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Chrissie Hynde
2000 miles
remember years
long by
home filled
from far
and wide
in love
a bevy of
turtle doves
came this way
for a
short stay
my heart
of me they're
still a part
time ticked
those occasions
now gone
stll feel
the cheer
after all
these years
too old
for magic
in the sou...

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Also by cindylee loucks:



Words unheard!!

I know you love me

As much as i do love you

You need me as desperately 

As i need you too

I will not deny my soul connection with you

And also the romantic side of our bond

How else can i love you if not through a kiss

Or a touch or a glance that stays longer than epoch

How not to hold you in my arms and feel your strength around my fragile frame

How not to hug you, cudd...

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Also by Do.RoThy:

Love story! | Tranquil alliances!! 💖 | An invitation!! | Love you!!! 💖 | New born!!! | Love locked!!! | Peace n hope!! | Sick of it!! | Commited in love!!! | I love you? | I thank thee!! | Waiting!! | Missing you!! | Confused!! | The beginning!!! 💖 | I love you forever!!! | Heart-felt!! | Ready, get set, go!!! - The marathon!! | Breathe!!! | Shhhhh!!!!! | Life ain't a fairy tale for me!!!! | Ant DoRis | Crazy little heart!! | Pause!!! | O darling death!!! | Love you!! |

See Something, Write Something


See something

write something

the rule

a poet must follow


all our senses

recording moments


sights and sounds


it is a poet's responsibility

to write everything

he sees or hears

all the nuances of life


how else can people share

what is in their head

and heart

unless it is written down


we wait our turn

to write ...

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Also by d.knape:

We Live To Eat | Then It Hit Me | KOREA | RATS | Book End | Easy Pickings | Whale Fall | Vaults Of Wisdom | Stupid Old People | Waiting Room | IT | Solid Ground | IF THE TURKEY COULD TALK | My Enemy |

The Truth Is Sadness

entry picture

Decorated lives
shuffling onwards
towards inevitable darkness
we cloak ourselves
in the hood of love
cover the cage
deny the sky above
the truth is sadness

Tiny movements
helpless gestures
elliptical orbits
around the heart of happiness
an argument
with a river
convinced of our control
tilting the rudder
towards hope
the truth is sadness

Fold the patterned sheet
around your ...

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Also by Tom:

Leave Yourself Behind | Hyde Park Winter Rink | Ride Twice | Get A Room | House On The Edge of Town |


how did it become like this

How did it come to this?

Sitting on a terrace counting how many

Ships are anchored in the bay.

I know most of the ships especially

The coastal runners, the big trawler has left an ugly ship

With a crew of the last chance saloon

No self-respecting seafarer would join a ship

That empties the ocean of life.

How did it come to this?

I am watching ships come and go in the bay...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

a dreaming joureny | told by a south African | obstacles | the human cannon | phone talk | homless | manx poem | roses poem | when love is not | oddity of sex | the kiss | the land of dream | sunday an sermon | new truths | when in need | military service |


Savage and sensual,

the tumult of this circling wind

high on the Col

howling like an Apache,

trying to scalp my hair

with clawing rough-raw gusts.

It doesn’t want me here

to share the panoramic view

it thinks it owns,

jealously tugging and ripping

setting my head aflame.

I scrimmage intensely

against such dynamic power

a comedic leaning gait

doggedly not g...

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To do
To not
Or at least
To put
Our minds
In some 
Of order
For what 
I'm not
To stop
Us falling
This planet
We love
Our lists
They help
Make sense
They provide
And control
It seems
All else
That's what
We need


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Also by Twilbury Wist:

The Aunty Phoenix |

40, 42, 41, 44

entry picture

40, 42, 41, 44


The numbers in this title

Refer to Centigrade

Temperatures about to hit

My home in Adelaide


Four days of bloody stinking heat

Records will be set

But I'll be in Hillbillys

Cool, with Thale (you've met)


(You haven't met Thalia my Muse of Mirth?

She's graced your screen on many occasions)


Together we will think up

Fun to grace yo...

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Also by Don Matthews:

A Perfect Fit | Write-Off | The Letter Writer | Crowder | But I Like Helium Balloons | Side-glancing in an Argentinian Cafe | The Newsagent | Publisher Wanted | Doomy Gloomy | Does No-one Know Where Rose Is ? | Brains to Practice On | The Lady of the GPS | Fluffer Round With Flowery Words | What is The Like-Minders Society ? | Learning Haiku – Important Point |

If I could touch the stars

I climbed a mountain on this day

Through brush and rough terrain I steered 

& when I reached its peak 

There was nothing left I feared 

I peered over the landscape , such a story it could tell

And as I stared i felt a change in me that I didn’t know too well

Such an unfamiliar sight 

Looking out on the unknown 

Which direction ? Wrong or right ? 

No way to truly know


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Also by Aimee:

When the stars fade | I’d love to say I love you | Overwhelmed | Home to me |



All I ever wanted to feel 

was safe


So I attached myself to things 

Greater than myself 


And I failed as dreams 

Kept me awake


I started living my life twice

Once for me and then for my fears


I thought I was being generous

With myself and my time 


And that feeling of feeling safe

Slipped away


Leaving me  to face

My dreams al...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

At happiness headquarters |

Name that tune

Names change

Pictures fade

Words disappear 

Nothing’s the same here

Except for the song

It’s the tune I’ve known all along

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Also by Mika:

My grandfather | Searching | Delicate | The train |



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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Minority Report |

Skin is wearing thin

Homo sapiens have out grown their use. Billions

Long in the tooth but not sharp at all

They snarl at each other

As they queue in the supermarket

For the bargains.

Humans defame the dignity. 

Of the wild animals

They abuse, flay alive, eat.

Monkeys, lions, gazelle.

Any living thing

Is worth more.

Homo sapiens have no shame

They seek to inflame each other

By th...

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Also by John E Marks:

Christmas roses | Regret | Wild is the way | A sword of lightning | Tabula Rasa | A rare descent | Solstice Song | For Cathy, poet | For John Donne, poet | On the Narrow road | Love will tear us apart, again | Lunecliff | The Alpha and Omega | Nothing more | Burnham Beeches with Anna, 1985 | The solitary rose of our breath | Bandit country | A shadow behind the sun | Suttee |

To Walk Away

I never wanted to go first 

You were supposed to be the leader

Our constant push and pull

Resisting each other 

The light and the darkness 

The lessons we have learned

I stare blankly at a wall of pills 

Knowing none of them are the cure

What we know, we know from experience, 

Don't we... Yes ma'am I do.

Goddamnit, fuck, to be cornered here now -

There is no other ...

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Also by Juneau:

Closing Doors | Behind Me |

5 Bananas

5 Bananas


What is on
mind ?



there ?

says ?

You ?


cold is relative
as all relatives

are just that,

to a mind

to belong
some where

other than
right here


Triangles are the strongest
geometrical figures we say.

That is what we say. Right ...

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Also by Fred Nicholson:

Look back and see | Inside - Out | Let's talk . . . |

Along English Lines

I hear her speak the one language.
Can I find such poetry
to make a true response.
My muddled thoughts and limited wordstock 
I know for what they are.
Hearing my mystic name 
in a continual farewell
I wonder to what purpose.
My desire is to give an answer
in the one language.


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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Let's All Dye Our Hair Grey | On Being Asked | Neighbour To A Mirror | Dressed In Easy Colours |

This is it (a drunken spiel)

Running into the wind...
Sunlight upon their backs.
A hope that’s surging through.
Against another view.

Tripping on the dream.
Disappear from here. 
Looking now for a utopia.
Must be out there somewhere. 

Please say that you understand.
Acknowledge the way things are.
The truth and all the hurt.
A people encased in dirt.

Babble and dabble in shame.
Using up the same old same.

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Also by Robert holyland:

Santa? | Contemplation (only) | Omega. | Ascension | Kingdom of comfort (political manifesto) | Lovers moon | There will be Silence. | Nobody | Idle thoughts of the mad. | United States of Nowhere |

The Don'ts

Don't go for beuty, get a keeper

Don't put it first, put it in the first

Don't follow your heart, follow your instinct

Those shoud've been the advice


The good ones don't criticize

The right time don't last long

The tough guys don't give up

Those should've been the signs


Don't dare lie, tell the truth

Don't get attached, you get hurt

Don't fall in love, you w...

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Also by Lucas Chihinga:

Look At Us | If |

A Night Fright

Santa'd scoffed far too much cake

becoming wobbly and vastly stout.

From his sled he toppled into a lake

seen by gypsy poachers, who hauled him out


His reindeer landed ever so frantic

to see him carried to the camp,

grumbling about this latest antic,

still just alive but freezing damp.


His saviours brewed a herbal potion,

never once letting him out of sight.


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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Unthinkable |

All that is lost

entry picture

Lost time, how much time do we really give ourselves 

Are we living our own lives

Lost soul, constant feeling as if something is missing 

Lost goals, fulfilled by unfulfilling ideas, other people's goals

Wasted love, loved the wrong one, lost

Lost hope



Some things lost should stay lost

Some things found should never be found

Some things we ask fo...

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t h i n k i n g s i d e w a y s

entry picture

Did you ever walk

on side-ways

to see a different

point of view?

or sit and rest awhile

in bye-ways

and think on things

and think them through?


Yes I have sat and rested

sat and also

thought things through

I have often walked

on side-ways

that gives me my

side-ways point of view.


words and image. Tommy Carroll

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Dark, dark



The dark, dark times had come


Their shadow long 

Swallowing up us whole

They’re hungry 

Starving for more

They’ll take it all


The dark, dark times had come


Sleepless spies

grinning their fangs

Their faces lurking 

in the crowd

Ready to bite, eat us alive


The dark, dark times had come 


It’s our turn

It’s time to hurt


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Also by Sparkle:

Cry me a river |

Winter in Florida

Leave the golf clubs behind

The morning power walk along the busy boulevard

The two to four at the beach (beer, nuts and cheap book)

The quiet evening at the gated community 


Deep down you want

What we all want


A slice of Sicily

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Drive of my Life

Driving at night

on a road I don’t know

The wind howling

with a fluttering of snow

Seeing things in a way

I don’t normally see

and it thwarts me from

getting to where I need to be

Eyes playing games

Peering beyond the haze

Every street seems the same

like a cornfield maze

Well thats how it feels

When disorientation kicks in

Like being in hell

when you’v...

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Silent Night [a seasonal pome]

Silent Night


‘Don’t look at faces.

Don’t look at faces.

Look at Christmas lights.

Look at pavements glinting with gum.

Look anywhere, but not at faces,

faces stab you with darts of

rage, despair, envy, spite.


Don’t look at the faces.’


At ‘The Oaks’

the walls were decked  

with balloons, festive holly,

crepe festoons - no mistletoe though.



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Also by Rick:

the good old days? |

Sometimes I just feel defeated

All the things we know and love,

The mysteries of life 

The slowly moving hands of time-

A surgeon with a knife

Bleed emotion, let it flow

Don't hide away the tears

Maybe soon, you'll find the strength

To fight away the fears

Or will you let them overcome

And let the demons win

Fear and anger overflow

As darkness takes you in

Please, you can't just give up now


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Haiku for the Common Man

entry picture

A weed, unaware

Of its lowly status, smiles,

Continues to grow

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The Traveller

The Traveller


“Oh no, I never think of it as 'travelling,' I replied

while pulling on my second Bass and considering an easesome lass

go striding around the bar. Its just an eccentricity, my dear Akira,

a foible if you will – still, it lets me wander bare-foot

through seasons past, when taller (and, I admit, of sounder mind).


Yes, I've certainly learnt more tolerance am...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

The Wake | Faith is a Barren Garden |


Rain is comfortable to me 


I am drowning anyway 


There is no difference through my eyes 

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Also by Cait Abbott:

Do Not Disturb | Limbo | Ascend |

Happy Birthday

What shall I write today

What's in me to give away

Every moment in dirty glass

But the trees are so tall and the clouds shimmering

The sunlight beaming down on them

Glowing from inside

And the soft silver center belly

Pouting down in rest

And I'm distracted by a memory of lyrics

It's been a slow day

So it's been a good day

Maybe better maybe worse from this moment ...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

L' | (untitled) | Everyone Has Their Thoughts and Comments | Weapons of War | Armor |


entry picture

I voted for Labour

My faith didn’t waver

But we fell out of favour

It came to pass.

We lost the election

On closer inspection

We lost the connection

With the working class.


It’s been a disaster

To Blyth from Doncaster

Across to Lancaster

But who is to blame?

We all failed to heed a

Warning that we’d a

Weak useless bleeder

Who’d bring us this shame.


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Also by John Coopey:



entry picture

Poem 199 of 230: BEDE’S WORLD - WINTER 2002/3

During Advent, I returned to Bede’s World,
Where I, already read, was further schooled,
Via walks through the museum, the farm,
The ruins, and the church with its old arm,
Plus the herb garden - raised beds, kept with care:
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme all there.
With gifts, I left, after some four hours,
To round off, at home, my thoughts...

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Nature is our savior

entry picture

Nature is our savior

Saturday, December 14, 2019

7:54 AM


If one wants to weep

let him keep

the status of isolation

and disregard the human relation


but if one wants to be live

and believe

in nature's pleasure

there is a treasure in abundance


don't confine

yourself only to woman

there are many more things as divine

you find joy in flowing wat...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

Trade & territory | Find the heaven |


Garden Greed

entry picture

The rose recognizes the beauty of the sunflower, all the while self-assured in her own. She does not envy the golden beauty for her appeal to you


She knows better - she has guarded her stem from the likes of your fingers and the fingers of those before you, and the ones that will come after


She knows that while you, selfishly and ignorantly, believe the garden to be created for you...

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Also by In Her Head:

What Sits Behind Blue Eyes |

beautycreatecreationfeminismfeministgardengreedgrowthPurposeroserosesself esteemSelf-Worthsunflowerwomanwomans issueswomenwomens rights

Do You Remember Air Mail?

Do you remember airmail letters?

Fine parchment sheets in thin, blue envelopes

With red, white and blue borders?


They were always so special to receive

From someone dear from far, far away,

Often oceans apart on another continent!


Telephone calls were wonderful,

A beloved voice through the hard receiver,

But hand-scripted words had a charm all their own.



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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

CAT | Christmas Cake |


Of all the people you know, you are most responsible for you,

And even one day, when you have kids, this much will still be true,

You're responsible for every thought, every word, every bit of, "Truth," you bring to their door,

So you'd best start looking after yourself, as if you're someone you're responsible for,

I know life seems unfair right now, but let's be honest it made no prom...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Stand Up | Stoic | I'm Tired | Angular | Highway Code |

Savaged Soul

If I knew your poetry would suddenly 
I would have memorized 
every one...
to comfort me, 
soothe me, 
when I feel alone. 
Your words help heal 
my savaged soul.
I'm sad you had to go.

# # #


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Also by Vautaw:

Dancing with Poets | Arrogance Immunity | Fan Girl |


Out of body

entry picture

You know that you are having

An out of body experience

When you find

Your heart and your mind

In a different place

To where you physically


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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

Solstice state of mind | Christmas game of cat & mouse | I-solation |


In the recess of your mind

entry picture

In the recess of your mind (For Do)


My hands reach out to touch you

To break a binding spell

That grips you oh! So tightly

How far my friend you’ve fell


So insidious and commanding, compelling you to obey

Implanting words inside your mind, the things you have to say

You are thinking thoughts are yours… because this is how you think

Your eyes wide open, blind… thes...

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Also by poemagraphic:

Promises promises... | FREEDOM | Walking into the light | A party fit for a Prince | Mediocre poets | Crap | A drug fuelled frenzied sexual attack |


Christmas Songs

entry picture

Together let us gather to sing the Christmas songs.
Let us open hearts to strangers, together we belong.
Let us kneel with kings and shepherds upon this strawy earth.
Let us sing with joy, and worship He who gives the second birth.

Never mind the hustle bustle, the clamour all around.
Let us gather us to worship and sing the joyful sound.
Lay aside your daily woes and the heaviness of life.

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Also by afishamongmany:

A Christmas Cat |



Doesn’t it make you sick? 

The pollution. The plastic. The over consumption. 

The wastage. The damage. The over indulgence. 

Land, rivers, lakes, sea and oceans, 

consumed by our latest trend consumption. 

Doesn’t it make you sick? 

Water poisoned with chemical toxins.

Uncultivated land and air not safe to breath in. 

Resources raped from societies of people.

All in the ...

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Sylvie (A Repost)





Sylvie was a comely wench. Fifty, if a day

Oh yes, her charms were obvious, and always on display

Dressed to kill, in leather and lace

A shapely body, bonny face

Her hunting ground The Royal Oak

She’d always find a younger bloke

A teacher with a lack of scruples

Never short of willing pupils

Life was good, the sex was hot

She was happy with her ...

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What's Next?

The trauma from my past weighs heavy on my soul

Unresolved issues making me feel alone

The pain in my chest been replaced by a dark hole

I feel like I’m living life through apps on my phone.


Night after night insomnia plagues me like a demon,

I’m so exhausted, I can’t take another beatin.  

My stomach churns like I haven’t eaten.

Sourpatch Kids my life, I need it to sweet...

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Santa felt sassy and seasoned

Having switched from soda to whiskey

Stirred and slurred, his vision was blurred

Sleigh-driving was stupidly risky


Sloshing around but still seated

Strapped in, seemingly quite self-assured

Whilst swerving through Nice, he saluted the police

Whose chopper was wisely insured


Donna and Blitzen were startled

Dancer and Prancer were ma...

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Howling Into the Void

The sun fairly shines
But the world isn't one
And you wonder why

Of all the places,
All the people,
It has to be in paper

You could pour your heart out
And bleed your pens
With thoughts imprisoning you

It has to be the paper
That hears your complain and growing pain
For you were never heard

Of all the people,
It has to be pillows and blankets
Who calms your raging soul

In the midst ...

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Also by Darlene Butalid:

A Letter to Your Grave |

mental illnessmental war

Sheets Of Duration/Night Sweats

entry picture

"Oh" the most suffused word of meaningless longing. How drunk we feel when feel with emotions that have no name. 

Buddha and Hitler one took the extremes beyond themselves and the other not far enough.

(Fact: Lucy In The Sky was recorded on a four track!)

Pessimism is aggravated by contemporary culture like hemorrhoids is by dampness.


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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

Gossamer Glass Hands |


Needle to the skin

Instead of a blade

Temporary fixes

With permanent scars

Paint a pretty picture

I’ll put it on my arm

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Also by FuckEmily:

Nothing |


I'm not going to make it to Twenty-seven
I'm too busy trying to make it to Heaven
Oh shit I forgot suicide makes you go to hell
That's better than suffering everyday
I rather die than live a lie

I'll start cutting again 
If you won't judge me
I told her that should be the death of me
I was not lying

Love is so messed up 
That you'll start drugs too forget 
Just for you to end up 

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Also by Damon Blackery:

(untitled) |

Looking Good

When looking for a new doctor

For me the best of all

Is one that's overweight and a smoker

And reeks of alcohol

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Also by Joe Marcello:

Perfect Strike |

The Buddha Before you

entry picture

The Buddha before you

Never the end
   we hear someone say...
or the beginning we hasten to think!

MY life is important...?wha.. wha... what do Yooou think!... ???

3 - 3 - 3 9
I hear you call,
softly and secretly from  the depths of  my soul.

All the while
   living through life   
the buddha before you,                 

Our shadow?               

Our light?

Everything w...

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