

He'd be happy soon enough

In a day or two.

He was forever feeling lonely

And would often say "...if only.."

I always try to make him laugh

Sometimes he does.

Not much of a drinker

He is quite the heavy thinke...

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So - at last we've reached the day

When we know May is on her way;

She might complain of a poisoned chalice

But what chance of sympathy at the Palace -

Playing politics with the public fate

Of a much respected Head of State?

Repeatedly trotting to and fro

Doing her best to make a show

Of getting the EU to agree

To what they'd never intend to be...

The loss of UK membe...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


When life, sometimes gets fucked up without a reason


Tell me something about you

One thing that defines your core

Make it simple 


Make it easy to understand


I’ll tell you something about me

One thing I was born to be


I am 

an exclamation mark


Not a comma, full stop

A question mark?

Definitely not!


An exclamation mark!


And when life, sometimes

without a reason,


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Also by Julia G:

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sexual apocalypse at the gym poem

imagine if you had stayed there forever 

on the cross fit, arms flailing comically 

legs metronomic, pumping sad alone 

nothing in your stomach but powdery bile 

sweat pouring off you, drenching the floor 

pooling in dewy puddles on the pedals 

staining the blue carpet tiles, trickling  

in salty ravines, hitting the mirrors 

cascading down the steps, bursting forth 


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Also by Stuart Buck:

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Dancing Shadows

entry picture

    Right there in front of our eyelids. Beating sylhouettes, shaking waves, swallowing the last crystals from the ground. Transcending the sounds with a great rage and leaving the pace behind while calling it unsuccessfully back again. At the place where paleness combines with moonlight in the most disasterous ways, protecting their last luminescence alive.
    Shadows dancing through shadows of...

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Also by Dragan Bozilov:

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creative writinglife writinglove poetrywritingwriting walk

The Dinosaur Who Came to Play

You think I’d be impressed because a tiger came to tea?
I’ll have you know, a stegosaurus came to visit me.
He rang the doorbell yesterday, at twenty five past four.
I couldn’t let him in - he wouldn’t fit through our front door.
I put my shoes and coat on and we went to play outside.
He wasn’t bad at seek, but he was terrible at hide.
He played quite well in goal, although he couldn’t kick ...

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One year, in Bermuda, I was supply teaching

An Infants' Class, four and five-year-olds

Bright, eager, trusting children.

Christmas was just two weeks away.

We were having an 'Art Activity'

Tearing, cutting, biting paper to bits

To make a personal collage of 'Christmas'

On the general idea:

'How does Christmas make you FEEL - in COLOUR!'

It was a bold undertaking, and t...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

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These two poems I think pair up well together.  The first written to celebrate the birth of our first grandchild five years ago, the second written last year after a visit and time spent with him and his two brothers.

Nathaniel's Villanelle

Now welcome into this world little one.

You know no-one, nothing yet,

Yet from Him who knows all you come.


Your father, your mother als...

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Also by afishamongmany:

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birthchildrengenerationsgowing up

untitled #2



while the sorry processional

of flickering drifters strides onstage,

stutters mid-stage, then stumbles off

we live together and love

in the unruffled granite bedded

crystal clear ice-blue rock pool

of my thought world


ah but you walked the nave

hand in hand with another

glinting smiles right and left

and my sorrowful sighs

are drowning in the ...

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Also by Rick:

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The pigeon is a miracle of digestion,

like a 747 lands anywhere it can find a space

flaps down to decimate the garden plan

of spring delights.

Like the whale with plankton

the succulent buds it doth consume,

and once re-fuelled, flaps up

its beady flight it doth resume.


For the rest of the year its diet is basic,

then it dreams of long distance and messages carried,


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Also by ray pool:


Without you

Days begin and end with you.. 
You, a flicker of smile in times of blue. 
Reinventing life's chapters anew..
Sparkling exchanges always to brew.. 
Precious moments spent, seem only few
why we met, one is still to construe
Yet propelling  life goals to pursue
On blank canvas, hopeful images you drew.. 
Something  to be shared,which is due..
Life is simply clueless without you.. 

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Green Shadows

entry picture

The bucket of water distorts
the image of the sky when kicked
a mirror stretching into infinite ovals.

In this I am a golden leaf
and the light stretches through me
a ragged parchment in candle-light.

Where the green shadows
intersect with the love we live
I can see a buried garden-

a lazy, hothouse dream
of terracotta and porcelain
and thieves in the night

that went to sleep u...

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The 24/7 365 Cell

Twenty four seven, three six five
Before imprisonment I felt alive
Free to do whatever I wanted
Without any fear or disappointment

Now I’m a slave and no longer free
Controlled by a screen and a PCB
It’s got that way that I can’t let it go
Every fact and answer I need to know

I used to have pets, a cat and poodle 
Now I touch and stroke my Google
It’s my closest companion from dawn t...

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Also by Fred Varden:

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'Man-Size' Issues !


‘Man-Size’ Issues !


So, now those ‘Man-Size’ tissues

are named ‘Extra-Large’ instead.

It’s another “sexist” issue

that is messing with me ‘ead!


It seems, the major problem

is all centred around ‘Man’.

Folk find this word offensive

but I’m ‘flummoxed’ if I can !


I’m fearing for the future

if this nonsense carries on.

‘Cos they’ll ban the ‘Man’ fr...

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Also by John Andrew Nield:

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Sitting in the exam hall,
mind bogged ;
with ratios, equations and curves,
I looked around in agony
to find a reason to continue,
just in time,
to find the invigilator roaming nearby,
carrying a stack of paper, with one hand.

I looked at him to find traces of,
misery, anger and hopelessness.
a kind, encouraging smile
is what I got.
Which alone was enough
to ge...

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Also by Miyurangi:

The little tea plucker | The wait |

couragedeterminationinspiring poems

Comedy Hitler

entry picture


Comedy Hitler?
Freddie Starr? Charlie Chaplin?
No - Nigel Farage

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Raising The Standards (With Banners Held High) [MUSIC VERSION] |

brexitfreddie starrhaikuhitlernigel faragesatire


Sitting alone staring out the window
Disheartened at what she has become
Frozen in time
Unable to move forward
Revisiting her past
Belonging neither here or there
She is at best a lost soul
Her heart broken by one
Only to be found by another
Yet still her heart aches
Void of positive emotion
Contentment escapes her
A never ending struggle
Wanting to forgive
Unable to forget
Haunted ...

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Also by Jane Briganti:

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Against Apathy (2019 version)

This poem was conceived in 2013 as a response to none voters. For years I did not vote but was vocal on the state of the country. certain parts to reflect the current change in Britain has been rewritten to give the piece more of a serious message. thanks for reading and do your bit today.

Nevermind the ballots!
is what the none-voters like to say
but quite frankly I'm sick of Brexit, Farage ...

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Also by Keiron Higgins:

Grandfather. |

punk poetryvoting apathyvoting day

It's True

I shall shake off the stench of death, oh, so stale and dull

I shall, I shall.


I will so engage in all that's good, in all that's just and real

I will, I will.


I do so cherish all;  and I do love you, see you, hear you.

I do, I do.


I shall shake off the stench of death,oh so stale and dull

I shall fight Him till my last breath before I join His thrall

I will ...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

Last Letter (Epigram #2) | Before I Go (Epigram #1) | The Penultimate Chapter | Maturity | Girl's Letter to Shakespeare | Will | Dread of the Dream | Note with Note |

Painted window frames

Hiding the scars from plain site

It's not a memory-

But a story you tell...

Walls build mansions

with concrete and mortar

Glued together thoughts 



Melted with gold

Stirred in a pot

Over flames

Eyes rolled backwards

Cat walks down the street

Straight lines

Curved answers

Draw pictures on the glass

shattered from pressure


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The Only Band That Mattered! - a tribute to the Clash

entry picture

The Only Band That Mattered!

This is a public service announcement
Without guitars! - But how they still ring in my ears
The first time I saw the Clash
a memory frozen in time, after all these years
with Mikey Dread on the 16 Tons Tour
the lights went down
cue Ernie Tennessee Ford
we charged over the seats
I've no idea how many rows
then the lights come up
to Safe European Home!
The ...

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Also by Jeffarama!:

It's OK, NOT to be OK... |

Black And White

entry picture


I clamor on the street 
Watch it wave like trees
I knew I wasn't free
Life is becoming a bee

I walk far from homeland 
Became a pathfinder 
The leaves round me are brown
Need walk to green land 

Home became a security lane 
Walk miles to sustain 
They watches like I'm insane 
With guards that constrain 

Land fully rich with milk and honey 
My Thoughts yawn to sow
My feelin...

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Also by Kporho Raphael Oyeke:

Mad House |

Dating a Friend

There was darkness and then there was you

Though to be sure the light never moved

A warm hearth at the end of a blizzard

A hole in my heart I’d patch over haphazard

Drove me to find you in my soul

Until I filled that gaping hole

With your infinite love and hope

You gave me just enough rope

To pull myself out of abyss

With your own version of selflessness


You wait...

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Also by Josie Harris:

New Boyfriend | "I Know What Comfort Is" | Generations | Hurts The Same Way |

A lucky escape on the X43 bus from Manchester to Burnley on the motorway near Bury

Manchester was buzzing and full of fun,

Many had travelled for the Sunday10k run.

On boarding the bus back to Burnley,the X43,

The people were happy and full of glee.

Chatting and laughing discussing their day.

But something really scary was to happen on the motorway.

At 50m.p.h. the bus did cruise,

Passengers watching and admiring the views.,

A brick was hurled at the driv...

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Sulphur Flame 2

What did she wear that night, what was her name?

He retraces his steps to that place

The place where she waited – for him

He can still feel the cool iron rails slipping through his fingers

The warm summer night’s air on the back of his hand

He remembers being calm, very calm

But for a sense of tension rising, from inside

He stopped, almost at the top of the steps

She stood,...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Cultus Decorum | Divide and conquer | Sulphur Flame | On her mother's step |


I hurt someone today, you know what, I did.

I purchased a T-shirt, cotton, from Egypt.


They used up water from artesian wells,

Now dry, in the desert, away from the Nile.


The cotton was picked, nearly for free,

And so it was made, least it seems thus to me.


Three pounds fifty is what I forked out,

An amount you’ll agree isn’t a spree.


I can clothe my fam...

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Also by Rich:

Sparks |

Un soneto para tí

El radiante sol que alumbra mi día

Tú con tus ojos de dulce oscuridad

Con una alma de dulce sensualidad

Y calentaste mi persona fría


Y con una suavidad me caía

Y me paso por pura casualidad

Tú con tu gentil caballerosidad

No sabía el veneno que bebía


Deseo de aún roto corazón

Más veneno por esta alma corrupta

Salvavida para mi mente oscura


Futuro dol...

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Pall Mall Red Pixie 


May 68 bottles break down these walls


‘98 skating


Small but fragile doobie - the roach that burns my fingertips.


Uncomfortable positions but staying for the pleasure of conversations. Conversations that subtracts the 20 “CLASS A CIGARETTES” in one pack.


City slicker delves into a unfamiliar environment to leave the conscience, as a mecha...

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Also by .gray:

Blue’s big pajama party (1999) |



in all their blind-driven, driven blind caresses

And plaster-stuck, never-empty chests of neverminds

Sleep, never again, each night of their mother life.



as a May blackbird, hopping half-starved and careless

to gain a moment singing a whisper to the moon,

fall into a womb convoluted drowse



down and fending off the black years

of sh...

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