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Give me a country that cares

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Give me a country that cares

Give me a country that holds it's head high
Give me a country that still has some pride
But make it one that loves it's neighbour
Whether they vote Tory or Labour
No matter what the colour of their skin
Their sexual preference or building they pray in

So don't talk to me withyour patronising words
Wearing the mask of someone who cares
Don't talk to me like...

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The ancients had it sussed.

Ask the three wise men whose

knowledge of the stars were

second to none, enabling their

navigation through the desert

sand, at night, and with aplomb.

As for their counterparts at sea,

who used the Astrolabe – how cool

was that. Even in more modern

times when Hi-Tec kit makes a

faltering sound, out comes the

tried and tested Astrolabe, t...

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Also by Philipos:



Each morning as I left for work I secured the house,

Closing the windows against smoke and insects

And shutting the bedroom doors.

Our cat was scared of toms in the neighbourhood

So she stayed inside during the day,

And I didn't want the bedspreads full of cat hairs.

But every evening I would find Miss Puss

Luxuriously laid out in one of the twins' rooms,

I convinced mysel...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Christmas Cake |


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(A repost from earlier this year.  But worth repetition.  I'll just leave it hanging here for election week)


"I am Boris Johnson; now my story shall be told;

I have plundered an existence, positioning myself to my advantage";

“All lies and jest”;

Still you pricks hear what you want to hear and disregard the rest,

Denying any part in Britain’s mess.


On the rostrum stands...

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Also by John Coopey:


when love is not

When love is not

A man meets a woman

And thinks she loves him in return

The kissing

the hand holding is the same

but something, something is wrong

after making love, she turns her back

away from him, not speaking.

He fell sadness and emptiness after

the tryst that ends in silence.

Something, something is wrong

He knows that in his heart

He waits for an email or ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

oddity of sex | the kiss | the land of dream | sunday an sermon | new truths | when in need | military service |

Kingdom of comfort (political manifesto)

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We're responsible for the chaos.
The crumbling foundations.
Our lifestyles contribute to suffering. 
We watch idly as many have died.
Stand by as nations bleed.
Not recognizing the pain, the hurts caused.
Numb as we possibly could be.
Laughing ourselves stupid in synchronicity.

Should we be merciful?
Appease the climate protestors?
In a world with so much division......
Is there much ...

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Also by Robert holyland:

Lovers moon | There will be Silence. | Nobody | Idle thoughts of the mad. | United States of Nowhere |

Max ordinate

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Spinning in sheets like seamstress ghosts, hands raised to holy host
Crooked hooks litter logs like lightning strikes
Insects moving in the moon lit night, watching, waiting, invading
Without pills all I hear is scathing, insect grooves shivering, shaking
Tree limbs breaking in the dark, rapid breath, raging heart
They're coming, fast as darts, through the shadows like liquid sparks
Fight, f...

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Publisher Wanted

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Publisher Wanted


I'm looking for a publisher

A rhymy-loving type

Who wants to increase readership

(I also offer skype)


There are no skyping rhymers

(Who offer two for one)

I'll skype for you both day or night

Buy me (before I'm done)


Although my rhyme's oft silly-like

There's serious undertones

A flippant/serious combo

That's waiting to get known


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Also by Don Matthews:

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These Cages Aren’t Metaphors Anymore

A man loves freedom outside his own abode

Not quick to drink but virtues soon are lost

How fast luck moves! Escape though? ‘Twas so close

Pulled over, cuffed, he learned this liquor’s cost

Now should he leave this fearful site unscathed

He’ll prosper after papers set him free

The luck remained and helped him walk that day

Yet cells contained inmates in need of leave


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A Letter to Your Grave

Mind's clouded with disbelief
Eyes raining with tears
I can't laugh

Mem'ries are vivid clear
I met you in another world,
A man-made world

Everyday waiting for the screen to light up
For you to hit me up
And talk all night long

Because we board the same boat
As we read the same book,
Fandoms never different

We board the same boat
In two diff'rent countries
Like we were in a parallel u...

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death loss friend

Highway Code

No-one ever mapped out my route,

Or offered a hand to carry my load,

So I learned to discard what I didn't need,

And I found my way by just walking the road,

And there have been plenty of times that I fell,

And trinkets I dropped and treasures I stowed,

And plenty of times I watched my feet bleed,

And felt that my weary heart might explode,

Until at last I came to know my r...

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Panama a love story. Late 1982.

Panama Love a short story.


The Panama canal is about 51 miles long. Constructed to save the hazardous and longer trip around the infamous Cape Horn. Its an engineering wonder! Made by man to connect the Atlantic sea with the Pacific Ocean it was started by the French in the eighteen hundreds who gave up because of the death rate among workers, which was in the hundreds, it was finished by ...

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...After These Hours...

To the marrow of a hinge in the door looming within the spaces in my spine.

 I partake unwillingly into the silence of the thereafter; I hear them walking after these hours...

I do so.

Linger in the niche halfway of dawn predessessing names, and umbilical alliances from the severed.

The key is in the shadow and the sun.

The howl before humanity: I am somehow unasleep beneath the moo...

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The closing of the day

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We walk a steep and slippery way,

Mixing senses in synesthesia's way,

It seem as if I am a chorus in a play


We feel by measures hidden from the eye

Time is borrowed, days wasted, times gone by,

I walk along a steep and scattered way..


Winter seeps me into sleep, as my soul flies,

To the gist of an art unborrowed from time or tide;

I learn by going, where I have to...

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Also by John E Marks:

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Neighbour To A Mirror


Let's just say we're abandoning science-fiction quests
regarding them all as poor sand-castles
shrinking from the buffetting of any day
let alone the tide they had thought to challenge.

Plain speaking might be best but think
no one seems able to get their ducks in a line
ducks more like scraps of feather and echoes of quack
unable to even trip over a lyrical line or lifeline.


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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Dressed In Easy Colours |

Everyone Has Their Thoughts and Comments

Well now I've calmed and I'm not so flustered

I can begin to let live the emotions in me

All of them arguing unsure of their posture

All of them mad that they weren't stronger for me

And what can I offer but this list of grace

That I am where I want and in my place

In my eyes I've kept the mirrored hell

And now it's out and about and making well

So what do I have that means...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Weapons of War | Armor |

The ledge

Sitting on the point

of a careless ledge,

gripping on for

this brute of a life,

the savage ghosts

of lasting memories

grasping and prising

the hard goat headed past,

grinding on, a moral morass

hazard lights, rabbit blinded

glued to the bloody spot,

a murderous intention,

a voiceless host.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Goodbye voice |

Winter and the future

The winter time - it may be cold and wet, 
But there are things which we should not forget. 
Do you enjoy trudging through the snow, 
Or rather stay inside with nowhere to go?

Of course we now have Christmas too, 
Which is a time to rejoice for me and you. 
And we prepare for the long dark nights, 
A new year begins with great delight.

And so it is now time to look ahead, 
Not with de...

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HopeSeasonsStuart VannerThe FutureWinter

At happiness headquarters

"Sadness has been busy
Innovating in its laboratory

Don’t be fooled by
Brand awareness 

We have to keep up
We’ve become complacent

Thinking that sadness
Stands still–it doesn’t 

Not even for a minute

We’re not polling well
With the under ninety-sevens

We need 
Some sort of lift"

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Vaults Of Wisdom


Old people have

what all young people want

time in front of a screen

there is plenty of time to watch TV

or play games

in a nursing home


other than the lobby

there is no place to go

they are prisoners of

their years

held captive by infirmity


but in those lobbies

is the wealth of generations

reams of experience

collected accomplishment


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her heart was so loving,

night was a delightful coming,

she was alive and curoius

pretending he was serious

she wanted him so much

was the truth of such,,,,


the same feeling rose again,

she blessed him until the end.

never will she forget,

how he touch her when they met

never in person or in the flesh,

but again and again, she felt his caress.


it must ...

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Also by coyote:

internet |

The Road not taken/By Robert Frost/Translation into Amharic By Alem Hailu G/Kristosየተተወው መንገድ


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that mor...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Hold fast to dreams/ሕልሞችህን ወድር (በላንግሰቶን ሁጌስ/ትርጉም ዓለም ኃይሉ) |



Is the clock working fine?

Since years it struck the same time

The needles don't seem to move

The pendulum goes to and fro

But hours are frozen within the tomb

The eyes are glued onto the ticking frame

The cuckoos seem asleep and forever swoon

I checked the little cuckoo house atop the clock

The birds seem awake and waiting to coo cuckoo

heart beats faster than the sleep...

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Also by Do.RoThy:

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I'm just a simple mind

I apologize

It's just that I was angry inside

I'm not that kind of woman

To put up a front like that

I'm not that kind of woman

To go blazing around like that


I'm just a simple girl

In this messed up crazy world

I'm just a simple girl

In this messed up crazy world


With my hands in my pockets

I just can't look away

No, I just c...

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Also by Kimberly Ray:

With a drink in hand | Voice In My Ear |

love poetry

Beyond The Gone Crowd

Beyond The Gone Crowd


     There is a blind that cares for me,

A blind that rolls in the morn and then again, evening,

     The colour, no consequence, no form or

Importance as, when rolled either up, or down,

Colour changes shape and shine, shadow

Within the room where cherubs once sang, and laughed.


     Every morn the roll lifts itself a hope

Of life outside be...

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Also by ZTK Space:

Beyond The Gone Crowd | Above The Fluttering Butterfly |


Christmas game of cat & mouse

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Twas the night

Of Christmas eve

Cheshire cat

Begs mouse

To leave

Usually I'd have

To kill

But tis the season

Of good will

 Take your chance

Run Away

Hitch a ride

On Santa's sleigh

Let me lap up

His glass

Of gin

And frighten


With a drunken



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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

I-solation |

Christmas Poem

Poetic Highs

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The wings of Butterflies
and Human eyes, of these I get
Poetic highs

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Candle |


A Christmas Cat

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Cool cat sat on the cold snow.

Coal black cat, Cheshire Cat grin,

Looking up to see within.

White flakes floating down, carpeting, covering all around.

Snow can cover such a multitude of sins.


Cool cat sat on the white mat,

Softly he began to hum a song.

He though of his lost love long gone

Over the seas to nonsense land.

There no snow but always winter,


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black catcheshire catchristmassnowwonderland

A Krampus Wish

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legends and fables tell us of yet another Father Christmas who unlike the one we all know to be good,kind and generous is instead pure evil and is called Krampus.

Devil shaped horns

raven black stare

menacing goat lord

strength of lion

threating heartless killer

screeches death wish


Satanic slaves obey

hunting chosen few

selected child sacrifices

stealing their s...

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Children beware


The only way to describe it, is like a hole in a pair of jeans,

At first you ignore it, but that hole starts to get bigger.

It gets so big that you have to decide what to do.

Sew it together, close the gap, but it doesn’t sit quite right after that.

Or patch it up; cover it with another fabric.


From the outside it is new and clean, but underneath that hole is still there.

A ...

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A ball fit for a Prince

A ball fit for a Prince

The taste is bitter sweet as my laughter turns to tears

We mocked and derided their misfortunes, didn’t give a care

In the hearth a fire was burning, warming all who drew near

Many gathered to drink a glass, of wine, spirits and of beer.


Food there was a plenty, many a dish and course

We scoffed till all were full, had expletive filled discourse.  


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Also by poemagraphic:

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Sold out to the devil

If It's LOVE

I wish you would come here, stay near me - lay.

Stare at the sky. Count the stars.

Feel the feeling of love sparking up the beatless hearts.

And view, Similar kind of imaginations

displaying over our unconscious minds. 


Instead of assuming, each of us are being alone

in a separate situation.

In the night, let’s get lost in each others arms.


I wouldn’t touch if it ...

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love. lust. romance. selfishness/

You left everything burning
But the love you couldn't cling to
So this is separation anxiety 
Pushing down your tongue

I was so sick I thought you could love
Locked myself back up in my room
For you could never see me again
So on this anniversary 

I found out firefly 
Your ways are so unkindly
My heart was the casualty to your escape

So fuck your attention they were only for greed

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Spinning a yarn

Sammy was a spider,webs he loved to spin,

Constantly trapping  insects to feed his kith and kin.

Sammy had eight eyes but no neck or head,

Those eyes spotted his prey and kept him well fed.


One day those eyes filled with desire and led to female flaunting,

The female was much bigger than him,mating was quite daunting.

The sexual encounter Sammy did satisfyingly complete,


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As we approach the Festive Season with its public communications beseeching us to part with our money, it's reported that this country has 168,000 registered charities -we're talking £77 billion here,- with £16 billion p.a. received from government out of taxed income.  I don't think Dickens would have got away with writing about

Ebenezer Scrooge like he did if his own age known such widespread...

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Date night 1

Swallowing the A-Bomb,

I crack myself open,

I resign myself to my fate,

A Kamikaze dinner date,

All to be incensed with feeling,

Nagasaki in my stomach,

Hiroshima in my loins,

My mind is Dresden,

Coventry, Rotterdam,

Utterly annihilated,

For these motions are making me weaker,

I’m ailing Roosevelt,

You’re the man of steel,

With my heart between a hammer and s...

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It’s another failed day on Northern Rail

Northern Powerhouse 

                        on its side,

                the 8:26 to Halifax

          crawls along the platform

         like it’s watching out for snails

             searching the rails for oblivion. 


The train’s pace is hardly a race 

                  but it’s only minutes late,

                  not cancelled like yesterday


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Northern PowerhouseNorthern Rail

In search of an identity......

All I see is a mist of darkness,
With nowhere to thread my feet in,
In World where there is absence of kindness,
I see a light of hope so thin.
I can’t go on; my body and my soul are giving in,
There’s no fire in belly to seek reasons for my quest,
With efforts and motivation of my kith and kin,
Now, I go along the path where the birds fly in the air so clean.
Then, I arrive at the gates o...

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#poem #poetry #emotions #deep #dark #moments

Winter Beach


The sea assaults

Of winter gales when

Towering spray sheets curl

Over the green-stripe tower

At the harbour mouth

And waves roll shoreward

Beside its jetty

Shingle crashing

Floating spume across the beach

With black stones cold shone by spray

That above the wave thrust

Hides the horizon behind its mist

As the sun shines low

On a December afternoon

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the wonky wheeled trolley

the wonky wheeled trolley

trails along the crooked path

in the upside down city

in the wishy washy world


small and tobasco red

insanity weathered

its wheels down to squares

(or maybe theyre diamonds)


the wonky wheeled trolley

stuck in the mud of life

cries out for help (any help)

but no one answers


because who would want to help

a wonky wheeled...

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Fan Girl

I snuggle up to your virtual feet, 

raring to read

your magical poetry,

that makes me purr, 

like a cat in heat. 

There is no need to wine or dine me.

Just string a poetic line,

I’ll be yours until the end of time. 






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Switching Internet Service Providers

You're under duress

with high levels of stress

when you change your ISP


And when you're off-line

you're just killing time

by watching daytime TV


Though in my own case

I'm loving The Chase

so it's not quite as bad as it seems

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Closing Doors

a thorn
must love
to be a thorn
for without a thorn
there would be no rose

a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose



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Also by Juneau:

Behind Me |


It's unthinkable you're sinkable

but hasn't it happened to us all?

In full sail with a  fair wind

an unexpected hazard suddenly emerges

and our security and peace of mind

are shattered into a thousand brittle spars.

The alarm bells sound brazenly, unceasingly.

If lucky we are lowered into a boat,

or, if judged not worth saving,

we snatch a lifejacket and jump, terrified,


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I fought

I fought so hard

Not to be with

A man like my father

Selfish and demanding

With cruel misunderstandings

Lots of silence and too many lies


I fought so hard 

Not to be like

A woman like my mother

Afraid of her abuser

Becoming his enabler

Staying quiet to keep the peace

Losing her idendity


I fought so hard 

To become

The woman I am today


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and pale
and frail
invitations lost
in the mail
last one
like stones
and sticks
heart on
lost sheep
without hope
voted most
to be least
ugly duckling
among geese
where are
they now
doesn't matter
felt homely
in the cradle

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POEMS2 by cindy lee loucks


motionless in a recliner by the window

wallpaper television unnoticed in the corner

staring back through the window at me

no sign of recognition


sudden sunlight on the garden

evokes no interest

in the sparkle of buttercups and daisies

or the shimmer of the pond


song-thrush lands in the lilac tree

branches bouncing in light breeze

spraying droplets that becom...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Hailstones |

the good old days?

let me make this very clear

Chris and I are not voyeurs

we just like watching vintage TV

especially if we catch  

The Price is Right with Brucie.


if a good looking young woman is picked

and bounces down to ‘Contestants’ Row’

we share knowing looks and hope she wins

and if she wins we zone in

on the host’s right hand

encircling her waist

and scope Forsyth’s thu...

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Jack In The Box

The number holds the value

The value is subject to the unit

The unit holds the meaning

The meaning is carried by the understanding

The understanding reveals the value upon the unit that is placed


 2 Bacon Burgers with cheese for 5 bucks

can't beat that

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Wish on a star

Look among the gems they sit shining like golden swirls of dreams

A song to belittle them a little star is more than it seems

They disappear in the day as the sun covers there beauty 

But fear not sweet stars your  moon will rise to unsheath you in hasty

The wishes you rest on May come from far but grand a few for they chose and prayed on only you

Tiny kids look up from window pain ...

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Also by Zoë:

Why is life better |

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