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Desirable properties now

built on the former asylum

grounds where banged on

doors those patients then,

the men and girls whose world

view was a step or two away

from those who roamed the

streets they called normality.

Sometimes I sense their

presence hereabouts their

ghosts that mingled in the mist

and grew the produce on the

former nursery site unless they


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Also by Philipos:


A rubbish job for Boris

Boris was looking for a new place to work

Long term unemployment was beginning to lurk.

But an opportunity arose in the town he did live,

Two good references to the council he did give.


He secured the job of litter warden at the park.

It was an early start,Boris was up with the lark.

"What training do I get,I don't want to do anything wrong?"

"None,"said his new boss"You'...

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Also by hugh:

We love Manchester | World mental health day,10th October | Blackpool insemination plan | A hair raising question | One! Two! Three! Four ! | Domestic abuse | Skinny dipping | A tree branches out | The Smellyphant |

No replay

Life is short

A one shot

Until shut


Love is life 

No love is lost

But life is loss


Life is an angle

A tangle

With love intertwined 

Life and love mangled


Life experience is of no use

A one time fuse

To amuse or to abuse

Until defused


Life is forced upon

A unique happenstance 

A mysterious circumstance 

An amazing maze 



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Also by Jeannot:

Simple song |


It is incomprehensible

that you should lick the side of a teaspoon

with your eyes shut 

in a public cafe .


More incomprehensible still

that you should disregard

gossiping strangers 

commenting on conversations had

in said cafe . 


Not knowing

how their words stink 

or sink into the crevices

between sips .


I will order my preference

in peace ....

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Also by Andromeda Bloom:

In a world full of people |



The idea – to float quietly down the Danube, to

tip into the Black Sea and back again – was on its face

a good one, although quiet contemplation proved not to be

the dominant mood for the whole shebang, what with

so much out there, back there, over there, so many

holes hammering into the softer spots of my skull to produce

a yet more porous pot that just cannot serve...

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4 * 100 metres

entry picture

(But not this time.  A rare success. A piece I wrote a few years ago)


Not that it’s a recognised event, of course, but I’m contemplating entering our Tuesday Pub Quiz Team for the 2020 Olympics.

Bear with me while I digress a little but at the 2012 London Olympics the Men’s 4 x 100m Relay Team was disqualified for dropping the baton, handing it over outside the transition area, running ...

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Also by John Coopey:


In short supply

entry picture


Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break from feeling bitter and give yourself a chance to love something. This isn't just about romantic love.

The best kind of love

Is without conditions

No doubtful suspicions

Or painful omissions

There is no one reason

For the feeling

Never defending 

Or pretending

It just is

With No Ending


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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

Model Words | Be Yourself | A Taste Of Romance | Gaming Addiction | Birthday Flowers | Gloomy Monday | Halloween Hiring | Armchair Travels | Brexit psychosis | Let's do this thing ( what is it again?) | What will we talk about after Brexit? | Invincible |

compassionkindnessunconditional love

Who Will Be There ?

Who will be there, 

Asks the elderly lady,

The one with crevices in her skin

And the sad haunted eyes.

Who will be there when all these antique people have died ?

When age and time has taken every witness.

The Princes who visit,

They're heady on the atmosphere,

Standing by a grave,

In the fullness of the solemn gales,

Treading on the ground where it all happened, for ...

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Bare feet
On thin ice

Over Arctic water.



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Also by Fred Nicholson:

You hear me? | Some times | Treasure Hunt | Mother's work is WOW! | Color Matters | make believe love |

Hidden mother

entry picture

Hidden mother

Sunday, October 13, 2019

9:13 AM


My best companion

on this earthly heaven

i remain happily driven

with her company even


on no one else

I can smile with tears

it is only her

that keeps me happy or bother


I have seen her struggle

to bring us up with the smile

she shall never let us know

how difficult was it to grow children!



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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

Pink flower | Fame & Glory | Any religion here | Combination of three | My brave man | Let love flow | Fall out of democracy | Love may become | Deserted act | No fun | Receive when it comes | Our footprints | Honest approach | Cherish the memory | In the china world poetry festival | Nature is for us here | Poem-real thought | Sanctity of love | Real inspirator | Life is strength | Befitting an occasion | BEYOND THE VISION | Life in all ages | What else here ! | Never feel | Read between lines | Human brethren |


In faith

entry picture

Casting eyes.
Holy matters.
Generational ties.
On hands and knees.......
Spirit visualized.
Voices haunting. 
Dimensions realised.
In hope in awe.........
Another world revealed.
The flow of elements.
A disease to be healed.
Amazing, it’s awesome!!!!
Miracles to behold.
Seeing is believing.
History to be retold.
Every sacred book claims the truth.
Proof of a higher being?
A loving...

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Also by Harvey202020:

Happiness of love. | Soaring high. | Is too little too late? | Autumn Dreams.... | Nephilim rising | The private war | Tommy stone's bones | Self Hurt | Death of a Pornstar | Stupid to think | A coming Stranger | Unstoppable Flood |

Autumn Rain

And so it begins. Or ends

The seasons change and as

September dies lies forgotten

Like Summer, Autumn October


Rears. Not misty mellow fruitfullness

With rusty leaf colour bright splashing

Hedgerow and tree russet yellow brown,

Mists that turn to rain and wind and heavy


Rain splashing in the track ruts and puddles

Around the farm;  every field soggy with all the


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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Dark Lullaby | The Sterling Castle, 1703 |


Season of mists

The cold autumn rain falls full in my face,

wet westerlies come with a trace of winter;

as I walk, I take account of my losses.

My mind drifts into the past:

a phantasmagoria of well-remembered faces

tumble into the valley of the shadow of death.

Phantoms afloat, all around me, looking quizzically

at the remains of a life long left or soonest parted.

The trees of this woodl...

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Also by John E Marks:

Yezedi - 2014-2019 | What have you done? | Slash and Burn - extinction rebellion | A grain of sand | David | Love in a police state | Whining poetry | Fossil sonnet | Tuesday 4th August 1914 | A turbulence of dalliance |

the myth of rehabilitation (10/11/2019)

it is with a morose gratitude 
that I am to dispense justice 
like a drug
at the hurlish demands 
of screeching bicuspids 
unaware of the lurch :
the shuffle of their own cloven hooves 
at the trough of the damned 

"to death," 
you declare
eager to eat the softened bones 
of your own impunity 
"To life"
a toast raised as a scythe falls 
and another trauma is passed
like blood thru...

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Kill em all empathy

Out to Lunch

A drive away there's various places

full of fat people filling their faces

with things they don't need

not because of greed

but just because it's there

and they've nothing else to do

so they eat cake and drink tea

at least it's better than daytime TV


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Also by Brian Maryon:

Death of a Drummer | I Love Her |



the barrage flew

viperous words striking 

straight from the point - 

expected words lie stricken 

choking back all retort

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hues | crucible | sun and moon | incessant |

The Commission For Less Education


The Commission for Less Education

is holding a conference this week

and is requesting all join together

to help us stamp out

the most alarming development

in the history of mankind

the spread of Education  


there has been a steady rise

in higher education over the past 100 years

as people have invested millions

in education and teacher's retirement plans


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Also by d.knape:

Sad Returns | Encouragement | A Lighthearted Poem | Lettter To A Cousin | Dishplay | Sage Advice | Hate On Trial | Sent From Typewriter | Last Car | Intelligence Briefing | Big Toe | Cold Front |


entry picture

Poem 99 of 230: ONE RUGBY?

With sixth-tackle, knock-on and touchline hand-over -
No scrums, line-outs, rucks or mauls;
The rest (the best of both codes) would hardly alter -
And no splits, due to two calls.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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Five Walls at the Hatton with Kate (significantly revised)

“Yes, I was very ill again, I am becoming

thinner and thinner, but my spirit cannot be crushed.

I work every minute that I’m able to. 

My Merz Barn is better and more consistent

than anything I have done before.”  (Kurt Schwitters, 1947)


Lichtenstein at the Hatton, Newcastle;

I suppose we were meant to be grateful

that the oeuvre of such an eminence

should be displ...

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what happened

What happened



The woman from the Philippines

She and her husband a European man of middle years

Had a clearing in the jungle.

Built their own bamboo cabin raised pigs and chicken

Also, vegetables which the sold at the local market.

She sent many photos of their daily life

Then came the long silence I heard nothing more

What had happened?

Now my imagination spea...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

waiting for surgery | the acceptance | aq tired day | sic transit gloria | FORTITUDE | I remember | when old sailors go | auttumnal reflection | the Obama precidency | ghosts |


In the distance,

I see you with blinding hope,

Not knowing if you are a mirage,

Or if I will ever reach you. 

Amongst the darkness, 

I keep walking towards you,

A flickering light calling my name,

The promise of a silver lining.

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You Must Believe the Bible Son

entry picture

You Must Believe the Bible Son

(Being Sunday I thought this appropriate.  A true story about me)


When I was just a little boy

My daddy said to me

You must believe the Bible son

Yes daddy, I see


When I was just a teenager

I went to 'varsity

They taught me how to question things

Question you and me


My father was a preacher

You see where this is headed?


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Also by Don Matthews:

Moonwalk Oops | Sitting Reading Paper (not another Brexit poem Don? Surely?) | Willy-Nilly : Words of Wisdom | Floccipaucinihilipilification | Climate Hysteria is Spreading – Helped Along by Eco-Messiah Greta Thunberg | Idle Chit Chat from a Walkabout Mind | Announcement to Parents by Chairman WOL Kiddie Kindergarten | Haiku – White Screen | Headachey Makey | The Poet and The Politician | Waymo, Skippy and Driverless Car Week | Explains My Person |

The Disagreement

We fight,

Like cats and dogs

In the rain. 

Our yells,

Drowning out 

The storm outside

A hundred,

Million tears,

Held back.

A billion, 

Thoughts unsaid

In fear. 

The world,  

Seems to end

and the storm

Rages on.


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Oh yes,

I had a dream.


A dream of

what death would be.


— the scariest thing.


Then I realized,

that would be the moment;

the most beautiful moment.


Given unto you,

what you’ve always

asked for.


— His voice.


So beautiful,

that your cries will be deafening

as you re-enter the world.


Reduced to what you once were,


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Also by Chaz Allen:

Emotion | Discovery | Deus | Destiny |

Staying in

Anxious and tried

Head lowered in shame

I can't face my face

Again and again 

Brooding dark doubt 

Sapped energy am tired 

Confidence is ebbing 

No company desired 

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Also by Philip Stevens:

Shouting ! |


They come home

pleading with wild eyes;

and every time you lose them

you miss them even more,


with each haunting welcome them back

as though they would always be there

reliving your despair.

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Also by ray pool:


Miss Castle

The worst thing I can say
Is I hate walking by your house
I have to go by there to go anywhere
So ripped my heart out
You're the reason I'll never find love

I'm so sorry for blaming you
I clearly still love you
So it has to be you
So tell me to go fuck off
Like every word isn't already stuck in my head

I guess I'll let another person down
Realized I still wasn't over you
So Miss Ca...

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Nothing is what it seems

entry picture

Long distance truck driver, a strange encounter - - - now he fights for his life

She stands motionless waiting

a lone hitch hiker


Observed nervous awkward manner

Where are you going?


Hospital bed, inquisitive nurse asks

Where were you going?


Falling into deep trance

body paralyzed, room lights up


Mystic fiqure looming above

unsettled spirit beckoni...

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Halfway There |

Hell of a journey

Where Do Birds Go When They Die?

In all my years of bird watching

From field and woodland walking,

From pavement pressing,

I have never seen the body of a bird.


Where do they go – to die?

Thousands of birds?


I understand decomposition, of course!

Rapid rotting of little bodies.

But feathers, and feet?

How do they simply 'disappear'?

Is it really just a matter of scale?

And human ina...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

An Irish Prayer (author unknown) |

lingering wound

hour by marching hour

time has all eventualities in its tread


a progression that brings down the walls of every life


linked, we are inescapable companions

our final destinations the same

an awaiting rewarding price

of nothing for the cost of having lived


the thoughts of such payments

sink into my mind like a stone


impossible to put aside consideration...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

all the reparations you will ever need | abandoned declination of a stately house and gardens | ' real ' out of mind experience | child's death in black and white | subterraneously shuffling | eviction | and it didn't get any better | of a snuffing out | Fox and THEY | prima in waiting |

Creaking chairs and crunching leaves

Leaves from the fall,
Drifting to the side of my heart.

Aching backs,
The rocking motion sends shivers,
Open up the world.

Hearts of gallor,
Crunching in the water,
A blue stream that moves toward winter.

To feel open and vulnerable,
To feel free,
The air breaths nicely in the brisk of morning.

I sit leisurely on a chair,
Rocking against the grain,
On this cold autumn night.

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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Criss cross patches | Is it real? |


the cobra






                    its tail around my neck

its name is


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Also by Marina T:

Sinner |

anxietymental healthmental health issuespoetry and mental health

Wayward thoughts!!

Problems after problems

Troubled layers ahead

Patience lost to express

Running a tearful race

Sorrrows unexpressed

Shattering soul

Broken promises

Criss crossed 

Bitterly tossed

Mind going numb

Life burdensome

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Also by Do.RoThY:

Tears!! | Doctors' on call?? | 📻⌚⏳ | Either-OR!!!!!!!!! | My loving pain!! | Smiling and happy always!! | I ain't a poet!!!! | A tale of tide!!!! | I 💖 U | 😮💭💭💭 | I would!! |

Sharpei Skin

Suki is a Sharpei

It takes lifetimes of breeding to turn a wolf into a Sharpei.

"More skin,' cries the breeder wife.


Beauty is only skin deep...functional too.

I've seen other dogs grab rolls and rolls of Suki's beauty and shake,

while she easily manuevers around to return the favor.

                            I should be so lucky.

My skin comes down from lines of carp...

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Also by Michael Triandafils:

Dear Fundamentalist Friend | Song Production | Bottle | The Ballad of Pablos Juan | To The Subject of Every Photo Taken Before 1900 |

Willpower and Discipline

Willpower and discipline,
have long been two of the 
most despised words in the 
english language to me.

What character flaw prevents  
the willpower and discipline
necessary to be the person
I imagine myself capable of being?

A half-lived life is heartbreaking.
There is no acceptable excuse, 
not age or disability.

Even people with no limbs 
live empowered lives 
built on willp...

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Also by Vautaw:

Abandoned | Betrayed | Moments |

disabilitydisciplineempowermentfriendsheartbreaklifeloneliness. regretpoemspoetryreflectionrelationshipsweaknesswillpower


I've spent days and weeks angry at the world 
Cross that people are carrying on
While I am trapped in this never ending cycle of grief

I have been in a bubble
All consuming, encompassing 
Hard to escape

Until today
Until one blog post made me realise
Other people have problems too

Other families are having to deal with grief too
Some more devastating then I can even imagine

My p...

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Also by Ashleigh Davies:

Your House | Memory Box | Funeral | Emotions | Chair |

These Islanders


Varied as any flock, these islanders 
are yet never far from one view.

On the horizon
it may be dragons they look out for
and the dull clunk of bells they hear
from where the sun has other business.

Looking out on these changeful waves 
always the same, the same
fascinates the islander
just as the ever evolving curls
of the beloved's shining
shining hair.
And looking out, to t...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

In The Mansions Of Memory | The Millionth Existentialist Pome | Yours Sincerely | A Poem |

A Reason

A Reason


A ponderous existence is our enigma in life

to experience the fullness of all is perplexity

Highly subjective we are intensely observant

the world is seen as a cinema screen

A performance in which we all take part

a drama of strange participation


Do I serve a purpose through my being here

is my individuality purposefully made

Am I a cog in a wheel of p...

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Also by keith jeffries:

One of Many | You´re Living in the Past | Nan´s Kitchen | Loathing | Bigger and Better Bombs | In Love | No Frontiers | History in Denial |


entry picture

Beautiful how you're glistening
Beautiful my mahogany
I love the way you sound to me
I love the way you make me free

Smooth on top I start to groove
Smooth on top your maple wood
Sounds that always make me move
Sounds just like my childhood

Smells like amps and old gear
Smell the old speakers where I am near
Tastes like sex and cheap old beer
Tastes like celebrating on New Year

Ode to ...

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Also by Allison Wonder:

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Beyond the horizon

Nature uses her horizon to obscure the full expanse of her majesty, as a beautiful woman might angle her face to the floor to avoid attention.
She has no need for flashy steeples or tolling bells to make one sit up and take notice.
Like the peewee enraptured by his reflected image in my window, 
her many faces captivate me, her power and complexity is jaw dropping, inspirational.
The earth and...

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Also by Kate G:

One of those days |

Start With An Apology

I'll start with an apology, solemnly, to make up for the one you never gave to me

Properly, probably, you didn't even know that it was necessary,

Honestly, this disunity,  that has come to be between you and me,

Bothers me,  so deeply, because it questions our compatibility,

The quality, of amity, is strained to limits of insanity,

Our policy, of clarity, was crushed under the heels...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Mondays Demon | A Dark Seed | Hallows Harbinger | Broken |

Dreaming Like It's 2004

I had one of those dreams again, the ones where we were just friends. You had no idea you were my every heartbeat.

We were on a trip somewhere, back in high school or something. You had a crush on the foreign exchange student I was rooming with. I was barely tolerating her. You invited us to hang out though, and I couldn't deny any second spent near you. We stayed late in your room listening...

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Also by Marantha Greyson:

Five Dollar Words |

crushDreamshigh schoolloveunrequited loveyoung love


entry picture

A slave to my feelings,

Shackles trapping my mind.

Trying to break through and begin healing, 

But hit with the cruel reality of man-kind. 


Image from: https://medium.com/@ReymundAlagos/6-s-against-stress-1ca49ddece40

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mental healthPTSD


I used to think the red juice

at the bottom of this tupperware

was blood

from her hands

pressing down on the cabbage late at night.

her body hunched over the kitchen sink

so hunched

must have had

the full weight of


just and only everything

pressing down on the cabbage.

The red rising;

The red resting;

The red fermenting

just above the knuckl...

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Also by Alex J.J:

Last letter to a heartbroken girl | "I'll find someone else" |


You say flatulence I say fart

that is why I can not give you my heart


You are symphony I am country

we dance to a different beat


You are perfect in my eyes

one who never tells lies


If we became real

it could ruin my dream


Become the nightmare

I've too often see


Better to be flirting friends

so our relationship never ends


Go to our g...

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The Brexit Dance

Can we get on a little faster

Said the leavers to remain

This whole thing is a disaster

And it’s driving us insane

The Germans and the Belgians

And that other lot in France

Are incensed at our rebellion

And pathetic Brexit dance

Can we, can’t we, can we

Can’t we end this Euromance

Will we, won’t we, will we

Won’t we do the Brexit dance


It could have been so...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Grammar-Nazi |


Poor old London...sad old place

Condemned to suffer a soiled face

From environmental egos come to visit,

Hardly a cause for welcome, is  it?


Like infants squealing for attention,

Desperate for a media mention,

Never mind if it's hardly unknown news...

Any excuse to virtuously abuse


The hopes of those in dire need

Of getting to hospital to be freed

Of pain an...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Mr Chaos




The doors are open

Come in feel free to rip things apart


Your spot in the centre is waiting 

Pay attention 

I’d like to sabotage myself now


Come like an earthquake 

Don’t waste more time

I can take ten on the Richter Scale


Hit me now 

Give me all you’ve got

Don’t worry I will tidy up


Don’t stop 

Until I am out

You kno...

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Everything Will Be Alright

It's a dark room when it's formed by your actions

Just never knew where to stand

My mother always told me my mouth would get me in trouble

And so here I am,  using my hands

My words have no leash

They probably should have a harness

It's just way too early for me to have sentience 

I'm just mumbling around throwing apples at the wounds

I could keep going over

And then swi...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

October |

I Need You (a Halloween ode to companionship)

I need you 

Like Dracula needs a neck to suck
Like Hannibal lector needs victims to cook
Like Jason needs the 13th day
Like Micheal Myers needs teens to slay

I need you 
like werewolves need to howl
I need you
forever in my medusa scowl

I need you
Like Vincent Price needs bats to keep
Or like Willard with his rats that creep

I need you
Like Freddy Krueger
(I see you when I'm sl...

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halloweenoctoberpunk poetry

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