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Grenfell Tower

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Grenfell Tower

Something stinks about this sacrificial affair 

This burning stench, will not disappear

It was not just the tower, incinerated that day

Hundreds paying homage, to Ramadan, prayed


Many Muslims died, in that pyre of a fire

Some told exact numbers, best not to enquire

On their holiest month, as Muslims gathered

The worlds media lied, and co...

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COVER-UPGrenfell TowerLossshame

Swishing Skirts



Remember when

women actually wore skirts

and looked

dare I say



women went to great length

to look beautiful and appealing

then mini skirts came in

and the war started


soon skirts disappeared entirely

and women began wearing pants

as a protest

against who they were


now there are no more

swishing skirts

with their air ...

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It’s the way we danced together that I think I will always remember.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I’d wake up tossing and turning after another dream where you pulled me in to dance with you under the night sky. I’d close my eyes and lay there for a while, and I would remember the moments I traced your face with my fingertips as I watch you peacefully sleep. Sometimes you would wake u...

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Catalonia 2015


Poverty sent you far from home

and the sin accompanies us always.

Today we're down from hill forests,

shedding leaves on hotel carpets.

I sense the energy of coming rain.


In narrow streets the heavens open,

we dive inside a tiny seafood place

and later, tapping to a disco beat

chill out with studded girls in leather,

all party mode ...

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Amateur Poet Bert Applies For Entry to Like-Minders Society Theme Park

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Amateur Poet Bert Applies For Entry to Like-Minders Society's Theme Park



Stood at the Theme Park Entrance

Watched Minders flying by

On their rollercoaster

I wanted in, did sigh


A sign nailed to the Entrance Gate

Said welcome please come in

But need to be invited

No riff-raff taken in


Deciding I'm no riff-raff

Prepared my C and V

And sent it to t...

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Inspired words!!



There is a force acting upon our love

The connections strong to bless our bond

I can feel the feelings that are residing in you

I can cry the tears of your happiness and sorrows 

If you do have emotions clear, so for sake of our lovely years ahead

Do something which is surely in our favor, uniting us forever

I don't care what others feel or sa...

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First loves inspired my first writings

A collection of lovesick blues

Battles of insecurities

All poured out as quickly as it could


Then poetry and I took a break

The inspirations were out the door

And out of sight


Then all at once, it came back again

Art inspired art

Like a chain reaction

Like a flood gate opening

Like a tsunami wave of poetry

Then it...

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Unreported crime

entry picture

He was shaking  uncontrollably when I walked into his shop,

That skinny Asian shopkeeper.

My thoughts of the beautiful, white Crescent Moon

Were soon lost  in the ebony skies of late November.

Everyday complacency fled like winter sleet melted.

He'd seen the glint of the knife on that coal black night;

It was, he said, stutteringly, "the one in the hoodie, with no facial tattoo,


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Soldiers In My Mind

I am at the pit of my breakdown

Saying goodbye to sleep I once loved

Food I could once eat without nausea 


That once allowed rest


Help me 

I pray 

Sitting on the floor sobbing 


Do I allow this pain to make me human

Or wish it away?


I bring these matters to You 

I cannot do it alone 


I’m still processing 

Picking out the safest part...

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Also by Cait Abbott:

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Anxietyfearmental healthnightmarespain

What to say? What to do?

People are anguished and perplexed.

The sea and the waves roar.

Men's hearts are filled with fear,

Wondering what is coming next.


What to say? What to do?

What to do? What to say?


'We must unite', earnest faces announce.

'We must incite', troublemakers grin grim.

'We shall not be moved', grey haired hippies sing

Then sheepishly they rush to shop


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Also by afishamongmany:

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injusticejudgementthe end of the world

Them bells of matrimony

Wrote for some friends. 

Why do birds suddenly appear
Everytime you are near
It's possibly to tell the fact I love you, dear

When you said yes
I felt only bliss
As I inch in further
Just to steal that kiss

Cos you are me woman
Am your mate
And this is not up for debate
So best appreciate
We're in this together
Forever, to have and to hold
Sticking it out til we're grey and we a...

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I knew a guy called Rooney

who dined out on the prunes

you’d be certain it was Rooney

because of all the fumes – I also

knew a Larter who overdosed

baked beans – if seated next to

either, punters turned bright green.

Both studied grim germ warfare

and served in our defence – I heard

they were big noises in a hush-hush

regiment – I can’t divulge locations

without th...

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Also by Philipos:


When I remembered

entry picture

The true


Of some


Remains unknown


They reveal themselves

Once again

As a

Heartfelt memory

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You touched my hand,

I was a stranger in paradise

stranger than fiction.

Come to think of it,

I don't dwell on them too often,

such moments of benediction.


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Also by ray pool:


No answers.














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I saw an interview with a famous singer (Portuguese)

He was talking about his childhood and began crying

Not tears in the corner of his eyes, but veritable flood

Of tears; looking at him I felt his sadness, whatever

It was that the arrow of the past had hit him hard.

This made me think of my own childhood and loses

But it was so long time ago, and I have made peac...

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All my desires
All the anger
Those decisions

I try to keep in mind
Not going blind
We’re water

Your beautiful shape
My giant lips
Your garden my snake
Drowned to our tits

There’s nothing to hold
On top of these bones
Just a couple of drinks
Under fancy wrapping paper

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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chance meeting with a retro muse

it was a year or so since I saw Oonagh


there had been other muses

but she was - still is,

my non plus ultra.


she was the heart of many works with

a dozen names and a dozen guises

I often wondered if she realised

how much she figured in my writing.


our only date?

a night at the theatre watching

a mutual favourite – Macbeth.


she wore a green velve...

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The Pieces

entry picture


He:   I thought I touched you but softly

She:  Then I'm as bits falling

He:   You've left me counting the pieces

She:  Then pick me up

He:    But what then?

She:  Stop counting start mending.


words and foto T Carroll

re edit

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To the woman in our lives

They are strange; they are not like us,

the can’t do stuff without a fuss.

We men, we just want to get it done

they will spice it up and have some fun.


Not sure why God decided to make,

them woman, the fairer of the two.

Perhaps we will never understand His take

but it is working well, that is true.


We men we don’t get it, nor will we ever understand,

what they...

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who are you now

when i think of you

with her

my world spins out of control

it breaks all of my bones

it chips away at my soul 

and i feel so alone 


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...A Soul Awaits...

entry picture

Why are you a parasol carnage of hearts?...Fire to hearth; wavering.

Why do you flicker so loudly?

Evey pronunciation proclaims vowels and blood, and elusive feats of things unanchored.


Can I tell you that within my sewer I hear ocean sounds?

Loud whispers. Evening portals…Long distances made short.

I take for granted what I feel from neighborly beasts.

Eating goldfish benea...

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Also by Mimi:

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Gathered easily and wholly satisfying
     before the visionary looks about.

Decorous words hang
     upon the branch so
          the creative plunge inwards.

Look about now promising words  
     jangle on every twig in sight.
          All directions gleam the same.

Now the artist's work begins.
     That dread violation of silence.


There is a story that leads up to...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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(I watched this couple in a cliff-top restaurant overlooking the sea near Bournemouth a couple of years ago)


She laughs


And a second or two

Too long;

She wears a top by Versace

And has Raybans on her head;

The man is older

And looks like money,

Wants to look like money;

She looks at him

Over her empty latte

Always at him;

He looks at the...

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Also by John Coopey:



Gina my cousin

She was the type who would never die

Had always been there,

All grown up when I was still a child.

Laughing, teasing, bringing me toys and sweeties,

Flirting with my daddy

Taking his arm as he walked her to the station.


She would burst in every Saturday

Her voice like sunflowers and daffodils,

Smelling like oranges and strawberries,

The way they do...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

The Forever Soldier |


Rain blurs the horizon, murky opacity

shrouding distance imperceptible, lash talons

curtain-thrash to heather hill across the harbour.


Gulls hacker-love and swopper-kosh the cliff face lash,

dip-flung round the headland, clinging to land’s safety,

seeming wary of the mist-drifting, smash-pounding sea.


Tides dance white horses rockwards, crash-battering

geological bru...

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Goodbye to Marina and Pearl.....

Farewell to those late summer days

Made happy by the skill of the acting

That made real their make-believe plays.


They join Compo, Clegg, Foggy and Truly

And so many others that brought us sunshine;

Recorded for us to remember and smile -

"The Last of the Summer Wine"


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Signs that Light up the Star Lit Sky

entry picture

Gazing up to dream the dreams of what could be - - -

Sprinkles of heaven

diamond clusters sparkle

shooting stars guiding signs

dreaming dreams of what could be

Galaxy lovers travelling the Milky Way

true love enters a forever Universe.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

When Evil Comes Calling |

to infinity and beyond

Crooked Café

entry picture

I used to hate this part of town
After London
it felt like stepping back in time
as if all our momentum to the capital 
had been lost
these shops with their hand-painted signs
I didn’t recognise the names
they’re not triplicated on every high street

And now I sit
in the Crooked Café
the waitress always tries to remember my ‘usual’
but I love that she never quite gets it right
gives u...

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Also by Tom:

Born To Muse | Why Poems? |


In the Snow

Snow rests on my shoulder dripping

down my back

through my wet pants

and wet socks.

You know I could die like this. 

Hands forming a clenched mouth

I mistake my shaking arms for an animal

chipped teeth and burning skin. 

You know it could eat you like this. 

Black stars and black lights 

in a black park with a broken fountain

frozen Cupid caught mid piss.

You kn...

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Also by Alex J.J:

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Alone again

I stay awake alone again

i hear the cars pass by my window

the stars to be my only friend

i relate to the lonely porch black widow

she spins her web in solitude , not a creature to be stirred

and I forever voice my pain , though there's no words left to be heard

i find my peace amongst the night

it holds me near and true

but when I stare amongst the stars

all I can think...

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Also by Aimee:

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Wife's jealousy eradicates future dog dominance

"Your whole world was ruled by a dog,

Your attention and love it did hog!

You are not having another says me,

You took it for walks,ignored me!

Now that he is not there,

Time with you I can share.

You can devote all your attention to me !"


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Also by hugh:

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Do you beg me mindful

as I behold your callous?


Should it be

that your lips become quaint

in shadow of your action?

Or will you remain encumbered

by the air and lie dormant?


Do not want nor follow.


The mammal consumed

by the engulfing rage

the creator has provided,

gleaming at the emissary.


Should you come to know thy will; 

have it polish...

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Hazy Hazy Me

Which trail did you run down dreams?

Why did you leave me?

I forswore even the deepest memory of myself to chase you.

Now I am old and tired and I can't remeber what I forgot.

Hazy hazy me.

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Also by Michael Triandafils:

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The Wrestler

entry picture

You believe in love don't you?
You know love,
the one with the
plastered knuckles 
and fractured nose
and lifetime
prescription for
That old war horse
drowning his sorrows
over there,
who can still turn it on
now and then,
in that arena where
every move is scripted
but the blood is still real.


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Also by Tom Harding:

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I feel fear inside my chest, a strange feeling.

 A feeling not felt for a long time.

Fear, welcome home.

Lay in bed; sleep where you belong - In my chest, forever.

Together, we will venture through the lows as we fall from the highs.


Depression has possessed me.

Fighting it helps, but for that I need strength.

Cornered. Encircled.

Like a child fell on the ground for th...

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Edinburgh Late Afternoon

entry picture

Orange beacons lead the way

toward a fiery sky that glows like the last embers in a hearth.

The charcoal shadows of evening draw near

and I hurry home in my 'teddy bear' coat.

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Also by Jill Ashforth:

Bath Time |


I'm sorry

I'm sorry 
That I hung on
When you wanted to let go
It was all wrong
But I didn't want to know
That you'd only kept me around
Until something better showed
So, baby, if that's how you really feel
Then, I've nothing left to say to you


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Also by Lynn 7m.:

I don't understand. Do you? | Give me one good reason | Played | I gave. You never. |

Time Drips

since I've retired
time drips

don't get me wrong
I love it
there's an ocean to enjoy

over the horizon
wouldn't mind

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Bermuda Islands' Visitor

I have no idea

How I happened to be on the cliffs

Of a North Shore park that day.

Perhaps a bolt from the busy shop

On my trusty moped

With a thermos of tea and a sandwich,

Needing rocks and waves for sanity.

Nobody else was there.

Sun and sea were mine.

When I chucked my waste into the bin

I glanced up.

Islanders look at the sky a lot.

There's so much of it!


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

From My Window There Is A Tree | Denouement | MAKING LOVE |


A frame, a shadow, 

Of what it could of been, 

Cowering in the corner of a cage 

For others' amusement; 

The eyes and demeanour 

Of a broken bear. 

It pained me to see - 

So I penned these words.

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container of seeds
no place to reap
a radiator tucked behind
forgotten over time
they didn't see
the happening underneath
tensions rose
students on their toes
gloves off
weapons sought
no sticks or rocks
but a garden box
sudden pause
oohs and awes
couldn't believe their eyes
what a beautiful sight
brows unfurled
picking buds for girls
bouquets taken home

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Also by cindylee loucks:



Tis the season to colour your soul

Delectable Autumn.

I embrace your abundance of orange, red and gold

as leaves waft to the ground.

Nature’s wondrous way of ‘letting go’.

I feel your darkening days and the chill in the air.

Sharp winds pierce my face.

I hear the birds twittering as they make their plans for migrations --

Looking for a warm bed for winter.

I see apples strewn on the ground.

Then as a squi...

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A Trail of Breadcrumbs

Lost within the twisting turns of of the corridors of your mind,

Plain to see the agony endured upon your face,

Unwind the thread, leave a trail of breadcrumbs I can find,

That I may lead you out of this cold dark place,

Put your hand in my hand and your trust upon my back,

I'll never let it go and I can bear the weight,

I'll help you to stand, walk with you down this track,


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entry picture

Is emptiness a feeling?

Or is it the emotions

your smile is concealing?

Your head full of commotions.


What is it you believe in?

Universe – religion – self,

I can see it in your eyes –

it’s clear that you need some help!


They control you with your fears,

if only you could lull their

faint whispering in your ears.

Constant internal warfare.


They sa...

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At Christmas Time

Christmas is a time which we love and adore.

When we are happy, excited and so much more.

It is time when certain magic can all be believed,

When special gifts are both sent and received.


It is a time for families to all get together,

And be merry and joyful - whatever the weather.

It is time to put all quarrels aside,

To have fun and laughter with no need to hide.



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Also by Stuart Vanner:

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ChristmasStuart Vanner

The Ocean Inside The Shell

entry picture

The salty sea spray sprinkles my skin,

like summer showers

That begin 

Then end 


I stand in front of a crust forming at the edge of the beach


Splintered, softened wood 



Shiny when wet

Their colours

Like common jewels

Topaz, ruby, emerald, turquoise, coral pink, terracotta

All there for the picking

All at my feet

This Novemb...

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beachchildhoodfamilyholidaysmemoriesmum and dadshell

To believe in something

I want to believe in something

but I have found everything wanting,

it drains my body

and weighs heavily on my mind.

Hard roads, travelling on

a tarmac of vicious blood

seeping out my blistered feet,

and my tortured muscles

holding me back,

but dragging me on.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Parched | The Human Effect |


Sonnet for Tunnel 29

Days may collect black teardrops in a can,

rendering the night to twitch, turn and crawl.

Rivulets can quell the dreams of a man, 

from taking chances, to plunder his all.


I’m told streams wind themselves to a river,

that David Bowie came here to get clean.

To converge is the current of the giver,

to stagnate, the language of the mean. 


‘No Mans Land’ is a field w...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Considering Lucy |


Ronnie detests getting wet

so he doesn't go out in the rain

He's afraid there's a chance he'll dissolve

and trickle away down the drain


So he hunkers down in his house

guaranteed to stay warm and dry

and won't put one foot outside

if he spots just one cloud in the sky


But unable to use his car

whilst awaiting a fanbelt today

he ventured out in the rain


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Also by Brian Maryon:

The Queen's Empty Pockets | A CIVILIAN'S PERSPECTIVE | The End | Baaaastard !!!! | The Uxbridge Road |

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