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Under the new contract

Under the new contract

It’s definitely a new game
with these rifles 
they knocked off 
my left pinky

but I had enough wet wipes
to stanch things and clean off
the desk before 
the next class arrived

Samuels is doing amazing work
from the floor after yesterday’s blast
he simply turned the testing into an art
project-talk about teachable moments

the kids haven’t been the same

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(Noting missing comments from blogs)

Well now, what is there to say

About observations that have gone away?

Comments on a blog to add to the content

Disappear from sight - whatever that act meant!

As if a magic wand has waved in rejection

Of what is remarked via some censored selection.

Abracadabra - vanished from view,

It wasn't by me...

So - was it by you?


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Dating a Friend

There was darkness and then there was you

Though to be sure the light never moved

A warm hearth at the end of a blizzard

A hole in my heart I’d patch over haphazard

Drove me to find you in my soul

Until I filled that gaping hole

With your infinite love and hope

You gave me just enough rope

To pull myself out of abyss

With your own version of selflessness


You wait...

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Also by Josie Harris:

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Whale shark

entry picture

We pass boulders representative in size of elephants

winter grey, similarly creased.


A bobbing buoy iconically hatted with a gull

clangs out its presence across the water

but does not distract our widened eyes

from gazing astoundedly

at the semi-submerged lorry-sized

ocean-going giant with a miniature brain


peaceful Mobyesque monster

holding our attention's fo...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

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Cuckoo Festival 2019: Children's Poetry Performance

entry picture

What a superb poetry performance at Cuckoo Festival this year.

Children from Lily Lane Primary School in Manchester and Marsden Junior School performed their poems on the theme of Migration: ‘Birds Have No Borders’, led by the sensational poet Louise Fazackerly. There was also a cuckoo trap competition; the entries and poems can be currently viewed and read at Marsden Library.

One of the Cuc...

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first there was windows 2

then 3 and 4

then along comes  5 & 6

would you believe  7& 8

now we got 10

just how many damn windows

do we need

i don't wanna watch windows

and i don't wanna wash windows

Ten is too many windows to keep up with

how about just One window

that's right One window

would be fine with me

I can use old newspapers

to cover it u...

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No-one Was A Winner


Crying when you entered

Crying when you die

People shocked, they  questioned

Why so early?  Why?


People didn't reach out

Too wrapped up with their life

To notice you in trouble

To notice you in strife


The scourge of heroin took you

Others 'round were blind

Too wrapped up in their selfishness

To reach out, and be kind


So no-one was a winner


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A love kill

I cell phone him from across town

my 'lover' with his growing impatience.

In the background, I can make out the sound of his fingers

tapping on a nearby hard surface ( like the last time I phoned! )


and at that point, I thought OH! THAT'S IT!

after all, I have loved him for too long anyway

 remembering how he craftily gatecrashed my life all those years ago

and that I, li...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

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A lucky escape on the X43 bus from Manchester to Burnley on the motorway near Bury

Manchester was buzzing and full of fun,

Many had travelled for the Sunday10k run.

On boarding the bus back to Burnley,the X43,

The people were happy and full of glee.

Chatting and laughing discussing their day.

But something really scary was to happen on the motorway.

At 50m.p.h. the bus did cruise,

Passengers watching and admiring the views.,

A brick was hurled at the driv...

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can't feel
my feet
under me
defying laws
of gravity
rose colored
got me
kickin ass
don't look
before i leap
think before
i speak
gonna do what
i please
no ceiling
or floors
that's what walls
are for
if ignorance
is bliss
i'm giddy
with it
yes i
might slip
don't give
a flip
rather rely
on tarot cards
than not follow
my ...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

Sulphur Flame 2

What did she wear that night, what was her name?

He retraces his steps to that place

The place where she waited – for him

He can still feel the cool iron rails slipping through his fingers

The warm summer night’s air on the back of his hand

He remembers being calm, very calm

But for a sense of tension rising, from inside

He stopped, almost at the top of the steps

She stood,...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

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I hurt someone today, you know what, I did.

I purchased a T-shirt, cotton, from Egypt.


They used up water from artesian wells,

Now dry, in the desert, away from the Nile.


The cotton was picked, nearly for free,

And so it was made, least it seems thus to me.


Three pounds fifty is what I forked out,

An amount you’ll agree isn’t a spree.


I can clothe my fam...

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Also by Rich:

Sparks |

Last Letter (Epigram #2)

If this is the last hour I tread above the soil

Let me say I lay and bleed; 

from womb to tomb, in bliss and in turmoil

I am yours and yours indeed.

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 Are we too uncritical?

on Facebook

also helpful and ultimately dull.

I’m not thinking of baby pictures

and cute puppies,

but of opinions, I disagree with

not voicing these objections.

Is Facebook a place for mutual?

self-congratulation a display of

Achievement, however, banal.


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Take me with you

Up in flames

I go

Burning to the core

Always wanting more



For an ocean 

to put out the fire



For a way to end 


Take me up 

To the stars

Take me to the place 

away from Earth 


Where the air flows

Time stops

Life doesn’t seek more 


Take me with you

Whoever you are

Show me that you care


Fill me ...

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Also by Julia G:

Chair | Me |


Flower Child Folded In My Pocket.
That Little Note You Wrote, I Must’ve Dropped It.
But Count Me In, You Can Paint Me Red.
Though Count Me In Today, Tomorrow’s Dead.
So Paint Me Red, You Can Count Me In
For Just A Trip Or Two. I’m Falling All Over You.
Stars, I’m Howling Bleak,
Come Inside With Me.
Though I Think I’m Falling Through
While You Trip On Me.
I’m Here, In Tune, Haunted.

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Cannibal JonesSong

For my mother

Coming downstairs so slow and steady

Crinkled and wrinked with ruffled hair

I hold her dreams close to me -

Pause at the ending of eternity -

Until I have drunk two strong coffees,

Smoked an imaginary cigarette,

Said good morning to those whom I love

And who are now amongst the dead;

Recite a quiet antiphon in our muddled head.

Then look out of the French windows that ar...

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we'll step through the door

and enter that place

that's preserved,




for puffs of hot air

that fuels the debate,

that doesn't relate,

to reality,


- and there's more,


they cannot deceive,

(so we're led to believe)

and the spin

that they spin

is still spinning.


and that's just the beginning.



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Also by Dorothy Webb:


Un soneto para tí

El radiante sol que alumbra mi día

Tú con tus ojos de dulce oscuridad

Con una alma de dulce sensualidad

Y calentaste mi persona fría


Y con una suavidad me caía

Y me paso por pura casualidad

Tú con tu gentil caballerosidad

No sabía el veneno que bebía


Deseo de aún roto corazón

Más veneno por esta alma corrupta

Salvavida para mi mente oscura


Futuro dol...

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Here is the News

We take your faces to paper our walls.

We take your stories to hang in our halls.

We are the presenters, presenting the truth.

Believe us or not, it's up to you.

But most do.


We take your thoughts and turn them around.

We tell you which investments are sound.

We are the impartial in-telly-gents.

Believe us or not, it's up to you.

But most do.



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information warmediapropoganda


Lancinating the fragments of  life
Childhood horrors of bruises and lacerations.. 
Innocent eyes capturing images of brutal strife.. 

Grappling the  distorted routes of right and wrong.. 
A maze, a web of dysfunctional paths
A prized possession yet for none to belong ..

Days of sombre silence  gathered and rusted.. 
Hiding in the corner from the ugly reality.. 
Air filled with seething...

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Pall Mall Red Pixie 


May 68 bottles break down these walls


‘98 skating


Small but fragile doobie - the roach that burns my fingertips.


Uncomfortable positions but staying for the pleasure of conversations. Conversations that subtracts the 20 “CLASS A CIGARETTES” in one pack.


City slicker delves into a unfamiliar environment to leave the conscience, as a mecha...

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Also by .gray:

Blue’s big pajama party (1999) |



in all their blind-driven, driven blind caresses

And plaster-stuck, never-empty chests of neverminds

Sleep, never again, each night of their mother life.



as a May blackbird, hopping half-starved and careless

to gain a moment singing a whisper to the moon,

fall into a womb convoluted drowse



down and fending off the black years

of sh...

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After All This Time

And after all this time
I still love you
she said to him
And I love you
he said to her
Precious years together
always remembered
The good between them
never to be forgotten
Their hearts forever one
Two souls united

Now departed
her soul has moved on
leaving a blanket of love
behind to surround him
Wrapped in this blanket
he feels her presence
her love for him
never dies


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Also by Jane Briganti:

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A cleansing by fire



The first mouthful turns me inside out,

my soul screams down a tunnel of memories.


The slap, the fist, the spittle in my eyes

the sound of my mothers whimpering cries.


A key in the door, the stairwells echo

panicked faces in torch-light.


The desert with impact craters like a scarred brain,

sack cloth floating in the hot seared a...

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My Mea Culpa To The Future

Tomorrow's cohort have cause to complain:

we've squandered their birthright (this fragile earth,)

burning resources for personal gain

and left them all this mess. For what it's worth


though we've claimed no right nor shown contrition

for leaving their world denuded of life,

with nature in such a raped condition,

stripped by our greed at the point of a knife.


Too f...

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Also by Richie Muster:

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Conversation at Silverstone

entry picture

Who won Formula 1 in 1984?   




I said, who won Formula 1 in 1984??!!   




WHO WON FORMULA 1 IN 1984???!!!                                  




WHO FUCKING WON FORMULA 1 IN 1984???!!!                     


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Also by Brian Maryon:

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I lather my self in sticky strawberries knowing it is the scent of my sweat they crave.

But being a good girl suites me and who am I to ruin their painting,

They so delicately stroked.

You blend my skin into my bones,

Washing me in oils of peach and rose.

Drowning in the aura of everyone,

You let the wind dry me.

But rain begins to fall,

Collecting the image you thought was...

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Also by Madalyne:

Trying |

You & Me


You & Me



Together we may see the Devil Dance

& together we may see God cry in vain

How Our typical eyes

So often only notice the typical guise



Like so many on this sphere I know

You’re undervalued

Lost like a sailor in the vast ocean blue

Come along with me

Let me make you feel new



I’ll caress every ...

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A 'Fitting' Tale.


A 'Fitting' Tale.


Harry was a tailor, with the highest reputation.

Known for style and excellence (whatever, his creation).

His method was to double-check on every single measure,

so garments fitted perfectly, to give his clients pleasure.


This ‘modus-operandi’ will ensure the clothes fit, great

if you stick to it religiously and never deviate.

But, circumstance...

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Also by John Andrew Nield:

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humorous verse



His grandmother made us drink

before work began.

Sour wine and cough mixture

by the taste of things:

a poisonous warmth expanding

like a pack of nails inside.

It was seven o'clock

and cold fields had not woken

from their early dew.

The cat's called Socrates, she said,

because he ate the hemlock

in the garden, over there

past our broken tractor,


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Also by john short:


Feckless youth

Oh, dissolute and feckless youth

When wiliest thou surrender to all that is given

Wiliest thou not seize with both hands

All that is offered and granted freely to thee

The boundless pounding rhythm that rises in thy chest

Does thou not recognise all that lays

In rich and fertile soil

Beneath the crust of barely hidden dust


Wilt thou not lift thy face and greet the sun


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Also by Martin Elder:

Another visit |


There is the blackbird on a high roof point

above a void of wall.

A coil of sound trembles there,

who will hear the call?


The fresh and thundery air

senses the fever of spring,

fledglings test their early wings,

all is urgency.

Then the circle completes


with a liquid response

distant and clear,

a worm of sound

sculpted perfectly for my human ear.

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Also by ray pool:


Future's Past

Past has always chased Future's Present;

for Past envies its favored presence.


Mockery laced with lust

as injections plump busts.


Yet, Children of the Sun

will remain to be shunned.


Hot remains split like us

till we reach Exodus!


Hollowed we lie down deep;

your ass best wake from sleep!


Past was shiny, now played out.

Present is dying and s...

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Also by Poetikaly Anointed:

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entry picture

You ask if I believe in God...
How can I not?

To deny my Father
means I leave my existence
to some 30 year old predator
who impregnated a girl half his age
and left her to raise their child
in the wilderness, among wolves 
that feed on loneliness and despair.

Without my Father, I would never know
that after suffering comes deliverance,
pain leads to compassion,
forgiveness breaks b...

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Also by Vautaw:

Daughter | Mother | Moral Abyss | Twisted Love |

affectionbabybirthchildrendeliverancedespairdesperationfaith familyfatherforgivenesshopelonelinessnatureprayerrelationships spiritualityreligion

Passive by choice, Aggressive by nature.

(We all have a dark side, hemmed in by the light,

But controlled, it is useful, your dark slice of night)


It would be a mistake, to pick a fight with me,

I've had enough practice to know where to hit,

Only grace and experience make me act honourably,

Still, crack on if you must, but prepare for some shit.


I don't have the patience to withstand hyperbole,

All the fals...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

A Thousand Miles | National Limerick Day | Little Birds | The Silent Grey | Fading | The Power Of Ten |


you are freefall among the pine needles 

motes of dust and sunset pepper your face 

we had found a box of matches  

burnt every one within five minutes 

gambled away our fingertips 

on who could last the longest 

if i could weigh this memory now 

it would be wolves and yearning 

a liquid mess seething through the forest 

some jawline ruining my welcoming throat 

a fai...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

cosmic fuck poem | click/clack |


THE MEANING OF BIRDSONG                                                       

Warm May morning, pink azaleas alight,

never been so bright before, so

fiery so soon after winter’s wake

(quite late this year). I toast my feet beneath

a dodging sun, soaking up essential D, and

settle on a garden seat to listen to what I

cannot see: a tree-top high cacophony

of birdsong, every ...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


Hazelnut Cakes

You made me feel like death was a better answer!

So tell me where your empathy is?
You're a nightmare I can't seem to get away from
I might be addicted to the abuse you give to me

Your love is like spoiled milk
I keep sipping because 
I like the taste of sickness
I bet you never thought I would be like this
You made me wish for death 
Baby kill me and all your new ways
I want to cut ...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Unholy | Jukebox Kid | Chemicals | Sulphur | The Monster of Ingolstadt | Grave of the Fireflies |


entry picture

Poem 95 of 230: A GOOD LIFE 

For fauna,
Falconry -
Starve or free?
Sheep for wool -
Fed till full.
Chooks for eggs -
Free-range legs.
Milk from cows -
Should well house:
Better grade
Can be made.
Fish for game -
Cut the pain.
Kosher and
Halal band.
Dogs for pets -
No regrets.
And question

This does say
Buddha’s way,
And Blake’s way:
A good life -

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The Wasp

She is dead already,

those eyes have murdered her.

They shut her inside jars,

scream their pain, projection.

She needs not to sting humans

but she is overwhelmed.

Searching for open windows,

A chance to kill herself. 

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bullyingfearsuicide awarenesstrapped

Laurence Olivier


Laurence Olivier

classical thespian

and that’s a fact


forcefully starring in


movies and theatre

boy, could he act

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Spellbound |

Double Dactyl

A Poem for Jezabiel, Confessions from a Wonderland

entry picture

A poem for Jezabiel

Confessions from a wonderland

Jezabiel, my dearest Jezabiel,
Oh the hell I feel when you are no longer around.
My world spins up side down and the wrong way round and I don't know which way to go.
Breathing is hard and thinking is painful and the memories ache deep inside my soul.
Oh how I wish you would know,
How I wish you would wake up and open your eyes once...

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Void Brooding.

I wish the abyss would stop looking back at me.
I look in the mirror and I swear that's all I see.
Not a monster but a void I cant escape.
I was born with a heart but it seems mishaped.

Someday I swear I'm going to leave this place.
Find my way to the light that people praise.
But for now I think it's better if I hang my head.
Bite my tongue and drink until I just forget.

I don't know how ...

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The little tea plucker

The cold breeze brushed my cheek,
The cold wind brushed my hair,
The air was filled with the aroma of
Sweet flowers,
I saw her..

A girl of eight years (close to.my age)
stood in front of me.
So close, yet, so far..
We stared at each other dumbstruck .
She was wearing a ragged dress with darts everywhere (where I wore jeans)
with tangled hair,
she stood there..

She was small, ...

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Also by Miyurangi:

The wait |

I loved you

I loved you 

From the moment I saw you

Black beanie 


Cigarette hanging from the side of your mouth

Dripping in hurt and cynicism


My imperfect reflection


We spent days in bed

Hid from the world

Made our own


You were the light in my darkness

The first to really see me

The first to truly love me

What you gave me I'd never had before


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Also by Brandi:

A Letter |

divorceheartacheLove lost


Came from the motherland of Jamaica
To a country that at the time celebrated the phrase "no blacks no dogs no Irish"
A once proud lion of Queens road's concrete jungle
Now reduced to a skeletal wreck of a man

Lavish clothes and trademark smile
Dented by the plight of dementia and illness 
Now changed for a walking stick
A scowl
And yesterday's clothes

30 years alone
Underneath your e...

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2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 10 The Journey Home

entry picture

Image: Circuit of the Americas, home of the U.S. Grand Prix, besides which this 3.4-mile racetrack hosts concerts in its Austin 360 Amphitheater. I always wondered where it was. As it turns out it is South of the airport, this is the first time I have seen it.


30.4.19 - 192) Rose to face departure day, sad heart, sky of grey

To reception bound, coffee to bring me round

Hoping today t...

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Also by Trev the Road Poet::

2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 9 McAllen to Austin | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 8 McAllen | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 7 Kerrville to McAllen | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 6 Lamesa to Kerrville | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 5 Lamesa | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 4 Austin to Lamesa | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 3 Austin |

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