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New to heart

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New to heart

Tuesday,18 th June 2019


It is a beautiful way

full of romantic feeling and says

something new to heart

in the form of human art


you remember or not

I am not caught

between dilemma and the real feel

it is no deal


I am out to find

the love of any kind

that has a love for an individual

with true heart and feel


feel pride and h...

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I shall write crap

about tickle and slap,

no detail spared

anatomically shared.


Bad taste no longer embarrassing

a close second to online harassing

the obvious answer

to pull the punters.


That's the way to go

to stimulate the poetry flow

and fuck inspiration up the arse

using the simple device of a cock

such endless pleasure to unlock.


It's no ...

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Also by ray pool:


Blackbird Mother

My wings are brown, not black and shiny.
I'm always peeping out through leaves.
I try and keep above the fear trilling below,
I know they are ingesting bitter roots.
And yet I swallow their song all the same.
The empty smoke of hope that arises,
as I am the Blackbird mother sitting,
gathering material and protecting you,
refined in pointless expectation.
I am a gust of failure that ruins,

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A Life On The Ocean Wave

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A Life OnThe Ocean Wave


I’m standing at the water’s edge

with an origami boat,

I’m mindful of your heartaches

so I’m putting them afloat.


The waves will carry them far from you

to exotic distant shores,

And you can smile and laugh and sing

and think of them no more.


The roaring tides may sink your ship

or sail forever on life’s seas,

So, my friend, r...

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Slow Walking


When knees get weak

creak as I go

I take my walking

very slow


legs too are weak

they sleep also

I take my walking

carefully so


as not to fall

I creep to go

I take my walking

sadly so


old age the case

along I go

youth was too fleet

now I'm too slow.

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Live much longer don't smoke! A message to teenagers.

Smoking is  glamourous ,sexy and mature,

Advertisers create this perception to lure,

Teens to smoke and feel cool,

To fit in with their friends at school.


Smoking creates rebellion in the family hive,

Best to quit this mistake and stay alive.

Ask your teen what made him start,

To damage the lungs,circulation and heart.

Smoking and vaping are not allowed,

Darkness lu...

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Yorkshire's 10 Commandments

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This poem started off as "Yorkshire Rules" based on a Yorkshire tee shirt design, it was later adapted, incorporating Garrowby Hill, both generating much amusement, then I decided Pen-y-gent would be better  plus a few more amendments.


To answer God’s call Moses went, reyt to t’top o' Pen-y-Ghent

Not filled wi’ dread when he heard God spake an he said

“Moses, Yorkshire is my beloved ...

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Death Party

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Death Party

I watched my death party
And smiled
Because I knew what nobody can expect
When they leave into the darkness
Between the layers of time itself.

Some people shed tears of lost
While others smiled with no cost,
Many cry on their own
While I felt death
Like a wound
From a black rose.

I await to greet others
Within seconds
Not years –
Like time spent growing up with my ...

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A phrase which suggests to me an outcome,

Born of reason; not the season for legal treatise but could

Call time on each resting pair of marching boots plus owner,

Dulled, still, at dawn following deadly all day military drill, the

Excess dust now gone and marcher done – he forever

Full of phrases, though no And Because, each one more

Grouchy, generally, than the on...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


7-Up: Cleanliness Is Next To Impossible

Who else, save that one person

in need of relaxation

would stoop to taking a bath?

From the very first instant

said bather isn't cleaner

but more and more wallowing

in their own scum-laden filth.

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Finding it impossible to get a doctor's appointment

I began the practise of self-diagnosis

which revealed that I was actually more ill than I thought


I had athlete's foot, housemaid's knee and tennis elbow

My prostate was enlarged and pressed against my bladder

causing me to pee more...could it get any badder? (groan)

Yes it could. I had cancer of everything

and both type...

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forest dog

The forest dog


A dog lived in the forest

I think it was a she

It avoided contact with people

The forest was full of rabbits.

I sat on a stone in the glade

For a long time it ignored me,

But one day it came near

I fed him a sandwich, later on

It let me pick ticks of its fur

Before backing into the bushes.

On my walks, I often sat on the stone

Sometimes the d...

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Society's been infected with

An insidious disease

It's causing me concern and stress

A state of some unease


Today we've lost so many things

Care for those around

Lost the art of empathy

Care has run aground


It's all to do with me-first

And winning at all cost

If we can get away with it

No problem – nothing lost


The cause of this d...

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My Savior



I walked along the path at dusk unknowing of my danger

She called to me a solemn note, a witch of dark design


She bears me to her home aloft, a temptress feigning light

I enter into the arched halls, a façade of poisoned love


I am a false jewel, a bringer of craved madness

I will entangle you in webs of fear, a sinuous oily darkness


I will bathe you i...

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Build me!!!

Build me hope

Build me trust

Build me faith

That wouldn't rust


Build me home

Build me care

Build me family

That needs no repair


Build me laughter

Build me content

Build me feelings

That will never extinct


Build me love

Build me commitment

Build me relationship

Devoid of disillusionment


Build me power

Build me strength

Build ...

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It moves like a cockroach in my mind

It spreads filth, it eats at me, makes me shiver with fear and disgust

I want to let it out...

I want someone to take the burden from my mind

...but...I could never ask that of someone

...I could never place this upon someone I loved,

but I could never trust someone I didn't

So this is mine...a constant fire that longs for fresh air but sta...

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Love me


The Sun is shining

The day is beautiful 

Today, i will meet your 



i’ll be, who you want me to be

Do, whatever you desire

i can do it

Just have to work harder


i know

i haven’t been perfect 

Far from it...

But i can do better

i promise


i’ll put more effort

Be smarter, exciting, bright

Say the right thing, at the right time


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Also by Julia G:

Room |


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I woke from another nice nightmare,

the same one as last night:

calling in a midnight green garden,

sickening spilling envy over

the flower beds

and screaming through locked doors;

the keyhole beyond where

battleships flutter,


in some old silent film.

Let me bring the colour to this

disease. Because 

I've brought it in fruitbowls,

and bouquets, and I...

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A Stranger Calls. .......

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I remember taking my mum to visit my dad in the local hospice before he sadly passed away after several months of ill health and memories of the visits prompted this poem:


I visit you daily in your nursing home

you're physically with me yet I feel so alone


I reach for your hand and you pull it away

a bit of you dies with each passing day


Our love over years never did ...

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June 2019 Collage Poem: Going Back in Time

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Overhanging your tiredness

Coming home


Ah 60’s! Too young, let’s do it again.

60’s women, short skirts, knickers


Don’t look now in Blackpool

The man selling sand is here again


What comes before?

Silent silver surfing by the sea


Falling into the past

Looking back, we see clearly.


Footprints in the sand of disbelief

Nowhere to fly across...

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Going Back in TimeJuneStockport Collage Poem

No man ever steps in the same river twice

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher born in 544 B.C. said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."



Heraclitus, my friend, I know you've been gone

For two and a half thousand years but we are of one mind:

Sceptical, Seeking, Secular.

On a road through Physics and Mathematics

To a Singularity of belief

Foretold.in th...

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Some thoughts on the definitions of "Smudge" as per Merriam-Webster

Some blurry spot or streak

(a barrel of grace tapping my forehead -

The GSR of redemption)


An immaterial stain

(the spanked yellow splotch in the sheets

dabbed with soap in the morning)


An indistinct mass

(the transitive rebound slag stink-breathing over me)


A smoldering mass placed on the windward side as to protect from frost

(burning pillows behind the ...

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(Inspired by this wonderful advertisement for Lux.  I needed to change it to Camay for the rhythm.  A racing cert for Poem of the Week)


Freshen up your flaps with Camay

Fol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol la

It’s the soap for whiffy fanny

Fol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol la

Banish thoughts of Aldi salmon

Fol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol la

If you’re hoping for a gamming.


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Also by John Coopey:


The Truth Hurts

Strongholds of war threaten our life supply,
for death awaits those who seek and speak truth.
Battles are waged within our safe havens,
as kin and friend shed their masks of deceit.

Doorsteps of homes alter into altars
Refuge is taken spiritually now,
for the church has fallen religiously.
Satan worshippers disguised as righteous
Believers, spitting the Word better than
us because False...

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poetikaly anointedpoetrytruth

2019 New moon 17th june

It's 2019 17th of June
tonight we shall welcome this strawberry moon
As we worship your brightness and magical
we manifest beauty and our purest of dreams
heal were needs healing and deep cleanse my
As you do I aknowledge my soul you are freeing
keep me strong in my darkest hour
from highest love frequencies fill me with power
miracles you grant me
blessings and light
heal ...

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full moonmoonprayers

The Children Of The Serpent

Gales are gathering around your walls and columns crumbling -

bolted doors seemed poised, the stained-glass windows restless rattle -

yet to revelry they're lost - deaf to the distant rumbling -

children of the serpent – born of warriors once formed for battle.


Leafless trees – whose boughs with dew are frozen – how you upwards reach -

as in supplication; sapped is every buddin...

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Also by Chris Laverty:

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the children of the serpent poem chris laverty

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

My soul travels back and forth 
Between feeling like I'm holding my breath,
And feeling like all the breath has been taken out of me.
In either case, it has been a long time 
Since I have felt like I could breathe. 

My world has been chaos,
Misfortune after tragedy after misfortune 
Most days I wonder when I will catch a break
Then there are times I believe 
I finally have my head above...

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

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On the floor in the dark room,


The occasional lightbulb flicker

Brings some hope back into my blue-glazed eyes,

But it's a mere distraction.


I imagine that the lightbulb can see;

Awake when it's shining,

Otherwise asleep.

In the light I seem free,

My body moves. My voice, it speaks.

Speaks like the one it once belonged to,

Before the l...

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Also by Astrid Thomas:

Beautiful Tree |

Step Change

I am ageing,

the world I thought I knew

 is in flux around my unsteady feet,

contorting in metamorphosis

as traditions, conventions 

codes and civilities

that, once held dear, lie

butchered and defeated

by the sniggering barbs

of wanton change;

change without progress

a weakening fluidity

for facile inertia

easy meat, fast-food humour

masquerading as a fas...

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such as ethnic cleansing's

seeing televised scenes of death en-masse

delivering more of itself in a few hours

than it takes sackfuls of our mail

to be delivered in a week.

Grim results of the dead

not being dealt with respectfully

not being encased

shouldered and religiously treated

before being lowered into the silent peaceful earth 

with dignity

but left out in the open

already having suff...

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Return To America

Lit by the distant sun 
in a backyard beer-garden 
overlooking the meadow
my swimming brain spins out
through adventures of the past
forgotten journeys 
by coach, by plane
through unfamiliar landscapes
to the desert 
in California

We rode the Greyhound 
between the sun-drenched cities
your head lay on my lap
and when we could tear 
our eyes from one-another
we'd watch the world pa...

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Also by Tom:

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Americalost loveloveold poemreflectionsTraveling

the first pitch of summer

entry picture

the first pitch of summer

spring training is over

time to make tracks

to wrigley fenway kauffman

or wherever batters balls crack

the bull pen is waiting

the mound’s been prepared

the roster is ready

nostrils are flared

the star spangled banner

brings tears to your eye

a rocket ascending

up high in the sky

a proud crowd in the stadium

the first pitch is thr...

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Also by thephantomscribbler:

Bless The Weather |



fighter pilot
beauty in
the beast
deep sleep
bitten once
twice shy

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

I wonder

and I wonder if there's someone else that you wish was giving you the attention that I am

and I wonder if you are giving someone else the attention that I wish you would give me

and I wonder why this imbalance follows me

chases me

always always nipping at my heels

and yet somehow manages to also remain

two steps ahead of me

this imbalance of desire

of devotion

of depende...

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Also by Eiren Water:

addicts lie | outside | maybe mayhem |


Was it worth it

I don't care to hear what you have to say
I won't let it affect me anyway.
What you did ain't right
What you did made me tight.

I can't begin to understand your reason,
But what you said had a meaning.
We fought and
tonight I toss and toss.

Who would of thought your words
Could hurt this mockingbird.
That the blood that will spill
Would break my remaining will.

I don't care, you made y...

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Eric Was a Werewolf

entry picture

This is a true story.

  For Eric Parker

        And for Nick Bertozzi who was also a werewolf


Eric Was a Werewolf


Eric was a fine young man

‘Tho he was a little odd

Artistic and adventurous

With a likeable façade

A sharp sense of humor

He was quiet and kind

He loved to work with metal

He had a brilliant mind

But something was a little off

Something ...

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On rejoining the cult

I was never crazy about the sacrifices 

and definitely think she’d go on 

a little long during 

the Tuesday sermons 


but it was the quality of connection 

I felt was lacking in my life

you just don’t meet people

of that sort on the outside


of course there’ll be certain things

I’ll miss-

ice cream, situation comedies, condominiums


but I was missing 


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Someday we'll find a way to
protect our dreams and seek our hopes, 
words - soft as July's razors
disappearing path, forbiden trace,
screaming loud, carving into stones - deliverance, replace -
''true love hurries but it always waits'',
never...in the same place. 

Someday we'll find a way to
fly away and disappear,
going higher as we never did before,
staring at the same old mindless mes...

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Also by Dragan Bozilov:

Chasing Light |

creative writinglife writinglove poetrypoetrysad poetrywriting

testing... 1 2 3


test run for

blog entry comment disablement procedure.




(am I really doing this?...I should be poking sticks at the weather...)

......testing comment disablement procedure......

please enable the 'tick' should you

require comments to be posted......

(god I thought I had ti...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

The Complainer |

Words To A Playground Tune


There is a time
as good as any
to start afresh
a man
as poor as any
holds a key
blase as any
flip a coin
yon harpist 
blind as any
claws the heart
the poet 
cold as any
lives once again
there is a time
as good as any
to start afresh

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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A Dying Art

entry picture

If dying is to consider as an art

which school should be preferred?

Stolidly ballooned out by Botero,

suffering from a cruel Dali distortion

or Picassoed weeping in a bouillon cube?


An erotic  marshmallowish Saska

smiling naked from dark furry folds?

A plain Stanley village housewife

in cardigan, blouse and tweed skirt?


Brilliantly dissolved Baconlike

(but f...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

When night comes |

More Flowers Now

more flowers now than cars
       patterned colours
     grey oaks    the great spark of
A lake s 
urface on the one hot day
of Summer   too many 
stars this time 
of year
whole galaxies 
holl o wed 
in a single moment
and then come the flowers 
lovingly cellotaped
to the trees
on the side of the road
                         cones like sigils filled
with bright, 
alive         so...

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For My Dad

In Yew Tree to my Dad’s stone I now tend.
And all my love to him in Heaven I send.
Today I cleaned up my Father's headstone.
And tidied up the parts, a little overgrown.
I brushed away loose grass, every last blade.
With time the carved words have begun to fade.
But the elements won't destroy or take away.
The meaning behind what those words say.
I leave my card, with some words of my own.

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an unknown middle-aged woman

passing my cafe window

unhurried, dressed  modestly,

she is beautiful still,

beautiful, and unaware

that behind the misty glass

she is quietly admired

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Proud men i know (two short poems for father's day)

22 years ago/55 years too soon
your smile could light this dark room
people speak fondly of you, I think they're all stuck in the past
but your name is legendary around here, to say you didn't last
for the love you only knew was one of a clenched fist
but you were my father, and you are still missed
Stepdad, sportsman, golfing fanatic
when we drink to...

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dadfather's daylost dadlove and time passing

On hearing news of murder

The way the street light fills the dark is nothing but a lie,

the night is there as real as day, a trick upon the eye.

The way the body lies bereft still warm and supple yet,

stiffening slowly somethings left that someone won't forget.


A heart still glad and beating strong is soon to cruelly break,

that to another did belong that shared the lovers ache.  

New Sun will chase ...

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Also by Wolfgar:

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Can’t sleep at night
wake up with the light
I’m crabby, angry
and up for a fight
The night before
I slept on’t floor
To try and change
the old routine 
It worked at first
but things got worse
when I needed a leak
and the floorboards creaked
I tossed and turned
So I made a brew
Grilled a slice or two
but me toast got burned
and me plans were spurned
There was nothing else for it

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Also by Fred Varden:

Who is this please? |


Sun shines.. 
Oblivious of the glowing  warmth it endows. 
Love conquers.. 
Oblivious of the sacrifices it often follows. 
Sea glistens.. 
Oblivious of the gentle play of myriad hues of blues
Child smiles.. 
Oblivious of the broken parts of soul it glues 
Betrayal hurts.. 
Oblivious of the strength it sculpts to endure.. 
Beauty charms.. 
Oblivious of the spiritual notes it allures.. 

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Also by mona s:

Haiku - True Self | The Bars | Across the shores |



A ladybird lands

on my foot in the sand

as I'm reading The Life of Pi.

A blue stretch of sea

carried me here

where an army of shiny black beetles

unbreakable as tanks

will persist in trundling by.

He was days on a boat

now I'm days in the sand

getting browner

eating pizza

reading this book

with no appetite to leave.






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Also by john short:


A 'Snitch', in Time!

A ‘Snitch’, in Time !


My mother’s mother, Granny Brown

was ‘muchly-loved’ throughout our town.

The care she gave; her happy ways.

She cheered us in her ‘ember days’.


She liked to knit but not to sell.

Such quality. (Oh, you could tell!).

Each item, thoroughly bespoke

- for giving to specific folk.


“Gran, that’s great !” I’d often shout.

“You knit them ...

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humorous verseHumour

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