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Missing you!!

Night is dark and cold

Heart is warm with love

Feelings intense

Emotions heightened 

Lonely me twists n turns

Sleeplessness overcomes

Hold me strong in your arms

Take all my crazy pain away

Lull me to sweet sleep

Kissing me and hugging me

Cuddling all night long

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The only way to describe it, is like a hole in a pair of jeans,

At first you ignore it, but that hole starts to get bigger.

It gets so big that you have to decide what to do.

Sew it together, close the gap, but it doesn’t sit quite right after that.

Or patch it up; cover it with another fabric.


From the outside it is new and clean, but underneath that hole is still there.

A ...

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A party fit for a Prince

A party fit for a Prince

The taste is bitter sweet as my laughter turns to tears

We mocked and derided their misfortunes, didn’t give a care

In the hearth a fire was burning, warming all who drew near

Many gathered to drink a glass, of wine, spirits and of beer.


Food there was a plenty, many a dish and course

We scoffed till all were full, had expletive filled discourse.  


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If It's LOVE

I wish you would come here, stay near me - lay.

Stare at the sky. Count the stars.

Feel the feeling of love sparking up the beatless hearts.

And view, Similar kind of imaginations

displaying over our unconscious minds. 


Instead of assuming, each of us are being alone

in a separate situation.

In the night, let’s get lost in each others arms.


I wouldn’t touch if it ...

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love. lust. romance. selfishness/

Stupid Old People


I used to be

young and stupid

now I'm just

old and stupid


being stupid

as a kid

is okay

it's kind of expected

and people cut you slack


but being stupid

as an old person is frowned on

people immediately think of Alzheimer's

then run and hide


stupid old people

get put off and put away

folks don't like to deal with them

they think if...

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the kiss

The kiss


her lips had kissed many a man a butterfly

Fragrant and vivid like a spring day in May

Yet not to the point of pollination.

 She waited for a kiss that tasted of wealth

She dreamed of a castle and ballgown if silk

Sailing down the river on a boat made

Of a swans’ feather sewn by silky threads.

She met him and when they embraced,

It was as wonderous as when ...

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Does No-one Know Where Rose Is ?

entry picture

Does No-one Know Where Rose Is ?


Does no-one know where Rose is ?

I really miss her so

(Santa's on my rooftop)

(Rudolph's snuffling snow)


Your verse is deteriorating Don.....


We care about the state of things

Pollution, mess and such

Wasting of resources

(I miss her very much)


I miss her carefree attitude

Her greeting with 'hey dude'

Her spun...

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entry picture

Frantically he taps on the glass

Louder as they pass

Now he screams

But not through a window

It's a screen

Nobody knows

He's scrolling

His soul away

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The Alpha and Omega

He'd despise with his eyes those alive in sackcloth and ashes

The weaponised clones of a myopic dwarf did not do

As they were taught. They denied themselves the water

Of life. They inherited nothing.

No morning maniac music

Shaked them awake.

Those who'd once brought hope

Now mired in hate.

Over the mountain, clouds scud

Blood on the floor

And mud on the faces.


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I see you staring into space

what is it you are thinking?

Just wondering what it’s like

when humankind discovers

other forms of life on Mars

You sound quite sure that

one day, we will – then what?

I am trying to imagine what

nourishment might keep them

alive, makes them thrive that

sort of thing – will they want

to mate with earthling types

and vice versa –could...

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Also by Philipos:


You left everything burning
But the love you couldn't cling to
So this is separation anxiety 
Pushing down your tongue

I was so sick I thought you could love
Locked myself back up in my room
For you could never see me again
So on this anniversary 

I found out firefly 
Your ways are so unkindly
My heart was the casualty to your escape

So fuck your attention they were only for greed

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Spinning a yarn

Sammy was a spider,webs he loved to spin,

Constantly trapping  insects to feed his kith and kin.

Sammy had eight eyes but no neck or head,

Those eyes spotted his prey and kept him well fed.


One day those eyes filled with desire and led to female flaunting,

The female was much bigger than him,mating was quite daunting.

The sexual encounter Sammy did satisfyingly complete,


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As we approach the Festive Season with its public communications beseeching us to part with our money, it's reported that this country has 168,000 registered charities -we're talking £77 billion here,- with £16 billion p.a. received from government out of taxed income.  I don't think Dickens would have got away with writing about

Ebenezer Scrooge like he did if his own age known such widespread...

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Above The Fluttering Butterfly

Above The Fluttering Butterfly



     Today I saw you again,

We spent time in haste and silent tears,

Believing in only faults declared by others,

      Today the time was brief, as if the first

Stage of a future king, a future queen.


     I know the sorrow you live,

For there is my presence, right there

Upon your intuition, right there where

The glance is t...

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There will be Silence.

entry picture

What’s there to say?
That hasn’t been said before.
Are the dreams of the young still realised?
Do dreamers believe in their dreams.
Have we not stolen that from them?
Aren’t we to blame for the times we’re in?
Has the time of rebellion arrived on these shores?
Haven’t there been enough broken dreams.

Are you looking for answers?
Best get the questions right first.
Can most of us actual...

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Date night 1

Swallowing the A-Bomb,

I crack myself open,

I resign myself to my fate,

A Kamikaze dinner date,

All to be incensed with feeling,

Nagasaki in my stomach,

Hiroshima in my loins,

My mind is Dresden,

Coventry, Rotterdam,

Utterly annihilated,

For these motions are making me weaker,

I’m ailing Roosevelt,

You’re the man of steel,

With my heart between a hammer and s...

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Hold fast to dreams/ሕልሞችህን ወድር (በላንግሰቶን ሁጌስ/ትርጉም ዓለም ኃይሉ)

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

ሕልሞችህን ወድር

ሕልሞችህን ወድር
አሊያ ሕልሞች ከገቡ መቃብር፣
ሕይወትን ምን ለየው
ከእርገብ ለመብረር
ክንፏ እነዳለ ስብር!

ሕልሞቸህን ወድር
አሊያ ያም ይሔም ሕልም ከሔደ
ሕይወትን ምን ለየው ከምድረበዳ
በበረዶ ከተቖራመደ!

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Voice In My Ear

Your words whisper in my ear

Your voice does things to me 

That haven't been felt in years

My heart races

My insides quicken

I want to hear more

I listen when I'm alone

To be safe from disturbance

I listen while at work

In hopes that no one notices the reactions your whisper creates

I listen before I sleep at night

You're the last thing I want to hear

Blow by bl...

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The New Norm |



entry picture

(With an enormous nod to Alex Glasgow's "Lovely Little Lucy")


Bumbling Boris Johnson is surrounded by his lies

That he cannot lie straight in bed should come as no surprise


Cos he’s a liar

He’s surrounded by his lies.


The Times sacked him for making up a quote with bogus words

And Brexit has been stuffed by those “French turds”.

 “We shouldn’t spaff good brass i...

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Also by John Coopey:


It’s another failed day on Northern Rail

Northern Powerhouse 

                        on its side,

                the 8:26 to Halifax

          crawls along the platform

         like it’s watching out for snails

             searching the rails for oblivion. 


The train’s pace is hardly a race 

                  but it’s only minutes late,

                  not cancelled like yesterday


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Northern PowerhouseNorthern Rail

In search of an identity......

All I see is a mist of darkness,
With nowhere to thread my feet in,
In World where there is absence of kindness,
I see a light of hope so thin.
I can’t go on; my body and my soul are giving in,
There’s no fire in belly to seek reasons for my quest,
With efforts and motivation of my kith and kin,
Now, I go along the path where the birds fly in the air so clean.
Then, I arrive at the gates o...

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#poem #poetry #emotions #deep #dark #moments

Christmas Cake

I grew up, admonished:

'Never take the Lord's name in vain.'

And I giggled, 'or vane or vein.'

I totally knew what was meant

But I was a smarty pants.

And I postulated, to myself, mind you,

'If it makes you feel better, it wasn't in vain, was it?'

I couldn't do anything with 'vein' or 'vane'.

Still can't.


So, I used 'Christmas Cake'!

An excellent splutter of agg...

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Winter Beach


The sea assaults

Of winter gales when

Towering spray sheets curl

Over the green-stripe tower

At the harbour mouth

And waves roll shoreward

Beside its jetty

Shingle crashing

Floating spume across the beach

With black stones cold shone by spray

That above the wave thrust

Hides the horizon behind its mist

As the sun shines low

On a December afternoon

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the wonky wheeled trolley

the wonky wheeled trolley

trails along the crooked path

in the upside down city

in the wishy washy world


small and tobasco red

insanity weathered

its wheels down to squares

(or maybe theyre diamonds)


the wonky wheeled trolley

stuck in the mud of life

cries out for help (any help)

but no one answers


because who would want to help

a wonky wheeled...

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Fan Girl

I snuggle up to your virtual feet, 

waiting for you to read

your magical poetry,

that makes me purr, 

like a cat in heat. 

There is no need to wine or dine me.

Just string a poetic line,

I’ll be yours until the end of time. 






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Switching Internet Service Providers

You're under duress

with high levels of stress

when you change your ISP


And when you're off-line

you're just killing time

by watching daytime TV


Though in my own case

I'm loving The Chase

so it's not quite as bad as it seems

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Closing Doors

a thorn
must love
to be a thorn
for without a thorn
there would be no rose

a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose



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Also by Juneau:

Behind Me |


It's unthinkable you're sinkable

but hasn't it happened to us all?

In full sail with a  fair wind

an unexpected hazard suddenly emerges

and our security and peace of mind

are shattered into a thousand brittle spars.

The alarm bells sound brazenly, unceasingly.

If lucky we are lowered into a boat,

or, if judged not worth saving,

we snatch a lifejacket and jump, terrified,


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I fought

I fought so hard

Not to be with

A man like my father

Selfish and demanding

With cruel misunderstandings

Lots of silence and too many lies


I fought so hard 

Not to be like

A woman like my mother

Afraid of her abuser

Becoming his enabler

Staying quiet to keep the peace

Losing her idendity


I fought so hard 

To become

The woman I am today


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and pale
and frail
invitations lost
in the mail
last one
like stones
and sticks
heart on
lost sheep
without hope
voted most
to be least
ugly duckling
among geese
where are
they now
doesn't matter
felt homely
in the cradle

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POEMS2 by cindy lee loucks


motionless in a recliner by the window

wallpaper television unnoticed in the corner

staring back through the window at me

no sign of recognition


sudden sunlight on the garden

evokes no interest

in the sparkle of buttercups and daisies

or the shimmer of the pond


song-thrush lands in the lilac tree

branches bouncing in light breeze

spraying droplets that becom...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Hailstones |

the good old days?

let me make this very clear

Chris and I are not voyeurs

we just like watching vintage TV

especially if we catch  

The Price is Right with Brucie.


if a good looking young woman is picked

and bounces down to ‘Contestants’ Row’

we share knowing looks and hope she wins

and if she wins we zone in

on the host’s right hand

encircling her waist

and scope Forsyth’s thu...

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Goodbye voice

Imagine, you had sung

I listen silently, quite numb.

A broken heart fills

the shattered glass

from which I drink a

blessed, but savage wine

that soothes and burns as it

slides down my self-silenced throat.

Nothing more to be uttered,

the end of language,

it only causes fear and pain,

the bile that comes forth

is the nadir of vile,

and my teardrops

turn to ...

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Jack In The Box

The number holds the value

The value is subject to the unit

The unit holds the meaning

The meaning is carried by the understanding

The understanding reveals the value upon the unit that is placed


 2 Bacon Burgers with cheese for 5 bucks

can't beat that

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Wish on a star

Look among the gems they sit shining like golden swirls of dreams

A song to belittle them a little star is more than it seems

They disappear in the day as the sun covers there beauty 

But fear not sweet stars your  moon will rise to unsheath you in hasty

The wishes you rest on May come from far but grand a few for they chose and prayed on only you

Tiny kids look up from window pain ...

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Also by Zoë:

Why is life better |


Hollow she is who gives the smile 

Hollow he is who fills a soul 


Hollow he is who cries in secret 

Never to let the world know what he is really thinking


Hollow she is who covers her face 

The beautiful make up 

Hides all that she distaste 


Hollow we are when trying to hide the pain 

Hollow is us, who choose to remain unnamed.

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#sad #pain #society

Perfect Strike

Men are six times more likely to be struck by lighting

Now odds, 700,000 to 1 is an important detail

It still makes me stop and think

That God just may be a female

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Weapons of War

Each individual letter

Chosen so slowly

Carefully pronounced

Each tiny syllable

Bringing it up 

Foaming at the mouth

I know what I want when I feel this way

A sword so sharp to take it all 

Make it all fall

At my feet

Piled so neat

No needles for the patches are strong

All on their own

All on my own

I don't need these wasted words

I've wasted my words


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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Armor |


entry picture

You are
The Candle, I’m
The night

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Dancing with the devil

When the devil offers to dance with you 

You should say always say never 

Cus the dance with the devil

Will last forever


After downing a bottle of henny

Sick thoughts I have many 

Puffing trees till my eyes bleed

Visions of the devil I see


He talks to me through this bottle tonight

Asking me to embrace his lessons and come

"Destroy yourself child of god" 

"Let the devil in and bec...

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My essay will be finished once the seventh seal breaks and the angles get their trumpets or whatever

Does silence disprove existence,
or does it just mean that someone's not interested.

Living our lives,
guided by the light,
and blinded by the sound that's not present.

Lives filled with love,
love for the waves,
bird songs pushed to the direction where the wind blows.
Even the grass is singing it's story of growth.

Hearing nothingness,
when you open your mouth,
the loud silence that yo...

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Dressed In Easy Colours


Move on past the Black Horse, take the steps 
reeling right and left up the green shoulder.
You're in the woods best called "the real world".
Magical of course. Moss-carpeted trees
hollowed to join anon their blown over brethren,
upon whose crazy crumbled limbs you ramble.

In fact this green land that dips and swells
is but sleeping giants and dragons
and God knows what.
Progress ac...

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Work In Progress

Friend to coked up belled......

This was written after meeting an old mate.....

It was fair to say we had changed.

This is basically what i listened to for five hours until I left.


Friend to coked up bellend

I’m a money man me I’m a money man

I’m a money man me I’m a money man

I’m a money man, money man,  man money man 

I’m a money man me I’m a money man


Second verse the same as the first and as...

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Walking With My Son

entry picture

I walk with my little son
He would follow me to the edges of the galaxy
Just to tell me his story of his love for reality.

He waits for my return
Then tells me he misses me
With a smile, a cuddle and kiss that reminds me he’s here in this world.

He gives me tasks to do
While playing in the evening
Then I read him a story
Way past bedtime.

We walk in the morning
While he points out...

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Let's talk . . .

Let's talk . . .

Let's talk about people.
All people.

The more people we open to,
the greater the love flows.

"Yeah but, I don't get anything back.
Maybe just mostly pain and suffering."

You plant a seed and get
a pomegranate tree.

The seed goes into the ground.
You may not get love back

the way you expect it to be.
The package reads apple seeds.

Love may not be felt or ...

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A letter to Ex-friends ;)

You still mention me in conversations,

just like you would have the right to judge me.

I did not set all my sides free, honey,

your knowledge is exactly as I wanted it to be. 


One day bothered you my questions, 

should I just stared at the wall when with you? 

Another time you didn't like how I treat others, 

what real harm did I actually do? 


The other day you th...

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Chronicle Of Love

entry picture

She had been suffering,

The broken relationships under the cracked memoirs

Bones almost plundered

With the fearful hopes, anxious, doubtful all the way


So I slowed down a little bit,

With fragments of kisses

With delicate touches of makeover trials

With the letters denote something like love or etc.


Smell of nights, music of movements

Written poems underneath


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I last wrote about our five quite some time back,

a time when, for each of them, you and I (and mostly you)

still weighed in and sparred, day on day, in any cause,

on standby should they slip or fall – though close at hand is, perhaps,

the better way to say it, the gentle way to convey a sense of

our being technically unseen, absent, yet able to be found

by one or two, no more th...

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Outside of Herself

"Find yourself"

You can misplace your mind


You can't forfeit your mind

When you've built a fort for your mind

Mine is bulletproof,



In here

I can stay outside of myself

I can step outside of the world



I watched us having a conversation

From my window panes

Through the heavy glaze

It made me feel some type...

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anxietybeing a personbeing humanconformitydepressiondissociateemptinessemptyexpectationsfailurefind yourselfforthermitmindnumbparanoiaself protectionsocialsocial awkwardnessstrugglesupressed


Today has been a better day 


I wasn’t a mardy bitch 

I didn’t cry when something went wrong 

I ate food without nausea or gagging or that awful washing machine feeling in my tummy 


Today was an easier day 


I could talk without the lump in my throat strangling me 

I walked through university enjoying each rain drop falling onto my cheeks

or dripping through my ey...

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